When broken game makes you whiff your most crucial show – World of Warships

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It is ranked at tier 10 and I’m in my Yamato, fighting one of the closest games of the season.

We have a chance of winning but it is gonna be tight and risky.

All going according to plan and then the game decides NO.

These shots are happening way too often, sometimes you’re gonna be lucky to have your other turrets ready but sometimes you won’t.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Johann Wolfgang von Dörte

    u make great content keep it up buddy your awesome

  2. That second shot at the end, going fully short was a moment my heart dropped, like how?

    • @Dan Nechita I play it as long as i enjoy it and close the Game as soon as i don’t. And just don’t spend any money on it, thats a big tip from me.

    • @Samphati well i have but not a lot. It’s still money…. If only someone warned me i wouldn’t have spend in that thing. Pitty mechanics in containers and the more i play the game the more i see pitty mechanics when i shoot LOL.

    • @Mr CedrixXx Maybe i was prepared better, since i was watching flambino already. And Flambass is quite honestly showing what is broken and regularly tells people, especially new one,s to not spend money on the game light headedly, and just play as long as you enjoy.

    • Enjoy the features of this esport level game!

    • @The Pew Place That will never happen, but still F2P can be fun for a few matches and then i close the game^^

  3. Just OldSchoolFrankie

    Of course, the JInan “Dev_Account” died because the work break was over and he had to design new submarines. He can’t play ranked during his working hours.

  4. Close one. shells drop short quite often I find.

  5. I’ve played this game for 6 years and that 2nd salvo should have hit something. This game and shooting “is” broken and “maybe why” they are removing the camo bonus soon…

  6. I’m convinced each turret crew has a D20 they roll, anything under like 18 they say “nope, critical miss”

  7. I guarantee the game has introduced a ‘low salvo’ glitch. I’ve seen it a couple times every game – either my shells or someone shooting at me

  8. Asian line is not as bad as you describe for me so far.. I played the tier VII cruiser in ranked and it was too easy to get to the Brone Rank 1. It was like playing my Flint without a hydro, but I felt the shots did more damage..

  9. I absolutely raged the other day because of salvos landing short. There has got to be glitch for short salvos in the game cuz seriously it’s just ridiculous

  10. There is something fucky for sure, its like the ship is de-syncing from its targeting plane. Seems to usually happen on targets that are angled toward you and moving toward you, even above waterline shots will frequently land INSANELY short. The most blatant and extreme case i ever had was as a Satsuma shooting at a Satsuma with shells falling a fucking kilometer short from like 7km.

  11. The “average player” probably gets pissed off frequently, and goes to a “no fks given” mode, playing in total apathy, just to show everyone that he had enough and does not care about anything anymore. Speaking from own experience. 😀

  12. Biscuitchris7again

    WG after 2nd salvo: _”I know you have been inconvenienced, and I am prepared to compensate you.”_

  13. Jinan is like anti Petro. It is a massive citadel that will be hit from every angle, because zero armour, and it has guns that are absolutely useless. It has no hydro, but its only strategy is to sit in smoke. Trenlass is right, its like a bad Asashio, two tiers higher.

  14. Every time I watch a Flambass video I’m reminded of some of the many, many, MANY reasons I quit playing Wargaming products permanently.

  15. That’s the funny thing, the people aiming the guns are NOT in the turrets. Not unless the ship is HEAVILY damaged and the guns have had to go under local control. The people aiming the guns are deep within the citadel and use information from spotters high in the superstructure.

  16. The fun thing is, I know this guy. Was in a Clan with him. Yes, he is that bad. And yes, he believes that he’s not. 🙂

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