When All The Games Are GOOD – World of Warships

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This was a weird day to say the least, almost every match was really good. Long and hard fought games, regardless if it was a win or defeat. Not getting those 1 sided crappy games is really nice for a change. Enjoy Duncan in this GG of a match 😉

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  1. The choco + puffed rice you ate also my favorite, my father make it every weekend back then. Sometimes choco + pop corn or classic choco + nuts

  2. @raulalejandrobastillapedro1564

    My childhood right there with rice chocolate.We used to go to Subotica market and buy plenty of it.Jugoslav rice chocolate was the best nothing like the western counterparts.

  3. Sretan Božić Flambass!

  4. That RNG tho

  5. Puffed rice is called. You are welcome 😂

  6. So, i hear that your main turrets have a different set of hit points every time you take your ship out. RNG ???

    • Main turrets have fixed hp. But every other module has RNG health. If you want to know more about how that works, Flamu made a video called “Torpedo Tube HP Is Random???”

    • @@Bonde7280 potato quality said it on one of his latest videos. Knowing wg like I do, I wouldn’t doubt both. F wg

  7. Any new maps in 2023, or still the same?

  8. Had an aunt who made those chocolate rice cakes too. Nice

  9. I actually had some great battles today, also. And chocolate and puffed rice is amazing..

  10. @davidchrysostom695

    So many players run from middle spawn. Thx for showing how it’s done

  11. Don’t know about you, but if I were in a match with Flambass, I would get everyone on my team to focus on him. Once he’s out of the way, the remaining turkeys can be dealt with.

    • I have tried this in game! Half my team just kept spamming In chat asking who he was and what was the big deal. He killed four of us before the end and his team won. Same experience with flamu. Desperately trying to get the team to focus only to be let down.

  12. good luck flambass. I had an wg enema and am done with this game

  13. Nestle’s crunch, thin chocolate bar with puffed rice inside. Sold everywhere in the US. Delicious!

  14. That Hipper was on 431 health for how long? 10 min??

  15. Have you tried MWO (Mech Warrior Online)? Its another version of wows….. just no carriers or subs lol. Free to play… should try it out.

  16. Anyone notice flambass is the complete opposite of flamuu in terms of what ships they liketo play considering the similar name ? 😅

    • @TheAnxiousAardvark

      If you go back 4-5 years or more when they were in the same clan, it’s really obvious. Flambass is brawling in a BB, Flamu is sniping. Both are enjoyable, but very different styles. IMHO.

  17. Fun to watch!

  18. @CesarinPillinGaming

    you left 4 ships with less than 500 hp.. hilarious XD

  19. @TheAnxiousAardvark

    A neverwas gun, on a neverwas ship. Closest gun & mount is the 16″/45 (40.6 cm) Mark I intended for the G’3’s which has a 4 degree per second rotation and a 40 second reload. The light projectile & high muzzle velocity combination led to inaccuracy and short muzzle life in the real gun. WG off in fantasy land again. Why not just let players use Springsharp to design ships that didn’t exist but could?

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