What World of Warships Battles Should Look Like…

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After doing those historical reenactments last Friday, playing the game normally just feels so underwhelming…which means idea for another video!


  1. i want HMS hood to come soon so i can change history

  2. The Analytical Towarzysz

    I long for the day where BB’s won’t camp the I line, where DDs actually play objectives and don’t hide in smoke. In where CAs support friendly without being selfish, and where CVs are balanced. A man can dream…

  3. Um
    This does not and will never work

  4. Naval warfare is full broadside.
    WG is using the logic of wot to build wows. ‘陸軍馬鹿’ is true.

  5. That’s pretty much what Business66 said in his I QUIT!!!!!! Video after he got done blasting Flamu …

  6. Virus - DayZ and More!

    Music at 1:05? Would love to use it for a video.

  7. I would love to see a Taffy 3 reenactment. The battle was 3x Fletchers, 6x Bogues, and 4x destroyer escorts (maybe represented by Bensons or Sims in a reenactment) vs 4x Kongos, 6x Myokos or 203mm Mogamis, 2x 155mm Mogamis, and 11x IJN DDs. Could be easy to scale it to fit 12 on 12. It would be an interesting fight.

  8. what song does he use at the end of his video?

  9. Maybe WG should make a Gamemode about nation versus nation.

    for example, japan v US, Germany v Britain and ect.

    this gamemode is already implemented on WOT.

  10. The truth is, and iChase touched on it in a recent video, THE GAME IS HOPELESSLY FLAWED at its core.Individual NATIONS designed these ships and classes is conjunction with carefully crafted theory and doctrine (not always right thinking) so that instead of rock paper scissors it was and overlapping or interlocking mix of ship types and cohesive capabilities tactics and strategies somewhat like folding the flaps of a cardboard box lid or the whole being MORE THAN the sum of its parts. When you start mismatching  different nations ships into non cohesive squadrons the whole becomes LESS THAN its parts sum, disjointed and individualistic without cohesive central leadership and with glaring weaknesses and the possibility of imbalance between teams. Plus you add factors like power creep, Russian bias, paper ships player skill divergence and the fact its getting to the point of pay to win which, regardless of what WG marketing and PR folks say, will all kill the game in the end. I don’t come by these opines as a newcomer. I have been playing since open beta and have around 7400 battles  (ok you looked up my stats and I still suck, but many great baseball managers couldn’t hit a curveball either) so I have seen the game change many times and not always for the best.

  11. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    WOT and WOWS is what happens when you have no idea about WWII and try to make it simple enough for a stupid child to play it

  12. “‘There’s a lot of waiting in warfare,’ said Boy Willie.
    yes,’ said Mr Saveloy.  ‘I’ve heard people say that.  They say there’s
    long periods of boredom followed by short periods of excitement.’
    ‘Not really,’ said Cohen.  ‘It’s more like short periods of waiting followed by long periods of being dead.’”
    Terry Prathett: Interesting times

  13. Lets start by bringing back the flak curtain like we had in closed beta please…

  14. Great, now take all of this, and put it on the open ocean map

  15. If WoWs battles were realistic, everyone would gather around the CV and never see an enemy ship, shoot at a dot on the radar for two hours and disengage after taking a big hit (or one torpedo) in a capital ship. And we all know that noone would be able to hold an actual planned battle formation. And it would take place on Ocean almost every time.
    Actual naval battles lasted way too long for game (hours to days) and were way too monotone (in late WW2, most ships were just there to protect the carriers) to be exciting to most players. Realistic naval warfare (naval warfare in general) is a very niche game setting.
    I personaly would rather have what we have right now in WoWs than what actual naval battles were. There is a reason why the WarThunder devs don’t want bigships.

  16. To be honest, i have never seen battleships using cover like that. Maybe because i havent
    gone too far up in the game

  17. ha.  lol

  18. Siegfred James C. Monares

    I think the strategy of the U.S. in WWII is they will quickly line up there ships and then fire salvos while the Japanese is they will just scatter and fire salvos at the enemy.

  19. Michael Navarro Milanés

    But most of the wows gamers are smokehouse builders or hiding master :’v

  20. ToughAncientSpark

    All that AA fire is what the Battle of Okinawa looked like in WWII.

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