Why are you Still Playing World of Warships

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A simple question today. Why are you still playing World of Warships?


  1. I’ve been playing since 0.3.0 – open beta. Frankly — I’ve spent a LOT of money on this game (premium ships, premium time, etc.) — too much to just walk, especially given that I still generally enjoy the gameplay. I was looking for a game that played like WOWS for YEARS before it appeared, and frankly there’s no current replacement for it out there.

    • I don’t go quite that far back, but I’m in similar position. I have over 400 ships and too much investment. Not much more investment from me moving forward.

      I love WW2 history, and naval surface warfare is just plain fun. Not a fan of CVs or Subs as it erodes the core fun.

  2. because I’m a sadomachochist and need my daily fix of toxicity by the playerbase in randoms.

  3. I started out in World of Tanks but the game play just started to get too fast for me. I saw that World of Warships was available so I downloaded and started to play.

    The pace is good for my gaming habit.

  4. I enjoy playing co-ops. It’s about as mindless fun as you can get. The other team isn’t going to roll you (most times), and even if someone on your side isn’t performing to expectations, you can still shoulder the match.

    • Me too. Coop is relaxing. Would be better if the AI was more advanced though (using WASD maneuvers, actually trying to flank, using heals and damage control properly). And have it be 9 vs 12 to be more challenging when your own team is full of real humans and not bots.

  5. I don’t play as much as I used to, and I for sure don’t spend any money on the game anymore. I do LOVE the ships, I grew up studying the ships and the history of them. My clan are a bunch of like minded guys, we love the ships and history. We have fun together. That’s the only reasons I still play. I followed this game from the announcement of its start of development, and started playing the second that it went open beta (I had applied for the alpha and beta, but didn’t get in). Up until the Makarov incident I would buy a year of premium and 6-8 premium ships a year. Since then, my wallet has been closed. It’s down to love of the ships and my clanmates now.

    • But if you love the ships, surely you know that WoWs misrepresents them?

    • @DarkestVampire92 We can love the ships as well as their interpretation in the arcade game that is WOWS. Misrepresentation matters little when the gameplay itself is already detached significantly from actual naval warfare.

    • The atrocious match making makes sure I can’t do more than a few matches in a row.

  6. The only reason I stay is to have fun with my clan mates

  7. I’ve been playing since the public release. At first it was because I’m a bit of a history buff, especially since first setting foot on our state’s namesake battleship, USS Alabama at age 11. Like you, I have actually set foot on this ship. I was ecstatic when I found our ship was going to be in the game, even more so when they went ahead and made her for everyone. But, at first, it was the Iowa and the Yamato. The “apex predators” of battleships in my eyes at the time. It was the closest I could get to serving aboard one. I’d played a few naval combat games at that point, but THIS was the best at the time.

  8. Killing time grinding missions in co-op, rarely do randoms anymore it’s just too depressing.

  9. I ask myself the same question as I’ve been playing since closed beta. Like you, I have a connection to the ships and my love of naval history. My dad actually served on a New Mexico class bb in ww2. That is what got me in. Not gonna lie, it’s getting harder to want to stay, too much he spam, carriers and now subs. We’ll see

    • Subs raped alot of people that did not do ranked today they killed ship s even faster with dds and subs cap sniping !

  10. I’ve been playing since May after quitting WoT in disgust. So far I’m enjoying it even though I don’t spend any money on it (I spent more than I should have playing WoT for 3 years and I don’t want to feed WG’s roomy wallet anymore

  11. ToughAncientSpark

    Been playing WOWS since September 2015 right out of beta. Found it through a YouTube channel that for the life of me don’t remember who it was. These guys were playing this awesome game blowing up ships and having tons of fun.
    I whaled for a couple of years using the reasoning that it was my hobby and it was. I have a bad back and am older now, so I don’t spend money on movies, eating out, concerts and such.
    But, I haven’t spent any real money on the game in the last two years. This is because of all the shenanigans that Wargambling has been doing to players, the community and the game.
    – The carrier rework, rework of the rework nd the rework of the rework of the rework made it less fun to play.
    – The Puerto Rico fiasco made it less fun to play.
    – The ability of new players with absolutely no skill or experience to be able to purchase tier ten premium ships made it less fun to play.
    – The power creep of otherwise good ships made it less fun to play.
    – The introduction of new ships on a relentless schedule made it less fun to play.
    – The constant monetization of the game made it less fun to play.
    I used to play 10 to 11 battles almost every day. Now, I’m lucky to play 3 to 5 times a week.
    The fun has been sucked out of the game.

  12. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    If you stopped playing it would be the beginning of the end of your channel too. Your attitude is now where mines been at with this game for last couple of years. I’ve got literally thousands invested in this game since closed beta. Too much to just walk away. I have the odd break, but there’s enough new content to keep me coming back. Also one of your first WoWs subscribers to your channel back in the day. I miss the game meta from those days.

  13. HMS King George V

    @NoZoupForYou “I have a connection to this ship” I have never agreed with a wows YouTuber so much before. This is pretty much why I still play, even with the abomination that is WG’s idea of UK battleships. I just want to play my favourite REAL ships.

  14. You hit the Nail on the Head. Its the Romance of the ships and the Era they represent..

  15. I stopped playing after the CV rework…then adding the subs clinched it for me…the first 3 yrs were golden though, wish it was like that again

  16. I’m a filthy Co-op/Operation player and we mostly exist ( well, until Submarines ) in our own little bubble outside of the drama. I myself still play from a combination of sunken cost fallacy and general attachment to my ships, whether historical or not. I never felt the desire or need to chase after every new tech-tree line or freemium. I’m perfectly content playing the same dozen or so ships to do my missions.

    My best advice for those struggling to play is simply stop chasing after every carrot Wargaming tangles in front of you. They went to keep you on that perpetual hamster wheel hoping you crack and spend money.

  17. My Dad was a “tincan” sailor. I grew up hearing his Navy/sea stories.

    I love the historical ships, and taking them out for some fun.

    If we win a match, that’s icing on the cake, but I won’t lose sleep over the game and I don’t give a damn about salt and/or salty players.

  18. I play, and started playing, for the historical ships. And for the semi-simple game play. (at the start the learning curve is not steep, shoot at stuff and avoid getting shot) The other historical games similar are Silent Hunter, Rome Total War and Pirates.

    I play less now because of the skills rework. It broke my advancement connection so I no long need to grind for the next shiny thing. WG’s requard for the players, workers and CCs has removed any good will I have for them. Whether I will put any more money in the game remains to be seen.

    I could try some other game, but I am lazy and do not want to have to start over learning a complete new game mechanic. Plus I did not grow up with gamming systems (and don’t know if my arthritic thumbs could take it) and I like slower more strategic games, and not a big fan of PvP online games either. (play mostly CoOp)

  19. I don’t play as much as I used to but I have been playing steadily since closed beta. It’s still my preferred PvP game because I’ve found a lot of shooters have a very high bar for entry without just being an easy target. Right now my gaming time is between this and a new game called Satisfactory.

  20. Never been truly enjoyable and Wargaming “LOVES” to SCREW the player base! I have gone from 30+ games a day, to just a few. Completing German BB’s and what a waste of time!!! They make them so inaccurate that they are painful. German accuracy was superb in real life! Also, ZOUP Love your posts keep them up!

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