Where to Aim at Yamato in World of Warships Legends #shorts

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All in game footage recorded by me in the game World of Warships Legends.
-Derka, North American Community Contributor

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  1. Thank you for this helpful information derka

  2. Can u do a guideof how to citadel on long ranges?

    • Aim under the guns and mid ship but at rangers. You kinda just need some good rng. Any minor turns the play makes at range will greatly throw off you citadel chances. If they are slightly moving away aim a little higher on their ship. If coming towards you slightly, aim slightly below water line. The rest is random.

  3. Great short, by the way, do you think you could do a video on the Christopher Colombo but this time focus on a secondary build and see what happens?

  4. Wow i would have broke something if i was that musashi thats a rage quit like none other that dude probably had cops called on him after that geez

  5. Take this down right now lol

  6. Bro how are your graphics and quality of video so fucking good and smooth

  7. Stat: Yamato sightings drop by 75% 😂😂😂

  8. Still brutal

  9. If it works 😂 my ship isn’t shooting the lagging is bad I hope it gets fixed soon and my ship stops at full speed then it gos again hope it’s fixed soon it’s hard enough 😂

  10. Is that not a musashi your aiming at 😂

    • gunther the penguin

      Same hull

    • Yamato and Musashi have the same armor and citadel, the main difference is Musashi’s guns are even more troll dispersion and she has less AA but very slightly stronger secondary (although both are nearly useless). Basically, Musashi is a watered down Yamato with worse AA at T8.

  11. Yep, right in front of the belt. Dude had it coming even if you didn’t know were to aim. You don’t pull out broadside in a Yami or Musashi at 4km. Even as bad as rng has gotten, even it can only protect you so much.
    btw, some German bbs and American dreadnoughts also have this weakness but it’s usually less prominent because they lack Yamato’s massive citadel.

  12. Can you please do this for more ships

  13. the ship is not the yamato it is her sister ship called the mushashi

  14. The paper ships need to leave Yamato alone.

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