When trash talk works out – World of Warships

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So it turns out if you trash talk MrG, and I’m totally not saying you should do this, like ever, he performs quite well. So well in fact, that he will shit talk YOU xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. rofl when you started singing Three Days Grace I nearly pissed myself laughing. Great fckn album btw, One X

  2. Never heard anyone Segway batman into Three Days Grace…

  3. Jussi Raitoniemi

    “I don’t think you understand pain [Sherman], I play with Mr G weekly”

  4. old man. heh. i’m 71, and know there may be many much older than me in the game.

  5. Kazuto Kobayashi

    So i think Flambass found the “G-Point”😅🤣😂

  6. oh i LOVE vids with the mischevious Mr Gibbins in, the asthmatic seagull

  7. Flambass has just found his G-spot!

  8. Did not expect to hear a rendition of Pain from Three Days Grace by flambino. A surprise to be certain. But a welcomed one.

  9. Flambass should be a motivational speaker 🙂

  10. I imagine shittalking G would just make him troll harder if you’re in a division.

  11. you think when flambass is having adult fun with his wife and he finds the gspot he says I’ve hit the citadel

  12. Love the Jedi mind trick. Feel the force…

  13. I think the proper reply is “Well done MrG you played a fantastic game, however since WOWS is a team game over on my flank we shared the damage around i gave because i’m a giver” LOL

  14. Flambass has officially turned to the dark side …lol

  15. Darth Flambass turned Mr. G to the dark side, apparently.

  16. “Then all the old fucks would have been young as kids”.. yes , That’s correct mate xD

  17. I really really love when you and G have random games together.. It’s funny af ! ! ! !

  18. FreedomFighterEx

    It has appear you did hit his “G” spot.

  19. “Motivational Speaking” but Spicy

  20. “All we are saaa-ying, is give Gibbs a chaaaa-nce.”

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