What are you going to do? SURVIVE! World of Warships US Destroyer Gameplay

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  1. Patrick Chapman

    +[LGG] Wyatt Its in closed beta at the moment I think.

  2. +[LGG] Wyatt you can buy a premium ship and get closed beta access.

  3. +Sibghat Shaikh I believe it’s the t7 DD Sims

  4. How about the atlanta?? Is it good?

  5. +Miles Finch Sprinkles you put on titties

  6. +bernardo0330 If someone gently coughs your ship turns into a black hole
    and collapses all matter within it to then implode and cause a wormhole
    trough time and space to lead to another dimension with martians and other
    alien species who fight it out over who gets to probe the fattest cow.
    Sorry i let my imagination go a little bit krazy

  7. +bernardo0330 If you look at destroyer with an agressive and mean look, it

  8. +Luke Buchanan Who cares wehn u have Champions league final Barcelona vs

  9. +NItricWarrior What is that?

  10. jeffrey pittman

    And Green

  11. +Ignission When he fired those torps I was like, you’re fucked! lol

  12. A O' Neill - Ukrainetz

    +BaronVonGamez Can you please tell me when we (the little people) will get
    to play this … and how is it possible that you were allowed to play the
    beta … are you a developer or something ? Thanks for you cool videos by
    the way you slay me !

  13. +A O’ Neill – Ukrainetz you can play it now -go to the world of warships in
    your area and buy the premium ships and voala you have access to the CBT

  14. Sebastian Craenen

    Do some essex gameplay

  15. +BaronVonGamez Those emotions!

  16. +BaronVonGamez david blat from Israeli team will win

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