What If? The Battle of Dogger Bank | World of Warships

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A look at the greatest naval battles of the 20th century through the lens of alternative history.
History doesn’t have a conditional tense. But that doesn’t make it any less interesting to wonder “What if…?” In this new show, we imagine how famous naval battles might have developed under alternative circumstances.

Dogger Bank is a large sandbank in the North Sea about 100 kilometers off the coast of England. The sea depth here ranges from 15 to 36 meters. This area, rich in fish, became a battleground between the British and German Navies on January 24, 1915.
Even though our reconstruction doesn’t take a huge range of real-battle parameters into account, at the very least, it has allowed us to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the tactics employed by the British and Germans.
• What if Von der Tann hadn’t charted a course to her planned repairs 24 hours before the raid?
• What if three sailors led by Corvette captain Hagedorn had opened the emergency flooding valves of the magazine on Seydlitz?
• What if Admiral Hipper had continued his attempts to save Blücher, despite the threat of the entire division being overwhelmed?
Find answers to these and other questions in our new video!


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  1. Seriously WG and this channel should make videos like this more… i wouldnt mind if they put ads in it, its worth the watch

  2. This was the first time seeing this series and it was very interesting

  3. We need historical battles in game

  4. This was pretty RAD..more like these guys!!!!

  5. The problem with recreating this in WoWs is that you can always tell which are your shells, concentrated fire in the real world makes it very difficult to spot and correct from shell spotting.

  6. OK for a minute there I thought WG was implementing a new battle mode. Silly me for thinking you were able to introduce a battle mode that actually works with game meta and is interesting enough for the player base to want to play, to begin with.

    • why not to think on this “what if”?
      how it could work?
      you just choose one side and can only select the ship you want to use or you are just the admiral and control all forces
      ok, this looks like strategist mode in World of Tanks event in spring 2022.
      WG, if you do this, i want my share of revenue hahahaha

  7. Yooooo a what if with visuals are always a fun treat, hope this becomes a series.

  8. Great episode, keep it up.

  9. Does this mean you’re adding Blucher to the game… I mean I’d totally buy that premium 😉

  10. Ah yes using World of Warships to try to recreate a historical event.

  11. The problem that this video doesn’t address is fire control. In real life, it’s all optical, and you’re spotting the fall of shot to make corrections for the next salvo. Massing fire from four ships on a single target means that it will be very difficult to tell which shells come from which ship, unless they set up a system of timing out the flight of shells from each salvo. The end result could possibly be much greater inaccuracy that cancels out the advantage of massed fire. I’ve even had this problem myself within the game, being unable to tell which shells are mine during a spot of heavy fire. For this reason, engagements in line of battle generally targeted their opposite number in the line, and only if the numbers were uneven would more than one ship fire on a single target.

    • a good point.
      at jutland the british had big problems in this point as some battlecruisers doubled up – focused fire not by intention but by error in target selection – on their german counterparts. reading the wrong splashes led to even worse accuracy. in all ww1 naval battles the german gunfire was in general more accurate then the british – not with some exeptionable moments.

  12. nice concept of using wows for what if scenarios. well done.
    one point just for the looks: Bluecher is represented by “wrong” ship. Nassau as replacement would look better as the turret layout as most obvious feauture is same in Bluecher and Nassau, even if Bluecher had 21cm guns vs the Nassau 28cm guns.
    adding the Bluecher as premium heavy cruiser – at tier 3? – would be great.
    how about a “what if” on the carrier battles of ww2 where the carriers go for their own kind and the battle fleets never get in touch with each other. something i miss in wows as carriers are not primary target for each others in early battles.

  13. Sorry but replacing HMS Zealand with HMS Indefatigable means that three of the most important items are now missing. Pelorus Jack, along with the Pui Pui and Tiki worn by Her captain. Failure to adorn these items would prove catastrophic in battle.

  14. WG should place some historical battles into the game


  16. The Supreme Pizza

    My only question to this is would the british not be using the same ammunition that they did at jutland. We saw in the early stages of the clash that british AP shells were not very effective at all. In addition to this, in the clash of the battlecruisers, the British suffered heavy losses as a result of poor ammunition and powder charge storage. Would this not have occured in this clash to? But other than that, brilliant what if.

    Bismarck, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst and Gneinesau Vs The Home fleet would be a good one to do next.

  17. Pretty nice video. Should we expect sequences ? Like Judland.
    And that could give ideas for future events.
    It’s a nice job that has been done here, I hope to see the same for a “good” evolution of CV’s 😉 (noprank)

  18. This is awesome we need more of these and make it a full documentary.

  19. Dolores Abernathy

    My favorite historical WOW video: Naval Legends: Missouri. That video has an important ship, excellent historical footage and spans a period from the 1930s to 1990s. And also The Chieftain from World of Tanks. Cmdr_Choad (NA server)

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