What Game of Thrones House does each Ship Tree belong in – World of Warships

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, , , … all houses in , all with unique characteristics. But if we were to take each ship tree in , which house would each of the nations wind up in? I take a look after some serious thought. What do you think?


  1. House Frey? How dare you sir! If anything the RN are the faceless men. Sneaky, invisible and pretty nasty close up……. Insert joke about British dental hygiene here.

  2. Ok ok the US is house Stark. BUT today theire King of the North is more like Joffrey II with dementia.

  3. i think the Pan-Asia line is the Dragon…..

    • Nah Pan Asians are the Stone Men. You’re sailing along peacefully and they come out of nowhere and kick the shit out you leaving you with the horrible disease of flooding.

    • Yes, you are completely right…lol. That is exactly the right analogy

  4. Fun video, Zoup 🙂

  5. This is exactly the kind of hard hitting warships journalism I come to you for. 🙂

  6. I think you nailed it,

  7. Happy with the Lannisters.
    Also you can almost recreate their sigil and colors with patches. :))

  8. Let me make the case that The North are actually IJN.
    Lets see:
    *They have a mistaken notion of honour
    *Start a war they just don’t have the resources to wage
    *Do really well in the first few months before getting their shit pushed in
    *Known to kill their POWs on occasion
    *Involved in incidents of cannibalism
    *Last but not least, IJN DDs are the Crannogmen in that they are useful if unseen but you wouldn’t want to take them out into open battle

  9. Wait. You have some nice training in the US. Watching GoT!? Does that count as military training? xD

  10. I’m I the only one around here that Doesn’t watch or even Care about a graphic murder/rape show called Game of Thrones???

  11. The Houses is GoT are actually have parallels in real life European royal houses. Germans are Lannister, France are Tyrell, Spain is Martell, Vikings are Greyjoy. And so on

  12. Typical American world view. ‘mricans the good guys, everybody else the baddies or not as good as the US.

  13. Well never seen an episode of game of thrones so this is 6:09 I’m not getting back, oh well was okay to watch anyway.


  15. Never seen Game of Thrones but I like the video, fresh new look is always interesting!

  16. It is known, Zoup is wise in the way of ships… Good choices overall…

  17. Starks are the UK. Ned Stark is Neville Chamberlain bc he believes people too easily.

  18. What about house Baratheon??

  19. You must be from ´murica

  20. England is house baratheon, they had it all but lost it also they have stiff uperlip stannis

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