What to do in a Battleship | World of Warships Legends PS4 Xbox1

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Focusing on target selection overall strategy in a British Battleship Hood in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available on PS4 and XBox 1.


  1. They need to add a ribbon for spotting damage… I know you’ve mentioned this in the past Tbull and I’m gonna keep bringing it up… If destroyer captains are gonna be expected to spot they need to have some visual representation of spotting damage done otherwise new people to the game won’t have any idea that they’re getting “points” for spotting.

    • @Tbull Hey T, need help picking between two Tier VI BB premiums to get the Hood or Scharnhorst? Hood is fast with good guns with a decent rate of fire able to bring down everything, Scharnhorst is a more of a damage over time ship with outstanding secondary guns. I lean towards Hood because those 380mm guns with a faster rate of fire than the standard Tier VI British BB

    • @Graf Spee I like the Hood better but the Sharnhorst is one of the most popular ships in the game, so you can’t go wrong either way

    • 100% agree . I have tried only spotting plus 15k toro damage in T6 DD and was second on the Leaderboard with 2300k XP so dds get spotting damage but you can’t see it until the end

    • Oleksii Romanenko

      @Tbull imho, Scharnhorst is popular due to historical legacy, kinda ‘lucky’ ship and it is really nice shaped

    • This and the aiming vid were excellent for strategy guides. Like the old days when the game first started and you and Tacticangel were our instructors.

  2. It’s a bit like joining a football team. You have to learn to play your positions. The score by the individual is not important in the overall scheme of things. You can play a good game by winning/holding a cap and by keeping the other team honest. Play for the team and you’ll quite likely see the high scoring games come more easily, as opposed to when you’re trying to chase it. Stay safe all.

  3. Oh and good game with Hood ive been playing her since i got her n Nelson yesterday great ships!

  4. You should do a vid (if you haven’t)on the basic paper rock scissors mechanic and team work since you reach so many people and that there are so many new players. Especially in higher tiers. It seems more than half the games I play every goes to one side in any game mode passing caps. Which I’ll tell you sucks being left alone in a cruiser.

  5. tbull thank you for the best video you’ve done in ages and a new aiming video has to be done player as a destroyer is painful sometimes either dispersion it has got a lot worse since I play battleships I don’t think so though so I am in video next for the new guys keep up the good work thank you

  6. Solid video, I’ll just add a couple comments from my experience playing the game.

    1) The synergy of DD’s and BB’s can’t be overstated. DD’s are the eyes, ears, and the real torp protection in the game. Best way to not eat a ton of torps in a BB is having that DD 3-5km out in front of you and supporting them with a salvo or 2 when they bump into an enemy DD. The best way to protect yourself from torps is by making it so they never enter the water to begin with.

    2) People commonly gripe about service costs at higher tiers. The best way to mitigate that is maximizing how much silver you earn in each match. To do that you have to be aware silver/XP is not awarded on total damage, it’s awarded by the percentage of HP you remove from a ship each time you hit it. A salvo that causes 10k damage yields more XP when it’s placed on a DD with 17,000 HP than it does when it hits a BB with 65,000 HP. The best earnings per minute is in targeting DD’s and CA’s, not in taking shot after shot at well angled BB’s.

  7. The Atlanta player forgot he wasn’t in his T61.

  8. BattlestarPegasus

    If I’m in a cruiser, especially an Atlanta, I seek destroyers out first.

  9. I’ve had HUGE success using the Sinop holding down an entire flank alone because my entire team cucks and runs to the strong side leaving me high and dry but for the non believers out there the Sinop is more than capable of holding the fort it bow tanks everything

  10. Excellent video! Wish that everyone who plays Legends would watch this and target accordingly…GG!

  11. Great video Tbull. I’m always learning something with you. Really appreciate what you do for the community. ‘He gone’ still brings a smile! Thanks man.

  12. I love watching you put these videos out, then watch people in the game who clearly ignore your input or clearly don’t watch.

  13. This is my very favorite of all of your videos, although to be honest I watch your stuff at least twice on each ship that I unlock (Fiji and Lightning are my favorites). This, is the single most important video on this game that anyone should watch. You break things down so well.

    Note: I am NOT a great player, nor do I play BBs much at all. I win some DD duels, but often lose duels to the best destroyer captains. I shoot okay, but get outgunned by the best cruiser captains in most matches, if I am stupid enough to get into a shooting contest…. My finger clicking and lining up my shots is a little slower then the best of you, and I probably average no more than 40-50k damage. But….I am the consummate team player and I tend to think along the lines of your strategic guidelines. After learning my lessons (in my first terrible 500 games) the hard way, I don’t get into needless DD fights, don’t rush in my CL’s, and work hard to survive until late game and understand my role much better.

    If I am in a CL or CA, I always target the destroyers if they are anywhere near me. If I am in a BB, I always try to look for the radar cruisers first, then the rest of the cruisers, before I line up a BB in the back line. If I am a DD I spot spot spot and take my torp shots when they present themselves, but never hunt the back line unless I can do that and light up their entire field from a good angle. I looked it up and my teams are 610W and 390L in the last 1000 games that I have played, but have only a single Kraken and rarely top 100k. I more or less don’t give a shit, and am constantly frustrated by captains getting easy damage on BBs sailing to the back, then bragging to the house after the big fat L. If you lose a game with 125k you get 2k exp (w/bonuses). If you win a game with 60k damage you get 5k exp (w/bonuses). Winning should be the goal, and it benefits everyone on the team if you work together.

    Love your comments. Your videos are spot-on dude. Keep it up!

  14. GG. All good info. This vid goes hand in hand with the aiming vids, you only get 2 shots a minute at best in a BBs, spotting and target selection are critical alongside positioning. One thing with DDs please don’t provide smoke cover for BBs then sit in it or disappear behind a rock. Keep them lit, the first targets are essential, usually BBs show up first but I like to wait a few seconds for that inevitable broadside cruiser. Your earlier lesson on kiting is also a skill worth understanding for BBs. Peas love and winning ways, Johnno Bloke

  15. I think 70% of wins are decided by who team have Destroyers life at the end

  16. Battleships VS a Mix team has nearly no chance to win a game

  17. Thank you for making these videos. It may seem like a trivial thing to those who know all this stuff but it can be such a massive quality of life improvement for all of us

  18. So true you’re advice needs to be shared , I get so disappointed with players who don’t know how to play as a team , can’t hit shot or use wrong shell type ! Even when I try to talk to them ? They won’t listen 👂 😞 Thanks for reminding us all of the basics but often forgotten issues

  19. It’s kind of ‘the Circle Of Life’. In general, Battleships kill Cruisers, Cruisers kill Destroyers, Destroyers kill Battleships.

    Specific circumstances may dictate otherwise sometimes, of course. Personal experience suggests that a medium to close range one-on-one between a Battleship and a Destroyer CAN be close to a fair fight, and sometimes even in the BB’s favour. For reasons not 100% clear, both my Warspite and my Fuso can be surprisingly adept DD-killers. Go figure.

    On Battleship shooting, opinions naturally will vary. My own feeling is that RATE OF FIRE is important. If my guns are loaded and there is an at least semi-valid target down-range, I will shoot. Certainly not spamming – if a few seconds wait will present a better target, then I’ll wait. But if it’s a choice between holding out for a perfect shot (that may or may not actually transpire) or lobbing off 2 or 3 less perfect shots in the same length of time, then I will go with the latter.

  20. 2 things:
    1) As a BB player, I know I want to sink cruisers first and foremost, but there’s also the time when someone is kiting exceptionally well while a full health BB is 12KM away and showing broadside. On one hand, I know the cruiser is the more important piece to take out, on the other hand, I could shoot the BB and potentially kill or nearly kill it. Deciding who to shoot is something I struggle with, knowing that if I miss the kiting cruiser I’m adding a salvo from the BB to kill my cruisers.
    2) Also, as someone who plays mostly destroyers in ranked, I’m pretty nervous about all the Belfasts and Atlanta’s I’m about to see next season. Hitting rank 1 using the T61 wasn’t too difficult, but it’ll be an adjustment trying to pick a strategy next season. Will appreciate tips when that happens.

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