What If I Was Given Command Of A Navy?! (World of Warships Gameplay)

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Alex the Rambler produces videos on a variety of Strategy games while dabbling in other things from time to time. Expect extremely incompetent gameplay!
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  1. First one here


  2. Let’s get this bread

  3. all of my favorite youtubers uploaded in like a 5 minute span

  4. I smelled the sponsor from a mile away.

  5. Never played this game before but I love it. When I finally buy a better laptop I’ll probably get it.

  6. Alex I am so happy that you are playing this game hope you play more

  7. Hey Alex. I’ve been watching your videos for a few years now. I just want you to know that we will all support you no matter what you do, and that we still love your videos even if they don’t get as many views. I felt really bad for you when you told us what you were going through the other day, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we love what you are doing and you should keep it up.

  8. Alex I’m really happy that you have been having a break from hoi I really hope your mental health improves just know that I’ll watch ur vids nay game u play

  9. I think i remember alex somewhat having been an Admiral… he is incompetent

  10. *Try World of Warships for free AND get a $30 pack: **https://wo.ws/2RmnUXC** just click the link (and it helps support the channel)*

    • Clicked the link! Glad to support you mate!

    • Oh and please stream this!

    • A couple tip for you if you decide to continue playing in the future, Alex (and for anyone new to the game who reads this). Go into your settings and change the crosshair to Dynamic, and set “Alternative Interface Mode” to “Full”. The Dynamic crosshair adjusts with how zoomed in you are, helping you make more precise aim when accounting for shell travel time. the Alternative Interface will include time to target for shells fired at the ship you are currently targeting. This is indicated by the enemy ship’s health bar and name being encircled in a sniper’s scope style crosshair. The tick marks on the zoomed in aiming binoculars are seconds, and it is spaced for a Battleship heading at full speed. So if you have a broadside Battleship that requires a 5 second lead time and you want to hit it in the middle, you’d line it up the 5 mark on the middle of the ship and fire, and your shells should land roughly in that area. These small quality of life improvements really helped me improve my gameplay, so hopefully they can help others too.

    • Get a free bismarck

    • i really really want them to bring back total war Arena

  11. Lord Bruno of Gameville

    Play this on Atomic Nerds!

  12. Avery the Cuban-American

    The Allies would’ve won the war a lot quicker with the help of Lord Goatee

  13. Imagine a navy where every ship was a Bob Semple

  14. if you were a navy officer, the nazi’s would have blitzkrieged England…

  15. Just some advice, maybe play as the ships included in the bundle. That way we can see how good they are! Other than that great vid!

  16. Just what the kreigsmarine needed a rambling English man and a Goatee that forces you to do it’s bidding

  17. I think you were playing coop mode, which means you were playing against AI! You need to change it to “random battles” if you want to play against humans aha

    Also, in a battleship you kind of really want to use HE rounds on Destroyers or angled battleships, otherwise you want to use AP.

    AP will allow you penetrate into the important bits of the ship where you can do very high damage.

  18. I feel shame for those people that disliked such a video.

  19. When you are in a battleship and the enemy is showing you broadside, you should definitely change your shells to AP for maximum damage output.
    If a battleship or heavy cruiser is angled then you most probably can’t shoot them with AP, so shoot HE to annoy them or still shoot AP when you know your guns are overmatching their armor.
    I hope I can help someone with this lil advice 😀

  20. My man is a OG got the old school risk set behind him.

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