When you have to BRAWL in a hamburger – World of Warships

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This ship is probably known for everything else BUT the brawl, and yet I found myself in a brawly situation….that came to nobodies surprise but the result might xD

Enjoy and have fun watching Vermont brawl 😉

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  1. It’s never over until … hamburger?

  2. ok, I know Flambass is WAY better than me at this game, but why did he spend So much time broadsideing to a Montana and a vermont? Isn’t that a bad idea?

    • It was a bad idea and he did get some punishment for it.

      But vermont can be awkward like that, it’s slow as hell so you need to be wary about angling in or out too steeply, because you can easily get stuck bow on (turns quick but slow speed makes for an easy target) and stern can mean if your flank wins you might never make it back into the fight.

      I wouldn’t broadside a monty and vermont like flambass did, but at long range it’s going to be mostly pen chunk damage rather than citadel to death, at least in vermont.

    • @treeherder57 Yeah this. Vermont turns well but bleeds so much speed. It makes chasing a fight or even trying to run so much harder.

    • also believe it’s how he’s learned to play in any ship (the way all of us should) – he keeps moving, angling, turning, changing speeds – he’s probably trying to think 1 step ahead in the heat of battle, while his instincts & learned playstyle have him turning the ship this way and that. if you noticed, a lot of times he turns anticipating an eventual torp attack by either the sub or dds. so while giving broadside is always a bad idea in any ship, it can be the lesser of evils if you’re thinking a step or two ahead where a wall of torps might be headed your way. anyway, pretty sure that’s why he risks giving broadside like that.

  3. That finish was wild. Critical Yamato snipe on that Louisiana. Good ol’ Yama.

  4. That friendly Yueyang was doing yeomanly work on pest (DD) control. =^[.]^=

  5. Flambass should play lotterie. The good shit that coming to him is amazing!

  6. Epic ending my man.

  7. FIVE teammates with over 2k BXP!

  8. Flambass got tired of not getting kills, so he went all in. xD

    Also, got a big lol out of the enemy Bourgogne running over your sub.

  9. Nice ending there. Well played.

  10. Near the end, Louisiana rushing Flambass down: “Hehe I got you now fatty! Wait why do I hear Space Battleship Yamato theme music?!”

  11. For as much as Flammyboy doesn’t like the VT, he does insane work in it.

  12. @TheGreenFather that’s not the point

  13. @MetallicaLife4 What is the point then?

  14. Christian Clemens

    @TheGreenFather One of the points would be that the Zao as a heavy cruiser has 3k less hp compared to a Minotaur light cruiser which has more gimmicks fitting its playstyle.

  15. @Christian Clemens But that point is absolutely not illustrated in that part of the video.
    All we see is a cruiser losing almost all of his HP after getting shot by a BB while broadside.
    If anything, he’s lucky to survive…

  16. Great ending !

  17. I had 2 more back to back games after that where i played against flambass, and he offcourse beat my ass after i sailed across the map to his side.

  18. Well played! thank you for posting!!

  19. Why is it everytime you fire, you shift/slide your mouse to the side? Does that help with target lock or aim?

    • I think he’s doing it because he’s not got a 100% intuitive feel for the speed of the Vermont’s shells, but maybe it’s to cover target ship speed changes..

  20. 15 minutes of collecting damage and suffering turned in to 4 kills in 1 min. Reverse killsteal indeed

  21. Nice replay and the end was fantastic!

  22. great end

  23. As a hamburger myself I must say, I go best with cheese.

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