What is This Game?! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. I gave up on this game honestly the teams destroyed my hope and will for this game 😅

  2. ꜱᴇᴀɴʜᴇɴᴅʟᴇʏツ

    Crazy game 😮

  3. My favourite Japanese battleship is Musashi

  4. 😂some people are awesome at this game. Meanwhile, the trash players runs to the edge of The map and hide and do nothing man I love this game! 😂 love the videos bud❤

  5. Great video as always Spartan! I finally found the stream video I couldn’t find.

  6. The battleships sitting in the spawn perfectly sums up 95% of the warships playerbase

  7. It seems like in most games if you could only get a little help the games would end better. But, the way some people play this game is mind boggling 😂 you look up and your up by 3 ships snd then you look again and your down a ship or two. Then it’s all down hill from there

  8. What can I say derps gotta derp. Which would you pick if you had to pick only one as a reward VII cruiser(Alaska like heavy cruiser) USS Congress or V battleship (closer to a battlecruiser ) HMS Repulse?

  9. Nice vid😊❤🎉

  10. TPalko the Plane Guy

    Best team you will get on the weekend lol

  11. The game knows I’m a Spartan subscriber bc I fully broadside ship and my shells says nope

  12. in world of warships legends, you don’t usually avoid the shells. That’s because the shells usually avoid you

  13. I’m new at the game and mostly play destroyers. I’m only at tier 4 and in the majority of my games battleships do this same thing and cruisers will rush out in open space and get blown away despite me spotting and showing them practically half the enemy team is around the area. I cannot even begin to express how frustrating it is when I’ve done my part and researched what to do and how to play just to get yeeted out of existence later on because I’m a destroyer with no support at the end. Most of my games have just been me trying to win off points by sneakily trying to capture when I’m the only one left, then running for my life to the edge of the map at the end to scrape a win out of nothing.

    • sounds about like teir 4, the only thing that changes is that a good chunk of cruisers don’t rush and just sit behind islands, and destroyers and usually a bit smarter

  14. At the end of the engagement i had no heals left, i burned the last one as your division mate was trying to kill me

  15. At least you didn’t get that one guy that announces every game that he is egotistical and wants to screw over everyone

  16. I feel this 100% .. major Problem is : all idiots can Play T10 Ships.. is only Bureu Project.. a friend is on T4 and have Now Yami .

  17. Kishanth Pakeenthiran

    once I made a division and I invited someone.I selected my King George and he selected Brandenberg. Then I selected my Orion! I started the game before he could do anything. What is suprising is that I got first blood medal after killing a Hipper!

  18. I’ve been playing Wows legends for 4 years. 90% of the time we go up the middle. We always have a plan though. Never rush just play it smart.

  19. I know it seems crazy that battleship shells could miss from point blank range in the game but in all reality, naval shells only hit target like 5% of the time. Think about that, the Yamato has 9 rifles. That means out of 11 full salvos, you really should only be landing 4 or 5 hits. If you want realism. It is only a game though and most people would get too bored or frustrated to enjoy it.

  20. Was crazy, if only I could of finished the mino 🤣

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