WESER is perfectly balanced in World of Warships Legends

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  1. Can you try any Italian ship. For me Italian ships are underrated

  2. Would love to see the Graf Spee

  3. While concur with using Tanaka and Space Fishy as inspirations are viable for carriers, I’d like to put forward that Iona is equally viable as her base trait helps improve plane restoration rate so that one can keep launching out full squadrons of planes.

  4. I’ve been super unlucky with AP bombs lately. I prefer Serov.

  5. The only reason I played German CV line was because of Weser, and that was because haha funni cellular tower

  6. My experience in Weser is far from that. I’m lucky to get even 2 citadels on average per match.

  7. Id love to see a vid on the tier five Russian aircraft carrier

  8. Oh yeah, this is why Weser is my favorite carrier. Of course, I run full secondary builds to deal with DDs who like to go carrier hunting.

  9. Weser is my go to ship for any challenge to get citadels. It’s just so easy to rack them up with the AP bombers.

  10. For people getting into German Carriers , forget about the 3% Plane hp upgrade you can get on the second slot and instead take AA range or Sec range. Depending on your choice follow suit with either Ernest king as an inspiration if you chose AA range or Franz von Hipper (Or haruna) as an inspiration if you chose sec range. The benefits you get with either of them greatly outweight a little hp on your planes.

    (Personally i take AA range mod with Ernest King as an inspiration. Than i choose No fly zone and end up with a maximum AA damage of 530 at 6.2 km.)

    Edit: Okay a quarter of a rant is missing so let me mention that in the last part i’m talking about Parseval

  11. I really like these intros … the deafening silence of the certain ship name is legit. 👍👍👍

  12. I’m not a fan of the German CV’s.

    The torpedo bombers are pretty good, but those dive bombers are IMO worst of any carrier in the game.


  13. That dante at tier V reminds me of a game i had not long ago in the GK and there was a Nagato facing Tier VIII and legendary tier. I think he got dunked extremely hard

  14. please make a video on the Serov it is arguably more painful to face up against

  15. I think my least favorite thing about the Weser is that the fact that WG literally lies to you by saying the aircraft are weak. Just admit that the planes are tanky.

  16. Frederick the Great

    “I just played a warm up game before this and I’ve already angered a Frenchmen”
    What a sentence

    • @lambron antonin non et justement je me plaint de se genre de personne et 3/4 des Fr que je croise sont comme sa malheureusement peut importe le jeux mais après c’est vrai que sa régale de tomber avec des français non toxic et surtout quand il joue complètement de manière fun

      Et de plus comme tu vois je ne t’ai pas insulter pour avoir dit que j’étais 1 idiot j’ai plus pris sa à la rigolade😉

    • @RoroSopo nan moi je ne disais pas que toi tu étais un idiot mais le mec qui a écrit le message dans la vidéo lui est un idiot. Personnellement je suis jamais tombé sur ce genre de cas donc pour moi la communauté française est une bonne communauté

    • @lambron antonin autant pour moi j’avais vraiment mal compris sinon si sa te dis de duo avec moi sur WoWL dis moi sa peux s’arranger

    • @RoroSopo avec plaisir tu as insta ?

    • @lambron antonin ouais c’est RoroSopo aussi

  17. Thank God most carrier players only know how to reverse it, otherwise they could have a significant impact.

  18. Weser or Serov? I like Weser against battleships, but Serov is easier to hit destroyers and getting perma fires/floods. Biggest downside is the time it takes for torps to arm, you definitely need to get used to that. Serov next?

  19. i dunno i’ve had loads of matches where the ap accuracy is dog crap, its not often i get a game in the Weser where the bombs actually hit inside the reticule, but sure when it does its lovely

  20. Noobzerhech5lers Channel

    Weser feels too good i tried it out after the video its awesome everything is just food

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