When incredible happens – BANCV vs YOINK – World of Warships

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Some teams are better than others, some are favorites but some you just don’t expect to see anywhere but on the top.

2 very good teams going up against each other in KotS 12.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Strasbourg the mighty


  2. Please, show us all KOTS games.

  3. A---------------

    Love this format!

  4. WG did a great job to balance cruisers of different nations. Must be coincidence that you barely see any non-US or -RU cruiser in competitive games. Can’t be because of radar. People just don’t like to play other nations.

    • 🤔 I think it is because of Radar, Radar allows you to get rid of the vision on the enemy team ( DDs) and also other nations like German, Japanese and french cruiser play the long range HE spam type of playstyle, which is good for randoms but not for tournaments, you need more active role in tournaments and utility which long range spammers surely lack. It’s impossible to balance ships based on both random and competetive playstyles.

    • Василий Чапаев

      Hmmm,hadn’t watched the EU tournament but on RU it was pretty common to see Goliaths,Minotaurs and Venezias. It’s more due to the fact that every nation has its role in the battle and some roles are just not required in competitive games.

    • Hmmm? it is almost like other nations cruisers were not as good irl, who would have thought, i mean after all, how could the brits and germans, who were fighting on land and very rarely on sea, possibly not have invested more into ships instead of land vehicles.

    • Василий Чапаев

      Q Maximus who do you have to be to seriously assume that an arcade game where specifications and abilities of vehicles may vary from patch to patch might be considered as an actual representation of the real cruisers in a virtual environment?

    • ​@Q Maximus This feels like it’s supposed to be sarcastic but it’s so dumb I actually can’t tell.

  5. This was such an amazing series

  6. I’ve rarely seen such a spread of ships on the mini map when I play lol! Normally just a huge blob of ships all lemming together.

  7. Really fitting Cast for such an amazing game, thank you flambass!

  8. There is something magical in a fight between the team BAN CV and a team in which you can find the player “CV are in a fine state”

  9. I think I need to lie down after this, that match turned up to 11 outta nowhere

  10. That Gearing literally pulled a Tokyo Drift in front of 3 ship with 3 digits HP

    • Ssssskkkkkkkiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk… can’t touch this!

    • Fuck yeah. That Gearing almost makes me want to reinstall.

    • @Tyler Poppele almost lol. Until I remember the last match I played in my Gearing.

    • @Akshay Anand Yeah….Gearing was my first T10 ship. Was so proud of getting it and playing it. Even CVs left me alone. But that was before .8.0, so….god, what has this game become?

    • @Tyler Poppele literally same, Gearing was my first T10.
      I don’t have a second T10 lol. I stopped playing after that.

  11. holy…that starting formation…

  12. Well done Yoink!!!

  13. His name is IKEAnleitung. So IKEA Anleitung. Or translated : IKEA manual :). Love that name and how it’s mentioned every time 🙂

  14. This game really was Yoinked from BanCV:s hands XD

  15. Gearing went beast mode. Was one of the most entertaining competitive games in a while.

  16. i see El Snackman a lot in game …always seems a cool guy

  17. 17:36 USS Johnston stands up to the Yamato near Samar, 1944 (Colorized)

  18. DUDE! i wached this live… watching this replay i still can’t believe this happened 😀

  19. Jugaloking69 Dope

    just here to give you a like keep on owning the intranet

  20. Did someone ask for that Gearing? Here I am and I hope you enjoyed the show! If you want to learn how to sail on DDs, pm me for Stream link 😉 (Rank 1 Somers World, Rank 4 Gearing EU) Tons of Thanks to Flambass for the absolutely hyped and terra nice commentary and to the other commentators as well and ofc to all people who were watching this live and my Team YOINK 🙂 Greetings Flaxser

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