What is Overmatch and How Does it Work? | World of Warships

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World of Warships Wiki Link: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Armor_thresholds

This is actually a recorded video, and not taken from twitch. 😀

00:00 Introduction
00:48 What is Overmatch?
01:44 How to calculate Overmatch
05:33 Practical Examples – Montana – 27mm Overmatch
08:10 Practical Examples – Ohio – 30mm Overmatch
09:33 The Overmatch Table from the World of Warships Wiki
13:41 Can cruisers overmatch certain cruisers?
15:50 How to remember what overmatches you in the middle of a match?
20:49 How to learn overmatch?
22:20 Conclusion


  1. Torpedo aiming guide? When?

  2. Zachary T (Resident Digimon Enjoyer)

    Thanks for making this video. My brother is getting into the game, and he’ll find this very useful.

  3. I don’t know if this is also the case in WoWS because I didn’t go far too deep into the mechanics, but in WoT people would often confuse overmatch with autopen. Many would think that overmatching a thin layer of armor was the same as penetrate it regardless of its effective thickness. I’d often see in the forums people crying that they didn’t penetrate a armor that they could overmatch and the game was broken for that. Overmatch is a mechanic that disregards auto-ricochet angles, but the shell still requires to penetrate the effective armor or it may be still bounce off the armor plate.

    • It’s a little different, I’d say. What Malta was talking about in this video is really only regarding the outer layer of armor, and it’s the mechanic that only checks for auto-bounce or not. Just because it can overmatch the nose armor, there could still be another layer of armor behind that can cause bounce or shatter; a good example would be the Kremlin/Slava hull, where Yamato can overmatch the upper part of its nose, but there’s a 40mm (?) angled armor under that will prevent citadel damage, as that is not overmatchable. Also, like the example Malta showed with the Des Moines on the Ohio, just because you overmatch the nose, doesn’t mean it’s automatically pen damage, since at Tier 10, you need at least 51mm of armor to actually arm the AP shells, so even if you overmatch the 27mm or 30mm armor, you hit something beneath that you can’t pen, it will still be a shatter; a good example is why Smolensk is notoriously hard to citadel in battleship at close distance.

    • No, to my knowledge once you overmatch you cannot shatter on that same armor. Effectively ovematch only counts the nominal thickness of the armor not the effective one. What you can shatter on is the next layer of armor after the overmatched plate.

    • @Athras882 AFAIK, the game has effective armor calculations, based on angle of armor vs angle of impact. Because we are talking about things that has like 400mm, 600mm of penetration, it might not make much difference against a 32mm plate, no matter how angled it is. But maybe there could be a situation that a high caliber shell can overmatch armor, but still not have enough penetration to actually punch through the effective armor.
      Maybe it could happen with some shitty ass ship like Adm Schroder, which has tier III guns

  4. i was just smiling at the start of the video, there’s the yamato in port, front and center , on this topic 🙂

  5. Solid explanations. Thank you!

  6. A video about healing would also be amazing, for example cits cannot be healed and pens can partially be healed,… what about fire, flooding HE damage?

    • If I remember rightly that changes based on the heal and sometimes nation.

      Like Salems superheal is not as good as Minotaurs because mino gets some citadel healing (or is it conqueror? I’m sure one does).

      We might also be seeing a unique upgade/legendary mod for halland that will increase the healable damage taken from HE.

      Then you get things like the warspite and massa/Georgia heal that is better than average or reloads a lot of faster.

    • Yea, Jock Jock’s point is spot on. Malta could explain how “standard healing” works. Then show a list of all the exceptions. There are so many now.

    • Good Video idea for the future!

    • It depends on what ship you play. Usual bb heal is 10% citadel, 50% pen damage 100% fire/flood damage. For cruisers its the same but 33% for citadel
      What those numbers mean is if i for example hit BB in citadel for 10k, he can heal back 1k. If i hit bb with usual pens for 10k, he can heal back 5k, if i hit bb with fire damage, he can heal back 10k.
      This is one of the reasons IFHE is good even if you deal same or less amount of damage. Pen HE damage is MORE vakuable than cheap fire damage. But obviously if you kill someone before he uses all heals, fires are better haha.
      And remember, you cant heal oneshot!

  7. This training room exercise fully demonstrate the futility of precisely aiming your BB guns in WoWS when your dispersion circle is far larger than the tiny targets you need to aim for to score citadels.
    Mostly, it’s RNG (i.e. pure luck)
    Also, if Yammy’s guns can overmatch any cruisers’ bows, how come I still get bounces from cruisers’ bows?

    • aiming is not absolute, its more like a suggestion so aiming for parts will get you more hits on that part ON AVERAGE ( unless you have below 1 sigma but no ship has that)

    • It’s not entirely accurate to say Yammy’s guns can overmatch any cruisers’ bow. Moskva and other Soviet ships have an icebreaker on the lower half of the bow. This is a plate of I think 50mm armor (not overmatchable). However, the upper part of the bow is similar to other cruisers, so it is overmatchable. So you could say a ship like the Moskva has an overmatachable bow if the shells land in the correct place. Kremlin also has the same armor scheme. Part is 32mm and the icebreaker below is thicker. You can look at the armor scheme in port to see it better than my explanation.

    • I’m aware of that, my point is that unless you are blessed by RNG with very tight salvoes, we’re just splitting hairs, as the shells fall nowhere near where you aim the guns

    • You can still bounce is the heavily armoured belt, as shown in red in the armour viewer.

    • @MalteseKnight I know, but somehow I get bounces where the shells should overmatch.
      I guess my RNG fucks me harder than usual

  8. This is by far one of the best videos covering an important topic which might be heavily missunderstood. Thanks for the video Malta o7

  9. Great video. I would love a breakdown over weak spots for battleships for different tech three lines. Like where to aim on the german bbs in different situations, the russians and so on. I think that such a video would tie in to this video. Do the biggest guns overmatch battleships of same tire?

    • I don’t know why, but there is nothing like this for wows… Like Armor cheat sheets, overmatch and he-thresholds and so on… Not even shiptool works for most of that…

    • It would be a good vid if he taught us how to figure it out for ourselves, probably. That way we wouldn’t have to memorized ship by ship, ya know? For example, teach us to what to look for in the armor scheme in port such as below water citadel, turtleback armor or Soviet icebreaker bows. Of course, these are strengths. You are asking for weaknesses, so he would need to explain the opposite 🙂

  10. I watched a bunch of these and what I’ve boiled it down to is: “Overmatch means the shell calculations of AP ignores the angle of the first surface it strikes.”
    Edit: What you can do if you don’t play AS much: Go to shiptool, filter Level 10 BS, AP, sort by Overmatch -> Print that list once for every ship you are interested in -> just mark the lists (ideally with colored highlighter) so you have a quick visual indication of every ship capable of overmatching you in your current ship. – Also you can use those sheets to put other stuff on there, like your build, modules, flags, or my favorite: Your own armor layout, like Malta says in the video…

  11. Great vid. You did a good job of explaining. This stuff is always confusing if you don’t have it memorized, which is most people who don’t play every day. I haven’t seen one of these types of vids since iChase made a series sometime around ’04 about gun mechanics.
    Penetration angles and auto bounce would be a good topic for a follow-up to this vid. For the exceptions (DM, Pedro Pavlov, etc) show the list on the wiki of the exceptions to keep it simple, like you did in this vid. You may want to use the navigator mod to show ship to ship angles for a vid like that.

    btw guys, if you have trouble remembering the numbers, you can keep your calculator up on another screen. when you run into a situation in game you can hit pause “F4”, do the calculation to know if you will overmatch, then unpause, and continue to play. 💯

  12. Malta, quick question: I got the Ragnar recently and currently looking at Colbert or Yolo Emilio, with the coming 2x research reset:
    Is it fair to say the Colbert plays a bit like the cruiser version of the Ragnar? – From the videos I watched, the type of gameplay seemed similar! Of course you are not as much an anti DD as the Ragnar with Radar, but the shooting over islands, open watering by dodging shells at longer ranges all looked a LOT similar?

  13. I think a key point missing is that after a certain caliber, while you over pen a DD anywhere, you’ll only ever get 10% damage, even if the shell somehow arms. So in effect, cruisers with big guns like Alaska and Stalin might be able to pen the DD at every angle, using he might end up doing more damage

    • I didn’t include that in overmatch, cause idk I just didn’t see that really relevant, I can include it in a future video on a related but different topic, but thanks for mentioning it. 🙂

    • That’s because of fuse time. Some ships can both arm on DDs and have the fuse time to detonate inside the ship such as British light cruisers and destroyers as well as the Japanese gun DDs.

    • @posilepton Not quite. On DDs, shots of calibers over 283 are hard coded to do 10% damage, even if they were to full pen otherwise

  14. 5:57 look at how tight that dispersion is!

  15. If a person want to excel at a task, most people need to study it.

  16. Back 2 years ago when I started playing wows I was in my omaha and wondering how I was getting clapped, Ive learned the hard way

  17. This is a must watch! Especially by the HE only BB players.

  18. But malta, did you know that IJN DDs have high alpha

  19. And Overmatch can also apply to World Of Tanks too. BUT, WOT you need to use Armor x3

  20. Tiago Henrique dos Santos

    Excellent video Maltese!!! Very objective and very well explained. Maybe you can, in the near future, make a video explaining the mechanics of OVERPEN. This has happened a lot in my games and it would be interesting to talk about it. Greetings and big fan.

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