WG needs to give us the tools of WoWS – World of Warships

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Premium German Battleship that I didn’t play in a long time and I have to say I was a bit hesitant to play it with all the broken stuff sailing around.

I guess it was my lucky day and I managed to get myself in a pretty spicy situation.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. The most amazing thing about this push is that your torpedo tubes weren’t broken before you had a chance to use them…

  2. Their carrier is the second from the bottom in atier 8 CV complaining about the tier 6 DD who did the best in his team. That gives you a glimpse into the player base.

    • @Charbel Youssef Mate… Look at the posts… The first post I wrote, was to no one specific. Go look, now. Have you done it?
      Right… Next.
      YOU answered the post I wrote “to no one specific,” so I answer you.
      How bloody hard is this to understand…?

    • @Carsten Hansen No, it is not just symmetrical percentage arithmetics, it is a bit more complicated. The 65% wr guy wins 65/100 games, but a 35% potato makes EVERY game he joins UNFAIR. It means he’s actually worse than someone who’s AFK. The game is most often a sliding less-than-10-minute stomp and both “winning” and losing teams have their time wasted and fun ruined.

    • @Edi J Worse than a guy that’s afk..? I’d say that’s hard to be, even if you sail in circles.

    • @Carsten Hansen Yes, I admit it is hard to have 35%wr… And sure, in many situations it is better to have an AFK than such potato. AFKs don’t teamkill, don’t ping idiotic places, don’t spam the chat, don’t report positions to the enemy, don’t report you. Also for example, a carrier that does nothing but losing points by dying in 5th minute is obviously worse than AFK one sitting far back in spawn still alive to the end of the game, right?

    • @Edi J I’d say a guy that win 65% of his games is pretty darn good player. A guy that looses 35%, I’m not sure he is equally a liability, as much as a guy with a 65% win, is a win for the team. A 65% win would mean, he kills, consistently in every game, 3 – 4 ships, to make up for the majority that lies around 45 – 55%.
      A guy that does nothing still only counts as one guy, and can only die once.

      And yes, a AFK carrier, is far worse than a CC or a BB afk.

  3. That Vasteras should’ve been comped by the whole team. 4 kills and still surviving at the end. Awesome game Flambass. It is always awesome to see your reactions on the game… . .

    • T8 top tier cv which died in 5th minute of the game complaining that a T6 dd “left him alone” ohmygawd… This glue eater continued to move west even when all the flank had died.

  4. The carrier player with no kills blame the DD, that have same amount of kills, that his whole team done combined. Note a dushback….it was an idiot.

  5. I’d be happy if they just went back to the old CV days. Where my AA works and they can run outta planes.

    • Yep, Pre cv rework server, I’ll be there for sure.
      Game went downhill from that very moment with cv rework.

  6. I enjoyed the karma part of the vid: the raging CV receiving the reports. Serves him right.

  7. TimeToDip Nemeth

    bro your suggestions at the start of this video were fucking amazing!!!!! we need you on the dev team

  8. In addition to your words. You can shot aircrafts (AA) through mountains 🙂 You can park CV in font of vulcano and it will launch 90 degrees up from the carrier 🙂

  9. Sometimes it’s because they’ve forgetten how to pop the hood.

    _slaps top of WeeGee engine_
    _fire rate code mystically fixes itself_

  10. Well, to be fair online games keep their assets and stuff close to the vest to prevent exploiting and cheating.
    I know what you mean completely, but there’s a whole level of legal issues that come up when companies adopt outside assets.

    The simple fact is WG should have people working on stuff like maps and concepts 100% of the time. I honestly don’t understand where all their “work” goes except into making money.

  11. David Chrysostom

    “This is a German BB brawling paradise!”

    *sad Bayern noises*

  12. Problem is WG has no customer loyalty or desire to make the gaming experience fun for everyone. And I agree 100% WG is just plain lazy with all this BS we have to deal with. Nothing but frustration and they need to fire all the decision makers to fix all the numerous self inflicted issues.

  13. Your conversation in the beginning is reminding me of overwatch. They let the community make custom modes and adjust individual character parameters and all sorts of things and would even feature some of the more popular modes as an alternative to the typical experience. I think it would be really good on wargaming to do something similar with maps at the very least.

  14. I worked with 2 Russian programmers about 25 years ago; these two believed they were always correct; and that their programs always worked. This same guy removed QSYS from the system library list; nearly bricking the mainframe…. when your of that “sort”; no need to give anyone a chance to show them up…

  15. @NotALot1135 It is russian… it is possible that you can find in it some codes not really originating in russia, if you know what I mean. 😀

  16. Would be amazing to let the community add something but its like asking the dominant party in an abusive relationship to give up full controll

  17. Wargaming is likely afraid that once they start using “free” code, they could be financially liable for it, plus they would likely incur code maintenance costs on code that may not be written or documented to their standards – assuming they have standards…Why doesn’t the community build their own game, with the tweakable parameters you think would be interesting?

  18. I wish there was night mode… where you couldn’t see any ships other than mini map and when ships shoot their guns
    and proximity detection would be a variable based on ship size

  19. HisRoyalSkinniness

    You mean a hope and a prayer

  20. Love the thoughts man. I would like to point out that games and companies like Fortnite and Roblox have huge community contributions where the community makes maps and game modes which is a large part of their success. If WG would allow community contribution I guarantee the game would be a lot larger.

  21. It’s like asking a casino to see how the slot machines work.

  22. HisRoyalSkinniness

    @Michael Fusco we do Know how slot machines works it’s common knowledge

  23. I love that the enemy teams first five losses were one ship from each class.

  24. map editor would be awesome. people would come up with some interesting things like more maps like two brothers with channels and choke points. if it was me, i’d add cool things like shore batteries that would do damage to you before you could get into range to shoot them. imagine two brothers with a couple of shore batteries. I’m trolling about the shore batteries because those sucked dick. But the idea of map customization is a great idea. Imagine KOTS with custom maps that are unknown to the teams so they would have to develop tactics in real time instead of already having a plan going into the match. The possibilities are endless.

    WG wouldn’t need to balance or even review custom maps. There could be random battles like there are now, and then there could be another play mode of randoms with custom maps. if you choose that game mode, you know that you may get a ridiculous map, but you don’t care because you are playing it for fun and the new experience. There’s no reason for WG to spend any time or money other than developing the option for the custom map game mode. Games maintain players’ interest longer if they are modded because modding constantly adds new and interesting things for players to discover and experience. Better player retention equals more money for WG without spending as many resources to develop new OP ships. WG should definitely consider this great idea.

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