When Its Hot, Its HOT! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Imma be grinding for this ship

  2. Hey Spartan, just wanted to say thank you for letting me join your fleet. My username is WillCabin. Looking forward to some fun times.

  3. Is it true that most Japanese battleships gets an accuracy boost at longer ranges? Seemingly 12, 14-ish kilometres. I dont know if there’s any way to confirm this but I’ve heard it before. Similar to the Soviets but with the opposite effect of getting the better accuracy at medium to close range.

  4. I really like the Amagi.

  5. I have a love hate relationship with amagi, it hits hard for being a back line sniper

  6. That happens to mre when I play Langley, get mobbed on by everything after my teammates go super aggressive.

  7. I hate it when no one notices there going for the cap

  8. Well, i can only confirm its not bad at all. With 0 exp in the ship, it felt better then iowa or massachusetts 😅
    Maybe my iowa is cursed after dev striking a wladi. Too much rng used on that salvo

  9. My fav tech tree battleship has to be the Vladivostok. Anyway great vid

  10. I like Amagi, but I swear it feels like she’s made of tissue compared to damn near every other ship in her tier.

  11. We hope to see your next stream with face cam 🎥

  12. This is how I feel w N. Carolina I’ve been having some crazy games with her

  13. After nearly three years of being a subscriber to this channel, I’m still entertained at how Spartan will find a way to mention the Iowa in a non-Iowa focused video.

    I’m now convinced this will happen in situations outside of the game.

    For example, imagine Spartan at a car dealership asking if the Ford Mustang has a better turning radius than the Iowa.

    Imagine what Spartan would be like on a cruise ship.

    You could point out all the comforts of the ship, and the provided entertainment, etc and Spartan would casually point out that it’s not as fast as….wait for it….the Iowa, while silently wishing that cruise ship had nine 406’s.

  14. I would put the epic reload on there.

  15. Put the legendary reload mod on it.

  16. Amagi is still my number 1 and people underestimate this ship if played right.

  17. It’s funny my Amagi treats me like Yamato treats spartan all the time for citadels. and Yamato treats me like Amagi is treating Spartan on citadels in this match. Me and Yamato aren’t speaking right now. Amagi is on speed dial.

  18. Glad you had a good time. The past 2 days have been trash for me. At least 60% of my games, my team didn’t just go full potato, they went straight up hash brown. The other 40%, just trash dispersion. Broadside Soyuz less than 6km away…missed completely.

  19. Vincent The Keeper

    Amagi is still in my top 3 favorite T7 BBs

  20. Spartan I don’t know if you knew this or not bud but you can see the carrier before you knew were he was the white ship on the outside of your radar field is the last known location of the ship displayed rarely they move far from the last known unless they are a DD

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