When you have to kill everyone – World of Warships

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So I’m super close to rank 1 and these are the kinda games that I have to have, to get it apparently.

1 man team reporting for duty xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. The Tank Commander

    The answer to this riddle of ranked is in the title YAYUH!!!

  2. 4:45 hilarious all behind the same rock LOL
    People never take count of what teammates do, it’s so stupid… ah, avrg wows players, things never change 😩

    • must’ve been a big pot of glue over there

    • @xyyx_/mfx5532100 I would take such teammates in some of my battles – they at least are capable of surviving and shooting back, giving me more time to do something. Like yesterday with Thunderer rushing full speed ahead against Gearing, Stalingrad and another Thunderer. By the time I (in Shima) managed to half torp-half drive out Stalingrad, reduce Thunderer to 3k hp with torps … i realised that both Thunderer and Petro behing be are dead (around 7 minute mark on the map with A+B caps next to vertical row of islands, don´t know the name). I eventually killed the Thunderer, helped spot-killed that Stalin, capped B (in contrary to A stolen from Gearing) and finally sinked that Gearing in a tense gunfight (well, we both died in it), but kudos to our Venezia and 2nd Thunderer on the C cap facing Montana and their Venezia, defending the C cap and thus giving us enough points to win the moment we sank each other with Gearing.

      About teams, where Thunderer and Petropavlovsk are not able to kill a solo, all time spotted Des moines (with Daring on her side) on C cap of Northern Waters, is really hard to say anything positive

    • @Jan Mitiska who’s gonna read that book?

    • @Paul P. anyone who want 🙂

    • @xyyx_/mfx5532100 they found the Battleships secret stash

  3. geez i want bourgogne so bad….

  4. Must’ve been a bad run that salt was turned up to 11 immediately.

  5. Hi Flammbass! I have a question. Is the Bourgogne a Good ship? You often play it.

    Sorry for my bad englisch. (I live in Germany)

    • Hallo. Ich bin kein Flambass, aber ich kann mit Sicherheit sagen, dass die Bourgogne ein ausgezeichnetes Schiff ist! Es hat nicht viel Rüstung, kann sich aber sehr gut gegen die meisten Schlachtschiffe und Kreuzer behaupten. Es ist sehr schnell, hat einen Nachladeverstärker und einen Motorverstärker auch. Es hat Schnellfeuerwaffen in 3 Türmen mit sehr guten Schusswinkeln. Seien Sie jedoch sehr vorsichtig, wenn Sie auf die Breitseite gehen, um den hinteren Turm zu verwenden. Situationsbewusstsein ist entscheidend. Behalten Sie die Karte im Auge, damit Sie nicht von der anderen Seite der Karte in ein Kreuzfeuer geraten. Gute Jagd!

      PS: I made this using Google Translate, as my German language skills are no longer good enough to be used. 😉

    • @Clayton Whitman Ok! Thanks for the answer! 😉

    • Every ship is good when played by a skilled player, who knows his and his opponents’ strengths and weaknesses.

    • @Bogdan Leshenko Wisdom. =^[.]^=

  6. i wanna see the battle with the kremlin now…

  7. Slaps the minotaur. It precedes to print a daring to replace the health lost

  8. That Thunderer is a 45% WR and 586 PR ( that is ridiculously low ) after 28k battles ! this is 95% of the WoWS player base ! FML !

  9. And of course, it was Thunderer who saved their star….

  10. when someone asking about the plan, i say “ABC no plan kill all”

  11. I think that 90% of enemy players, as soon as you “select” them, turn around and start running away, it’s like the only thing they know how to do. It’s hilarious that you can literally denial an area just by selecting a bunch of ships, without even firing or getting detected. That tells a lot about the quality of current playerbase.

  12. They just released habakkuk, did you try her??

  13. 1:46
    I laughed way too much at this

  14. start-rant: That Kremlin must have been certain rabbit from battery ad…

  15. You ever get that feeling when someone asks you a question and you respond with “I’m afraid if I told you I’d have to kill you.”

    This battle: *Everyone asks*

  16. I feel like this is the worst rank season ever. Before today I was the avg player in highest division. So, I had to struggle to get to rank one, but I just had to make sure I don’t do mistakes and take the right ship. In this season it felt like random. Some 40% people are just rushing ahead and die or staying in the corner and lose by points. Cvs are just winning the game or losing it straight forward. Bunch of people getting deleted by some mysterious force that u can’t even understand how or predict it. But one thing is certain,- some thunderer always saves the star doing absolutely nothing for the win…

  17. 4 ally’s sitting there ignoring enemy taking C, that would infuriate me

  18. “I played ranked for x hours just to end up where I started.” Yep, definitely sounds like ranked. Feels good man.

  19. Jingles would say that he might give you a broadside if he could think and breath at the same time, but from the evidence I see that is a very remote likely hood.

  20. 11:24 when she says she has changed and asks for another chance

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