What will it take to get you back into World of Warships

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So you left World of Warships or you don’t play as much. Maybe it’s the mechanics or something like CVs. Maybe its a lack of variety. Maybe its something more principled like how wargaming treats the base. Regardless, I want to know what it would take to get you back into WoWS, or if its even possible.


  1. Last year I quit WoT after 7+ Years and started WoWs. I can’t handle quItting another one, but I can certainly see the similar problems between the two.

    • Left WoT because of indestructible wheeled vehicles and an incredibly toxic player base, I agree with you

    • weeks ago I accidentally discovered a video of Claus Kel. I don´t play Tanks, but the problems he described are the same there. A class everyone hates, the MM (ofc), a skill-rework no-one wanted, outright dumb premiums… apparently all WG titles are botched by the same accountant which doesn´t even play the games. What happened there will continue to happen here. What do you think Jack, are the parallels alarming enough?

    • @Estoy Aquí Very much so. Claus is a hoot. For Laughs however, I recommend HonestGaming. Just type in the name and KV train. He plays with a total abandon that I Used to have.

  2. I would return if the game wasn’t such a grind, i dont want to play 5 hours a day to progress a tiny amount

    • @Adam b making people progress easier up the tech tree is bad for the playerbase, because it enables people to be lazy and not learn about the game. we already have no shortages of idiots at high tiers, we certainly dont want more

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      But you see its not really that much of a grind not compared to how it used to be

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      @Lordbobomb they literally nerfed the grind into the ground there is no grind anymore if youre doing damage and earning base XP if youre not thats on you

    • @Lordbobomb Yeah at LOWER TIERS, wait till you hit tier 7 or so, its ramps up quite a bit.

    • @Jay Werner Yeah I’ve seen the amounts needed for the higher tier Tech stuff, though I’m not discouraged it’s just gonna be a LONG process lol.

  3. Played since closed beta, stopped about 6 months ago and I can say with honesty that NOTHING will make me go back. I had spent an obscene amount of money on it, regret every single penny.

    • You and me both man.

    • Why would anyone spend real money on pixels?

    • No, I won't tell you my name.

      @Robert Feiring Why would anyone spend real money on a night out at the bar, or watching a movie? I had a lot more fun spending time with my friends using a $50 premium ship than I ever did spending time with my friends around a $50 round of drinks.

    • @Robert Feiring because they want to. Why spend money at all when you don’t need it? Oh right, because you want it rather than need it. The point is, it’s more than just pixels. Gaming is a hobbby. And it’s normal for people to pay stuff for their hobbies (ex. guitar strings for playing guitar). I can’t believe simple things like these have to be pointed. I thought these things were obvious.

    • @Robert Feiring Everyone that has EVER bought a game is paying real money for pixels, paying for additional pixels such as premium ships is something else altogether. It is a choice, I made the choice to purchase a LOT of extra pixels, though in hindsight it was a shit decision.

  4. I still play the game, though not nearly as much as when I started. My disgust with WOWs started with the CV reworking, then submarines only made it worse. Now we have more paper ships than ever, some ships that need some balance probably won’t and there’s a total lack of interest from WG to improve the scenarios, adding more of them + a hard mode. The only reason I still haven’t left is I’m still too lazy to look out for a better game. But if I do and find it, I won’t come back

  5. I think it’s burnout for me. I still play maybe 5 to 10 battles a week, when it used to be 5 to 10 battles a day. The thing that upset me was the commander re-work, it seems they just lessened all the existing skills to make more without improving game play. I’d love to see more maps and content (where did arms race go?).

    • Is it true, “there are more ports than maps”?

    • Definitely more maps same map all the time the same rock you shoot behind is getting boring

    • Yeah the burnout got to me when I kept getting the same maps and epicenter mode. I will go back in to play the submarines but we really need some new maps and game modes. I always wanted to see a pvp mode where one team tries to escort cargo ships from one side to the map to the other while the other team tries to sink them.

  6. Im waiting to see if secondaries do get better. I love to push. Try and dictate from the front, not sitn in the back.

    • Wulfthofen Gaming

      only way it will get better is they nerf HE spam ships cause by the time you get within the range to use your secondaries you now have like 4 ships HE spaming you to death.

    • My fav ships were Sec build BB’s and i really stepped back from the game when they nerfed this.

  7. losing 10 games in a row day after day did it for me that just isn’t fun the matchmaking is atrocious

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      eh well the player base did it to themselves when ever someone mentioned more MOBA like aspects with MM it was every excuse under the book

    • Steven Wiederholt

      Ain’t That The Truth. Drop into a match in (say) a cruiser tier VII and see nothing but tier IX. Generally speaking 2 choices. sailing around trying to stay out of trouble..ie not helping your team. 2 Die early.
      Question: Would you be willing to wait longer to get a match closer to your tier level?

    • @Steven Wiederholt i would not mind waiting 5 minutes to get a match with T7.
      Matchmaking works fine on brawl or in ranked. Oddly enough is absolute garbage on random….

    • Ib Erik Söderblom

      I agree !!!

  8. I just feel like they need to update the mechanics of the game, especially the matchmaking since that I just came back to the game after a long break to see how the game was doing and I was faced with disappointment. Hopped into the first game in a tier 8 ship, and got bottom tiered hard, and much worse in the second game with tier 10 cvs in both teams and I didn’t want to play another match. I was able to perform pretty well but it wasn’t fun. If there is no fun, then it isn’t a game, just rework the mechanics wargaming, please.

  9. a complete wargaming culture change if that makes sense, getting real tired of hearing about wargamings “communication error” excuse

  10. I did not leave by choice, I own a MacBook Pro and was forced out. It’s ashamed really, I had spent quite a bit of money with WoWs. I don’t consider myself a whale but (like most Mac owners) I was happy to pay for what I enjoyed.

  11. One huge balance patch. Something that solves ROFLSTOMP matches. There is no need to bring something new every patch into the game. Close games were fun even when losing, blow-out matches are boring even when winning.

    • Yet to experience a close match

    • @dzello “balancing player skill levels doesn’t make a difference because a side that’s winning already can win easier”

      This is like hearing people claim climate change isn’t affected by carbon emissions because the weather naturally changes which is true, but you’re being selective with which facts you’re holding on to.

      Give players some credit, a lot of them, myself included have played for years and years long enough to see the pattern of games like Wargaming and War Thunder lose balance as they focus on adding more and more stuff without caring about its effects on the base game, or even profiting from the imbalances at times.

    • @Koffeeng Fawkes Literally everything you wrote is irrelevant. The guys point is to put skill based matchmaking to stop stomps.

      And thats strictly false: skill based matchmaking does not stop stomps.

      The end. The only way to stop stomps in a game is to create defensive bonuses. For example, League of Legends has bounty gold: you can stomp someone but you get a bounty and if they kill you once, they comeback a lot. Things like that do not exist in the game.

    • @dzello except it’s based on win rate not skill, so if anything that’s a snowballing effect of its own. I dunno if you think you’re gonna be rewarded for pushing lies for Wargaming or you’re just trying to be edgy taking a polar opposite view to the majority but either way, I’m not surprised the irrelevant guy is calling other irrelevant. The end.

    • @Koffeeng Fawkes Except it doesn’t matter how the matchmaking functions because the snowball effect in inherent to the nature OF THE ACTUAL GAME.

      You can have EVERY TYPE OF MATCHMAKING and the game will blowout.

      What makes blowouts is in the game. You kill one ship? It increases your chances of killing another one because they now do less damage: blowout. You kill a destroyer? They can’t get the cap and have to push in which risks their ships further: blowout. Maps are big so teams are split meaning one side can’t interact with the other side: blowout on both sides that meets up in the middle for a final blowout.

      Doesn’t matter if teams are equal or not, blowouts are a consequence of the gameplay. WOWS has a 20 minute in game timer + a points clock, doesn’t take a fucking genius to figure out the game is made to end quick.

  12. There isn’t much that will get me back into it. I reinstalled a couple weeks ago and gave it another shot. Just done with the game. Which is sad because I’ve invested a ton of time and money into both WoWs and WoT. I miss the teams and gameplay from the CBT. So many decent players but now as the player base increases so does the toxicity.

  13. Fips von Fipsenstein

    I´m not really out yet, but playing less and less (in average). I was never a whale to spend hundreds of euros on the game, but I certainly indulged in my annual portion of premium playtime and few premium ships. Currently, however, I don’t even want to buy more premium time. And only when there are ships or special captains to earn do I even start the game anymore.

    There´s not THE single reason that pissed me off, but the sum of the incidents. And it startet with those special Captains, which you have to pay with dubloons, if you wanna get the twin. Imho this was the beginning of p2w in Wows. Consequently, there is not the single change that could motivate me again – it’s more about trust. WG would have to be open and honest with the player base for quite a while for such trust to come back (if at all).

  14. I guess because there’s not much to do, there’s to much bullshit coming out of WG that have unfortunately degraded the game to this point, I have ended up shifting over to other live service games like Destiny 2 and Sea of thieves. There just hasn’t been much to recapture my interest in the game now.

  15. This biggest thing that would bring me back is for Wargaming to respect their player base enough to respect their own game!

  16. I want to go back to the good ol’ days from wows. The time when the beta, and shortly after the final release, were the best times.

  17. Burnout, boredom and submarines, they will do what the “wheeled vehicles” did to high tier WOT

  18. I have not left yet but depending on how Submarines turn out, that may change. I feel like WG at one point really cared about feedback, but now they only have dollar signs in their eyes. All the annoyances have really pushed me lately, like the MM, and other smaller mechanical things.

  19. I’m a “will not come back.” There was never any fun with Random, Ranked, etc. They were slow and boring. And a big lack of team work.

  20. Easy: sell WoWS to someone else. I want nothing to do with WG. The idea of loading into one of their games (after years; leading clans in WoTB and WoWS, etc.) just makes me feel nauseous. Loading in makes me feel complicit, like I’m endorsing their thieving contempt for players. Nope. They can buy their own damn vodka.

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