When you just need to not care – World of Warships

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I have been grinding stats on some of my ships for months now and I am stuck on 1 particular ship so long that I had to switch it up with some others. And when the game decided to piss in my cereal, I decide to piss on it back and just go for Eagle.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I wish I could have half the skill Flambass has with CV’s. I completely suck playing them.

    • And they are the easiest class to play. Soooooooo

    • Cuong Tran Quoc

      @19Crusader91 I think CV are ez to deal dmg and survive than ships but not that ez to play, to be more effective, you need skills.

    • @Cuong Tran Quoc Cv apologists like you always make me laugh.

      What skills exactly? Knowing the armor layout of the ships in the game? Knowing what type of ammo to use? Having the foresigth to switch to the ammo when you need it? Positioning to avoid getting into a crossfire? Knowing ship characteristics such as acceleration, deceleration, turning circle, knowing how mutch speed it bleeds while turning? Having to deal with radar, smoke? Knowing smoke fire penalties? Having to avoid torpedoes from suface sjips and subhumans? Speaking of subs, you talking about the skill of managing consumables? Or DCP management? ASW? Or skills of how you need to aim? Shell fligth speeds, krupp, dispersion, calculation in that the enemy migth turn?

      So, for me it seems that CVs ignore.. basicly the whole game. And they play their dumbed down shitty world of warplanes and grief the rest of who are trying to play with our WARSHIPS in.. you know, world of WARSHIPS.

      So you can fuck rigth off.

    • @19Crusader91 This right here, is why I play carriers.

  2. As JD from Scrubs would say; “EAGLE!”

  3. MyopicAutisticMetal

    I remember when they claimed the new carrier style of play would eliminate the ability for a carrier to double drop a target because they can’t command 2 squads at a time, anymore. But, then they also claimed there would never be tier 11 and never be submarines.

    • Also the Yamato`s 460mm caliber would not be surpassed
      and it would not be possible to buy in higher than tier 8,
      WG pretty much broke every promise they gave.
      And that`s why i am no longer a customer of them.

    • The no submarine and not surpass yamato guns topic aged like milk 😂
      WG don’t give 2 sht about player or promise ppl just don’t got it yet.
      They don’t even care about their original CC programs anymore.

    • Yeah. And now, if you use jets for the second drop, you can almost cross-drop with two *different* squads.

  4. I’m finding it harder and harder to play wows anymore. The game has gone so far off the rails I don’t know if I can keep playing.

  5. Jesus, Flambass. Where you planning to land on his deck? 6:30

    • FreedomFighterEx

      I’m surprised they didn’t give IJN carrier a special kamikaze squad on cooldown. I won’t take any responsibility if WG does just that in the future.

    • @FreedomFighterEx They wont do that they’ve said several times.

    • @smw211 I distinctly remember them saying multiple times over the years they couldn’t, then wouldn’t add subs either. Never underestimate Wargamings greed.

    • @Alex Storm Well in this case it most likely has to do with them not displaying loss of life.

    • @smw211 I get that, but there was loss of life any time a shell from an opposing ship impacted another in battle for the most part. I know that’s not your point and I concede you’re probably right, I’m just saying never underestimate the power of greed and WG.

  6. I came back to the game recently. Wish I hadn’t. The state of competence and gameplay is appalling.

  7. Ah god. Seeing this gives me so much pain. Because i figured out that eagle is so much better than United States and i have to grind British carriers now

  8. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    7:05 14 pens for a whopping 6k damage.

  9. I think you are not leading the normal carpet bombers enough. Whenever you get a drop perfectly lined up you get only a handfull of hits. It’s difficult to tell since you don’t watch them hit, but I believe there were a couple of time when I could see that you only clipped the back half of the ships and didn’t hit anything on the front half.

  10. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    I care.

  11. Anyone who says carriers aren’t a class designed around griefing other players is out of their mind.

  12. that’s a disgusting MM. I feel so bad for those other surface gunships

  13. These poor souls still do not understand how to dodge the jet planes…

  14. Adventure Safety Boats

    I challenge you to torpedo a sub when playing as a carrier!

  15. “not to care”

  16. Survey says: Duncan enjoyed this battle.

  17. instead of pissing in it, my friends (without telling me) used to spike my older brother’s milk (that he used for cereal) with Jack Daniels. The next morning would come the inevitable irritated yelling at me for it.

  18. What if the damage planes get was reflected towards the health pool of the carriers? And all of the planes in the group attack at the same time, not just 3 of them but that’s okay because their accuracy is lower, or the three attacking are the ones the AA hits first.

    • I think that would be too hard of a nerf. Personally, I’d rather see planes get 1/2 health pool, AA get 2x accuracy, CV damage across the board be halved, CV speed halved so people can actually catch them if they get to the back line, and plane regen halved so CVs can actually get deplaned if they play like potatoes.

      Basically, there needs to be some sort of counter-play against CVs where it is possible to shoot down at least most of enemy planes coming for you if you are specced into AA and primary sectored onto the correct side, and haven’t had any of your AA destroyed yet.

  19. Uhg filthy CV main.

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