When you’re super bored of everything – World of Warships

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You can always pull Eagle out and earn yourself some reports when you’re super bored of everything else. Sometimes you might even earn yourself a compliment….blasphemy I know.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. It’s not just ‘CV’ nowadays…

    It’s 😱 a super CV!!

  2. I was waiting for the “QUACKEN!” to happen. It didnt happen.

    My disappointment is is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  3. “this is my biggest fear, his AA is good”, loses nothing and kills him…..lol 😛

  4. I haven’t played this game for a couple of years but could someone try something for me? It seems as if it is totally pointless to have AA running while the aircraft make their attack so perhaps if you leave it off until after the attack, perhaps the flak wall will hit the outgoing planes. Has anyone tried this or could give it a go?

    Thanks to Flambass for bearing the pain of this game for us, I still like to watch the games and to see them played as artfully as he does is a treat.

    • I use my AA buff on the other side of attack, so I aim at non attacking planes and deal more damage if he try to turn around for another pass. But it’s maybe not the most efficient thing

    • @Edward Flbrth Ah disappointing, thanks Edward.

    • I stopped playing WoWs a few months after the cv rework. All AA spec ships are practically nonexistent. Back when the USN line was known for having good AA, carriers feared them early in the match. CVs are practically factories now and you can’t fully deplane them. All AA range is capped at 6km compared to having longer ranges pre rework. Playing as a CV is stupid easy all your ship consumables are auto activated losing planes isn’t an issue since you can never run out. I missed having my AA spec Atlanta, it was a fun ship.

  5. fair and balanced gameplay btw

  6. The enemy Eagle killed six of Flambass’ teammates. Flambass killed four and mostly killed a couple others. Fun and balanced carrier gameplay. Yay!

  7. Dude. You’re my favorite WoWs streamer/content creator. And I know you don’t like CV’s. I understand you can’t stop other perverts from playing them, but why do it yourself? Just, why?

    • Cuz broken shit is fun. And games are meant to be fun. And if you can’t have fun with surface ships anymore, then… this happens

    • Realistically… what are the other options? He either plays surface ships and dies from overpowered carriers or plays the carriers and at least has fun for one game. The other option is to stop playing the game all together but how easy is it for you to stop playing the game you love?

    • @g00bergob This is true for everyone playing WoWs. Most of them despise CV’s and won’t touch them with a barge pole, no matter how bad the subs and the CV’s get. Flambass was one of the streamers who was vocal about his disgust at CV’s and I liked that about him. What went wrong?

  8. I was scared of this ship it has great AA – proceeds to attack it with torpedo bombers, then bank 180 degrees to attack it a second time with torpedo bombers and make full drops both times.

  9. Yeah game has too much rng involved. You can even try in the training room where you do the same thing 30 times and each time you get different results. Far too much RNG. And WG has the audacity to say it’s e-sports ready.

  10. Glad to see you’re posting again. Missed my entertainment and not having someone there to give me a bit of humor from time to time.
    Was worried something may have happened that disrupted life. I hope that isn’t the case.

  11. Seems well balanced.
    Honestly. What were they thinking?
    Super CV-s and subs combined the only …. not the main, the ONLY reason, why they loosing their player base!

  12. “I play with my feet”
    This cracked me

  13. Anyone who thinks that WoWs might be having a player base retention problem is crazy. Look at all that RNG keeping the CV from performing.

  14. Still gives me a giggle Canberra bombers flying off a CV 🙂 Mind you I am fairly sure Meteor’s never flew off CV’s as well only used by RN as a land based trainer!

  15. That enemy Annapolis has 1891 base XP on a loss .. wow.

  16. Love how this CV gets old school rockets

  17. i love how o7 terminology is now world wide

  18. I thought eagle was good with my 250k in 2 battles with it then 333k u.s said nope. Luckily did 337k with thunderer so I’m not a dirty cv main.
    They nerfed the crap out of normal bombs but add lots of skip bombs. All my bomb drops straight on miss in the corner no spread they somehow group up into the corner away from even bbs

  19. Feels a bit sad to see youtubers that “don’t like CVs” basically promote them to people that don’t understand how toxic they are to the game.

  20. I’m bored of BOT teams swarming the cap circle while my BOT TEAM does NOTHING, and leaves it up to me to fend off 5 enemy ships in the cap, which cannot be done. SO 90% of my defeats are from that scenario, which is NOT an accurate depiction of WR.

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