Why Did You Quit World of Warships?

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Many of you have told me you are thinking about leaving the game, and many of you that follow me already have. I want to know why, and I want to know what it would take for World of and Wargaming to win you back.


  1. I quit back in 2017 because I didn’t have the time to sit on my PC and grind through the tech trees. I only came back this year because of the pandemic and the lockdowns resulting from it. It feels nice to grind again, but I honestly hate having to deal with these unbalanced Russian ships every other game. I’ll continue playing, but not to the same extent I did back in 2015-17.

  2. Christopher Jonasson

    Been playing for about 3 years..
    Carrier rework
    DD:s horrible to play
    Possibility to buy a tier 9 ship (even tier 10 Puerto Rico)
    Russian bias
    I have played like 2 hours in the last month

    • CV rework – YES… as Yuro said “It’s not CVs that need reworking, it’s the playerbase!
      DDs – YES, but mostly due to ‘meta’ and complete lack of teamwork.
      Buying tier 9 ships – DEFINITELY and as an add on to that, can WG stop ‘early-accessing’ new ship lines? Stop letting noobs get access to high tier ships in new lines without learning them first.
      Russian Bias – Alot of Russian bias is due to the current meta. Russian ships are strong in this meta, but t’s a self propagating issue. Yes there are things that WG can do, but it also has to come from players not always rushing to them. If players only play Russian ships, then WG assumes that we only want more Russian ships.

    • @Greg Rientjes Carrier gameplay had a high skill ceiling. A good carrier driver could geld his opponent, find destroyers, and delete battleships all at once.

      I liked the old way, but anyone who says it was fine is lying through their teeth.

    • It’s really bad because I couldn’t bring myself to play dds anymore. It’s terrible experience and by that, 1/5 of all ships in the game are not fun to play.
      Played only cv til March, but stopped playing completely the game since April, because it’s just boring.
      I stopped spending money on the game when they announced the Cv rework and I was glad I did when the introduced the RB and the PR grind later.
      They focus so hard on that unicum playerbase that normal people like me see more and more content I’ll never get.
      It’s frustrating and at the and I leave because I’m just annoyed,because it’s so hard, I don’t even try in the first place.

    • @An idiot That is exactly the same crap they pulled that killed the World of Tanks playerbase. Now it is either uber-players, or zombie noobs.

  3. Its REALLY hard to stay interested in a game that seemingly removes more content then they add. Talk about actual new content, as in content that is a new gameplay experience? Less operations now than 2 years ago. Still just a handful of maps. Still only 3 gamemodes. All the odd tier cvs are still missing. Limited events that have RUTHLESS grind requirements. And the port STILL runs like garbage.

    Sure they’ve added new ships lines, but usually at the expense of powercreeping old ones. So the list of “ships that are fun and competitive to play” feels like it’s shrinking. Highly requested ships like Johnston and Tone are ignored in favor for entire LINES of fictional ships. Not to mention bleeding players, especially the experienced ones.

    Then locking ships behind resources that many players can’t generate or farm, then removing ships purely because “they became too popular”. Refusal to properly balance ships like smolensk, enterprise, kamikaze, and cesare, but market them behind lootboxes while pretending that “removing them from sale” fixes anything.

    This frustrates the entire playerbase and drives up the toxic meter by ALOT.

    Why I’ve quit (for now)? Because other games are releasing phenomenal content that challenges me, rewards that challenge, and doesn’t desperately try to fuck my wallet over at every possible second.

    I miss the boats, but I don’t miss the game. Please get it together WG.

    • Skarhabek Greyrukh

      What other game you are talking about? I am curious

    • Skarhabek Greyrukh Warthunder? It has planes, tanks, ships, and helicopters. It has combined forces ground and naval. It has for example m2A4s to M1A2 Abrams in the USA ground tree, and post WW1 planes to the F4E.

    • @Grant Nelson
      Sure, it has its flaws too, plus it’s another leech sucking Russian gaming business that doesn’t recognize military veterans. Although I will say this, Gajin has the best hanger music when compared to Wargaming and instead of fake hitpoints ( Wargaming) you have to actually aim correctly at what your shooting at and use the correct ammunition. (The kill cam can look pretty cool).

    • There are more than 3 game modes. Randoms, Coop, Clan Battles, Ranked battles, Operations. That’s 5 right there. But there are 3 battle modes (i.e. standard, domination, and epicenter).

    • crucisnh I know I was just simplifying

  4. I haven’t left yet but I have stopped spending money. PR was so badly handled and just such a cluster I decided I was done opening my wallet for WG. If subs get put into randoms I’m out.

  5. Been here since closed beta, and I haven’t so much left as I only play one or two days a month, if that. I know I would play more if new PvE operations and more historical ships were added. Right now Real Life and a lack of content that interests me have severely reduced my playtime.

  6. A guy on Reddit did a good write up on why his clan died and why he left the game.

    For me I quit because of a couple things, CV’s were one but the single BIGGEST problems was I lost faith in the Dev’s and I just couldn’t see a future for the game anymore with how completely incompetent the developers are and how they speak down to the community as if they are gods and we are simple plebians who are all inbred retards.

    The only way I would come back is if the entire Dev team was removed and a new team that actually cared about the community and balanced the game for fun not balance by number that the current Dev’s are doing

    • “balanced the game” thats the point.

    • Here’s a thought: what if WG hired a new development staff of World of Warships PLAYERS? (i.e. people who have played WoWS, and love playing the game, and want to see it improve and develop better for the good of all players)

    • @robert rowe — they do all play the game,,, but they play Russian ships. O_o

  7. While I play daily in these days, there definitely were times when I quit WoWS for lengthy amount of time. Reasons being:

    1. same map, same mode, same scenarios, same stuff
    2. HE meta

    I think same thing can be applied to WoT. I only play that game whenever Frontline – 30 vs 30 – is enabled. It’s been forever since I played normal game mode in WoT. No matter how much they try to change, it’s always same – a single vehicle type. WT is fun from time to time because a single game can have multiple vehicle types – tanks, AA, fighter, bomber, etc.

    Addition of complete Night combat where everything is pitch black with searchlight and flare would be cool enough to draw me back every day. Or 30 vs 30 in WoWS, too. At this point WoWS is long gone from historical accuracy, might as well add some indoor maps with futuristic settings.

  8. I did quit the game 3 months ago because its not the game anymore i had tons of fun with once. I played it since summer 2015.
    Returning to DDs was nothing but a pure struggle because of CVs spotting you all the time. Not to mention rocket planes.
    Then we got the obvious russian bias. WG keeps releasing these overtuned soviet paper monsters with AVERAGE things as some of the very few “weaknesses”. And the strenths are broken things which were unthinkable on other lines before… Not playing them feels like you put yourself into a big disatvantage, because they powercreep everything else into dust.

    On the other hand we got a real ship like the thicc lady California which i always wanted to play nerfed into pure garbage before release.
    Also WGs behavior towards the community is just insulting. Cencoring CCs opinions is just a no go.
    Finally as german its just disappointing for me to see how they butcher new german ships over months until they re just ridiculous memes when released. Soviet paper monsters on the other hand get realeased after just one month of work and unecessary buffs on them.

    Now this game is fine for some soviet era nostalgists in Russia who have no idea about naval history. But no longer for me. Im out. And if Subs get included with those guided underwater missiles, the chances for me coming back are dead.

  9. I’ve had several problems with the game:

    1. Powercreeping. Sooo many old ships have become completely pointless now because all of the new ones are just better. It really stings because many of the old ships actually existed, but they’re being phased out in favour of paperships.

    2. Boring high-tier gameplay. Sitting at the back of the map getting HE spammed by 3 ships isn’t fun. At the same time, sitting behind an island and HE spamming enemy BBs isn’t fun either.

    3. Utter neglect to add heavily requested ships and lines. I honestly can’t remember ANYONE asking for a Russian cruiser split, or German CVs. Meanwhile, REAL SHIPS like British/German battlecruisers, Italian battleships, a USN BB line split, have yet to even be hinted at by WG.

    4. The removal of the odd tier carriers for literally no reason. The rework itself has lots of problems, but what I loathed the most was the removal of 6 perfectly good historical ships for a reason that has yet to be explained. Britain had MORE than enough carriers for a full line, so that can’t be the reason. Either way, I hope they come back someday….

    • I used to like the CV Rework. But I have grown to agree with people like you, OLIVER FLEURY, that the removal of odd-tiered carriers was a foolish decision by WG. I mean….I recall them promising to RETURN the odd-tier carriers back as a SEPARATE carrier tech tree line (for both IJN and USN), as even-tiered ships. But that has not happened yet, has it????

      I also realized that putting carriers only at even tiers is stupid since WG is planning to make submarines also even-tiered. Like, WTF? Why WG are you making more even-tiered ships than odd-tiered ships? Do you WANT to oversaturated the queue lines in Random Battle for Tiers IV, VI, VIII, and X?

      What about odd tiers III, V, VII, and IX?

    • Don’t worry – German CVs are on the way so we will at least have some more historical accuracy.

    • Totally agreed

    • 100% This! Also, Stop nerfing the German Cruisers, and Fix the CV OP issue. Also, Also, CV need to suffer from plane losses, there are few consequences for poor CV play, and spam attacks. CV plane launch should be delayed, because I cant get into position before i’m spotted and range attacked.

    • @Andrew Small Goawd, I hope so. There are WAY too many CV players out there, and there is still no way to protect yourself from literally being pecked to death (honestly, i preferred to be 1 shot by CVs, then I could go try another ship). Still seeing 4 Cvs matches at tier 8 and even 10 once in a while, yet they just keep cranking out DDs to feed to the CVs. When subs come out, you won’t be able to play DDs at all, cause your team will be going nuts spamming you to go kill subs in front of the enemy teams guns, while being spotted/zapped by CVs. It will be too much.

  10. I quit the game about 2 months ago for several reasons, even though I have spent about 500€ on it.
    There are 3 main reasons for this.
    1: Powercreep. Wargaming keeps going bigger, better, faster. My most beloved tech trees such as the American BBs, German CAs and British CLs got worse and worse over time, and were left in the dust. Premium ships are better than tech tree ships now, and the best ships in the game are locked behind a no life steel wall. The balance is so screwed over that some same tier ships could be one entire tier apart. Musashi and Iowa, Alaska and Ibuki T61 and Hatsuharu, Ohio and Montana, Stalingrad and Hindenburg, Colorado and Sinop just to name a few examples. The differences in power are incredible.

    2: Wargamings disconnection from the playerbase. Things like the carrier rework, PR disaster etc. just make me feel like all wargaming cares about is money and more money. Instead of making the player experience more enjoyable, they only add new ships and more new ships to the game to get players to spend more money. Instead of actually interacting with us, they are milking the players dry and spend the resources they get on making them spend even more instead of improving the core experience, which also ties into my third point.

    3: The game never really changes, and there is only one reliable playstyle. We haven’t had any interesting and enjoyable new game modes for random battles for years. Standard battles and epicenter battles are still shit, arms race is a special event, and the only respectable game mode is domination. The way you play the game is always the same: you go into battle, deal as much damage and sink as many ships as you can. Supportive play styles such as spotting for teammates or tanking with battleships are not reliable. Compare this to world of tanks, the differences between the playstyles of classes are way bigger there. Scouts scout, medium tanks are Allrounders, heavy tanks absorb punishment, tank destroyers have great guns but bad hulls. Whereas in WoWS you only deal damage. Every ship class relies on dealing damage in one way or another. Even destroyers that have been added to the game recently are just for dealing damage, not for utility.

    Deal with the problems that we have now before you add new stuff that might cause new problems. Balance older ships out with the newer ones, before you add even more, and stop the power creep. Put more emphasis on utility and teamplay instead of playing for your own damage. More interactions with teammates should be possible, for example DDs have the ability to heal teammates for spotting damage or BBs gain damage reduction for tanking potential damage, something like that. Spotting and tanking should get higher rewards in XP and credits. There need to be more ways to express your individual skill other than dealing damage. Add new game modes and rework the old ones. But most importantly:
    LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS. It’s like a King ignoring his people, sooner or later this will lead to disaster.

    Improve the quality of the core gameplay experience and I will play the game for another 4 years and happily spend another 500€. Because at its core, this is an extrmely unique and fun game, and if would be a shame to waste its potential.

    • Lidl Potato, listening to the players is pointless because “the players” are not a single voice. “The players” don’t even agree with each other, so why should WG listen to them when the players can’t make up their own mind. For example, I strongly disagree with many of your points above.

      a) I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with Standard and Epicenter battles. Not one bloody thing. What I see are a bunch of whiners who are never able to give good logical reasons why they don’t like Epicenter or Standard. All I see is “Epicenter is bad! Make it go away! WAHHHH!” Epicenter has always been good as far as I’m concerned. And the biggest problem with Standard is that occasionally, you’ll get some teams that want to just camp base and play defensively. And refuse to understand that the best defense is to move away from the base and establish a perimeter, so that you have room to fall back. If you only camp the base itself and the enemy is pushing you, you have nowhere to retreat to. But with Epicenter, it’s just Domination with the caps in concentric rings in the center of the map. Frankly, I think that Epicenter is the best battle mode.

      b) I strongly disagree with you on CVs and the rework. The players were calling for a rework. And WG asked the players what the problems they perceived were with RTS CVs, and they took those answers and did the rework based on those answers.

      c) As for power creep, sure there’s been some. But when WG produces new lines that seem to be an answer to power creep, people complain about these new lines, saying that they suck. WG is stuck in a no win situation. They can create new lines that attempt to avoid power creep and have those lines heavily criticized. Or they can create new lines that do power creep, and have players be happy with the new lines. The same is true with premium ships. I think that there’s a lot of hypocrisy in the player community on this one.

      Also, I think that you need to take a step back when looking at super cruisers when you discuss power creep. Of course, super cruisers are going to power creep regular heavy and light cruisers. They’re much larger, more capable ships, in real life and in the game. And it was always going to be very difficult to add the super cruisers to the game for this reason. The only solution that I can see would be to make all super cruisers follow the same formula. Either put them all in the BB ship type but give them cruiser gun accuracy, or put them all in the cruiser ship type but give them BB gun accuracy. But it should be the same for all super cruisers. But in truth, I don’t know that this would solve the super cruiser “problem”.

    • @crucisnh I’m going to try to keep this brief.

      1. The playerbase disagrees on some things, sure, but as far as I can tell it agrees on most things. Listen to the majority and you’ll make the most people happy.

      2. Standard and epicenter suck fat ass, and here is why:
      Standard battles are a campfest and all the teams do is spam HE at each other. The worst thing you can do in standard battles is be aggressive, the team that plays defensively will most likely lose the game. And some destroyers (Kidd, Lo Yang, Z52) are built to contest caps, but in standard there are none. Epicenter’s problem is that it removes any tactics from the game, you just go into a brawl and see which team kills the other faster. I personally cannot remember playing any epicenter match that was longer than 15 minutes. Most epicenter matches are roflstomps.

      3. This is somewhat true, but as I already said, they should just stop implementing new ship lines and focus on fixing the ones that already exist.

      4. You say that it’s natural that super cruisers power creep CAs and CLs, but then why do they get matched against them? They should only be matched against each other or become a separate ship class entirely. I am sure that there are enough of them around now that it’s possible to put super cruisers up against each other.

      I forgot the CV rework. It’s true that most players (me included) wanted changes to how CVs worked at the time. But the way they implemented the new CVs is honestly terrible. They took away a lot of beautiful historical ships for no reason. And then they made CVs brainless spam machines that were blatantly even more broken than before. Remember Hakuryu before the nerfs? Had more strike power than old Hakuryu, but endless plane reserves. What they wanted to change is how much power a CV has over the match. But that hasn’t changed much. You can’t 100 to zero a battleship in one strike anymore, that’s for sure, but you can just as easily kill them over time, and you get endless planes. The DD CV interaction is even worse than before, no more cross dropping, instead 3 rocket planes that don’t require skill to use.
      We wanted changes and fixes, not new problems. Completely fucking over all CV players wasn’t a smart thing to do either

    • @Lidl Potato i find and send uu a sicker sir

    • re: premiums… it used to be that the premium was balanced to be competitive with some gimmick. Now its where a premium is powerful AND has a gimmick or three.

    • I thik at this point the WG devs is having fun playing the games called “The Players”, not us playing the game and paid for it mowaday. And they got paid to screw us up :)))

  11. Been with it since closed beta. Even bought the Gremmy to get in 🙂

    Back then it felt like naval battles, ships sailing, manouvering, guns blazing. Now it just feels like WoT on water, and islands are bushes to camp behind, so it’s kinda killing it for me… along with ultramega OP paper ships (that are, funnily enough, always from a one particular nation 🤔).

  12. At a guess, their spreadsheet says that most players spend more in their first year of playing, so focussing on new players is emphasised over retention. Newbies are more profitable.

    • But they are focussing on new players.
      For the events you need high tier ships to solve them. The took the best ships out of the armory and the shop. When you start later ypu can’t grind credits with a Missouri or a Jean Bart.
      I am glad that I was able to get the Smolenks a few days before it went out.
      The Black Friday offers were not really an offer for everyone. You got missions for the non Black versions of the ships to get dubloons back. So the black ships were not really cheaper- Just expensive body paintings.
      When you start the game and fnd out all the ships and goodies you can’t get anymore it is not encouraging stying in the game.

  13. My best buddy left the game as recently as several weeks ago. He was a phenomenal player. He ranked out several times and earned so many different ships. He had been playing WoWs for several years and had started with the British cruisers while I had been playing for several years before that and we were having a good time. I took a break from the game for 2 years cause of some family stuff and I came back. I was excited to see all of these new ships and missions and then I got to experience the Puerto Rico disaster first hand. It wasn’t fun but we both pushed through it. He eventually uninstalled the game after a debacle with a terrible team and a plethora of Russian ships which he called ‘Shitlensk.’ I still play but I feel as if WoWs is starting to lose the magic that made it fun. To see historical ships duke it out in a never before seen way and to see the very few ships that could have been but were never built. I am contemplating uninstalling because it was fun with friends and now that my best buddy is gone it’s just not fun anymore. He would go out in a Mino or Venezia with smoke and I would go in my Worcester and we would just have fun. I miss those days and I think I would have more fun in War thunder.

  14. I’ve got 21 tier X ships and I’m sick of the current meta. DD’s aren’t even playable anymore. Between Radar, CV’s and SAP they get shafted. Ships that used to have great AA now can’t do shit to stop a tier X CV that wants them dead. It’s horrible. Then throw in the fact that the upper tiers are full of idiots that don’t even have a clue how to play and the games are very very imbalanced. I had a match yesterday where it was only 8 ships. 7 DD’s and 1 CV on each team. Our CV spent the entire match in a Midway trying to unsuccessfully torpedo the enemy DD’s and not even once put up his rocket planes. Meanwhile the enemy CV pounded the crap out of our DD’s with rockets. How do you get to tier X and not even have a clue?

    I can’t even begin to tell you how many games I’ve been in where your team decides to just camp in the back and do nothing. Watch battle ships spawn on one side of the map and drive the back line to the other side of the map and do nothing. It’s horrible.

    • Don, I guess that I have to disagree about DDs not being playable. I play DDs a LOT and don’t find them unplayable in the least. From what I see, the real problem with people claiming DDs are “unplayable” is that they’re not that good with DDs in the first place and just aren’t capable of adapting to changing metas.

      Also, if you had a battle with 7 DDs and 1 CV per team, you really should understand that that’s just a case of an MM queue dump and should understand that those things are rare. It’s not fair to rip on WG for MM queue dumps, because the reality is that if they don’t do queue dumps the only other option is waiting for god knows how long for the queue to have a more normal mix of ship types. Now, I suppose you might say that you’re willing to wait that extra time, but a lot of other players aren’t. Perhaps even a majority.

      As for BBs spawning on one side of the map, moving to the other side and camping in the very back, I’m sorry but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that because it’s so damned rare. Oh, occasionally I’ve seen players in all ship types spawn on one side of the map and go to the other side of the map. And that drives me nuts as it almost always ends in a loss. And heaven forbid that you call them on it. You’ll get called toxic and you might have a CC like Zoup calling you toxic, when the real toxicity comes from the wretched players making profoundly stupid decisions.

    • Question: How do you get to tier X and not even have a clue?
      Answer: Playerauctions

  15. Why I’m more-or-less leaving the game after this Clan Battle Season and cutting it from my Twitch Channel… After spending around $1000 over 5 years in the game, getting a 60% WR, and building a clan and community around the game.

    1) State of Balance: From CV’s to Russian OP Ships to general powercreep. WG has shown they don’t have interest in balancing the game so every ship is competitive in its own way. Sure, every ship *can* compete, but there are some ships that are blatantly OP (Kremilin, Smolensk…).
    2) Carriers: I slogged through the CV rework and was positive about it until it was obvious that WG had no idea how to balance that class. WG needs to accept the fact that CV’s have no place/role in WoWs and should probably be scrapped or reworked again. IMO, RTS carriers had a better shot at being balanced than the new WoWarplanes Carriers do.
    3) Disregard/Disrespect of the playerbase: See Puerto Rico event, iEarlGrey, and “spreadsheet” comments from SubOctavian. When the overwhelming majority of the playerbase is saying something is broken or not fun, it doesn’t matter what your spreadsheet says. Spreadsheets can’t determine happiness or satisfaction, that something you have to gauge from the forums, streams, CC’s, etc. The attitudes coming out of St. Petersburg have been toxic to the community. WoWs NA has been fantastic, and I have to say they are the one reason I have stayed this last year.
    4) Adding ships lines when the balance is already out of whack: We don’t need a ship line every quarter (or two every quarter now it seems), work on the balance as is. Not to mention, no one is asking for Russian Battleships, RU Cruiser splits (even if it makes sense), German CV’s, etc. You can’t balance ships when the state of the game is shifting because of new lines coming in so rapidly.
    5) Staleness: Frankly, the game is just boring now. There are glimpses of fun, but for the most part it is the same stuff every single battle. Adding new game modes to randoms (arms race, escort the payload [think Overwatch of some variation], something like frontlines in WoT, and more) would add some variety to a boring line-up of game modes. Separate queues are not good for the game.
    6) Clan Battles: It has become dominated by premiums and special ships at T10. Ships like Smolensk, Stalingrad, Salem, Puerto Rico, etc. have no business being in competitive, in my opinion. Sure, players worked hard to get them, but they should be random/co-op rewards, not “I win” cards for competitive.

    Honestly, it would take a substantial change for me to come back to WoWs. WG would have to regularly be looking at balance and being very clear about the changes they are making. Slow down ship line development. Stop with the cash grabs (I understand they are a business, but Puerto Rico is what I’m referencing here). Actually listen the community, and stop referencing the bloody spreadsheet. Lastly, I think Subs need to stay a separate game mode, and Carriers need to go back to RTS or be scrapped all together. I’m open to returning as a strong and regular player, but at this point I’m done.

    Edit: Warships also needs to do what Rainbow Six did a few years ago when they were having huge problems with bugs, and that’s devote an entire development cycle to an “Operation Health” to work specifically on bugs, stability, and the overall health of the game.

    • Ships like my old and still favorite, Zao, just cannot compete anymore. Bad turret firing angles, TONS of 30mm Overmatch, 27.9 sec turrets with mod and skill which is needed due to aforementioned terrible angles – which is SLOWER than a Kremlin with Expert Marksman at 26.9 seconds – this fact is STUPID AS HELL! Then – Zao has ONLY 40,800 HP – EVERY other T10 CA has 10,000+ more HP – the Des Moines is literally 10,000 more!

      I LOVE Zao because the game USED to be Dynamic! I could go off on my own and flank from unexpected angles with guns and torps, and I could booty shake off the VAST majority of AP coming my way – there was a time Zao did indeed have the most effective Armor Scheme that combined with Kiting and maneuvering was very strong, now Repub and larger – just cut through her like butter, and CVs with their nearly unkillable planes at T10 can keep you spotted when you need to go dark and heal up. These days a 40,800 HP pool does NOT go far at tier 10 – when you’ve got an exposed citadel as well!

      I can still have fun matches playing Zao, but it annoys me to no end that new ships keep coming whilst old ones are forgotten entirely – becaus to WarGaming they do not bring in new customers.

      Which brings me to Submarines. NO HONEST LOVER OF WOWS WANTS SUBS IN THE MAIN GAME! But it is AMAZING for Marketing!
      WG just disrespects us while chasing NEW players – never mind that ~80% or more of the people who just try this game for free will quit within 3 months or less, because MOST Gamers are more split on their gaming focuses!
      I AM A WOWS LOVER – Or I used to be, it is the ONLY game I care about deeply! Because it USED to be amazing and totally different from anything else out there. It still is different, it always will be, but the monetization is getting ludicrous as is the fantasy ships and submarines that go FAR faster than any WW2 sub has any business moving at.

      Ugh… So disappointing…..

    • I love you for your good comment on this. Same reasons for me slowly leaving the game. Started two years ago and after this clan season I’m gone. It all went down the shitter in 24 months…

    • Couldn’t have said it better. CV rework is horrible. Of course from WG perspective it’s positive because now the skill level is lower and more people play them. But that CV player is ruining the fun of every other player in the game. Are CVs THAT important? And now subs…

      The players population might be going up but they are BAD. People can now buy their way to T10 and have no clue what they’re doing. It’s one freeXP ship or coal ship after another. Before, getting to T10 was an effort and an accomplishment. Now, you exchange coal and Voilà! Welcome to T10.

      I’ve been playing since the beginning of open beta. Now the only time I launch the game is to do some operations and even some coop games. Why? Because I can just have fun and limit my frustration… That’s how bad wows has become for me.

      I am now moving to War Thunder as my “war game”.

    • @Greg Rientjes while I don’t dispute your comment would it not make more sense to stagger the events like CB, Rank and Directives? People don’t play at all during the downtime when burnt out trying to do all of the above simultaneously. If it was staggered then you would have a constant amount of logins. Not all Directives can be completed in CB or Ranked and can only be completed in Co-Op or Random which is none of the aforementioned modes.

    • I mean CVs dominated the seas back then and are still the strongest weapon in navys arsenal. I agree that they should be made more complex to handle/play, but removing them is not an option for me! This is not solving any problems. CVs arent the biggest problem anyway.

  16. I think most of my complaints can be summed up by: ““I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.” -Joseph Stalin

  17. I’ve been playing the game since Closed Beta, there has been a lot of changes and I have taken multiple LOOOOONNGGG breaks from the game.

    1. I would just play and play and play and I would get bored because it was the same thing over and over.

    2. The fact is of how many real ships have yet to be released, like I would like to see an American BB split with the USS Wisconsin or the USS New Jersey being a Tier 10. That would be fantastic, have like the BB split be a fast battleship line compared to the slow battleship line like the original line.

    3. Russian Bias… I know this is probably a very popular reason why people have left the game or taken a break. I’m really hating how especially when ranked was around all I saw was Kremlins and Smolensk’s. And now with the new Stalingrad like battlecruisers coming and the new 1000m/s shell velocity of the AL Nevsky. Like really? Moskva is fine, and just the way WG is handing the ships and not making them balanced at all.

    4. German’s, especially the German BBs, one good reason why I took a break was because of the accuracy of German BBs. It seems like to me that the Germans can’t get good guns, the only accurate guns I have seen are the cruisers and Siegfried, those ships are like the only accurate ships (including DDs, but that’s a different story).

    5. Wargaming not listening to the community anymore. I felt like especially with the PR event, Ummm everyone was not happy with the massive grind you would have to pull and or just paw with what was it like $140? WTF, there is no reason why that should have to happen and I think WG really needs to listen to the community more and stop going on there own agenda and putting things that they want in the game, not the player base.

    I hope everyone has a good rest of there day.

  18. the things that have made me walk away from the game are:

    1. Powercreep. well, not just power creep but ‘gimmick creep’ when the game was released out of beta DD’s had speed boost and smoke, cruisers had Hydro and Def AA and BB’s had heal. This meant that DD’s were scouts/ flankers, cruisers were flankers/ support ships and BB’s were the tanks and big guns. Roughly speaking you knew what your job was and mostly knew what to expect of whatever the enemy ship was. now there’s radar on DD’s/cruisers and BB’s, some cruisers have smoke and speed boost, some BB’s have reload booster, other BB’s have Hydro etc etc, it’s all just become such a mess in the name of each new ship/line having to have some gimmick rather than just balancing it around basic speed/detection/alpha/dpm/armour/agility/range. It feels like even WG don’t know how to balance the game now as there are no simple balancing changes they could make in such a mess of stats. Then there is the issue of just plain power creep of each new line having to be better than the last (except RN CA’s because f*ck them for some reason) meaning you have to keep grinding whatever is new if you want to be competitive.

    2. The current meta. lots of long range HE spammers, more and more overmatch ships, battlecruisers being introduced as just heavy cruisers rather than just getting their own class meaning that they are currently just better cruisers hidden behind pay/grind walls. Games are also really one sided recently, it’s very rarely a good fight, it’s either a roflstomp or your team ends up doing nothing, neither of which are fun. CV’s are also a problem depending on what class you play and the player using the CV but I’ll cover that separately.

    3. WG getting more and more cash-grabbing. This one should be number 1 really, when the game first came out of beta the game economy was working well and payed content was reasonably fairly priced (i still think paying the price of any other full game just for a premium tier 8 bunch of pixels is overpriced but as long as you got your hours of use out of it then whatever) but since then there have been no end of new containers (loot boxes by any other name) that have been getting stingier and stingier while getting more and more expensive) it seems with every patch WG just nudge the bar little by little so no one really lashes out but it’s a deplorable business practice and that before you get onto the really heinous stuff they’ve tried like PR, ship bundles and other paywalled content. Whereas I used to happily buy premium ships and account time as i knew i would use them and enjoy playing them I just can’t bring myself give money to such a company any more.

    4. WG not listening to their playerbase. Sure WG have the CC program, have community managers etc but they just seem purely to be there to try and dampen down the flames whenever WG makes another universally hated move, they never seem to be there to get the honest opinion of the community/CC’s and make a change. Every hated change has just had damage limitation put on it until it all gets forgotten about by whatever stupid thing WG does next to enrage the community. Then there’s the obvious thing that no one has ever asked for the RU cruiser line split but WG pushed on regardless when the community is crying out for more real ships like italian BB’s, german and british battlecruisers (in a separate class if possible but if not then just in a BB branch) then finally there’s the whole debacle with CV’s and soon, subs. I’m fairly sure CV’s are not popular as they are currently because they still need another rework to stop them being a god-class that can be everywhere and spot you then do major damage without ever putting anything at risk. Between radar, Hydro and planes there really is very little point in playing DD’s at the moment. Subs are going to be a terrible addition to the game, they will be just as impossible to balance as CV’s purely because of what they are, they will always either be useless or incredibly OP purely by their mechanics and as far as I’m aware this is what everyone has told WG but they will refuse to listen and will put them in the game anyway and then spend years and years trying to balance them by sledgehammer just to shoe-horn them into a game (this is after already lying about introducing them to begin with, initially they said they would never introduce subs as they would be impossible to implement fairly)

    All in all, every time I think I might want to play this game I just log in and look at my dock and can’t bring myself to actually press that ‘Battle’ button before logging back out.

    • Nice summary. #1 is my biggest issue that really bothers me. Haven’t gotten to the point of quitting but it sure has me thinking about it.

    • I agree with you mostly and i have left the game too. Tho i think if WG made every single ship having same stats and gimmicks depending on its class it won’t be fun. Just even more routine and boring gameplay than it is now. And second of all WG is a company which isn’t a charity. You downloaded game free of charge so there should be stuff like premiums and I’m ok with current prices, PR being an exception

    • I’m not seasoned enough to comment on 3 & 4 , but 1 & 2 is on the money for me – hench my comment above – everything above tier 6 is porked.

    • i just play co op at this point. its funner than playing random

    • Well said here here a captain in the very same boat as you

  19. What would bring me back is actually having devs who cares and respect the community.

    I’m sick and tired of watching WG belittle, ignore, and attack valid criticism with their bullshit propaganda. Why pretend player input matters when they never cares.

    There are plenty of game developers who work hard to keep customer and the customer experience as the main focus. Those companies deserves my attention and money.

  20. I still play WoWS, but nowhere near as much as I used to, reasons being
    1. BB’s are hurting REALLY BAD right now, HE spam and the CV rework has turned most of them into giant XP pinatas.
    2. Paper ships taking priority over real ones. We still don’t have RM BB’s, or DD’s, but come hell or high water WG is going to give us USSR CV’s.
    3. Some stats mean fuck all. AA rating on a ship is basically a worthless stat, and no matter how devastating your shells might be when they land, you have no idea how often they’ll actually land.
    4. Power creep is real, and so is Russian bias. Some lines are simply just worse versions of other, newer, and mainly Russian, lines, so there’s no real reason to play them.
    5. STOP ADDING NEW CONTENT WHEN OLD CONTENT IS BROKEN / UNBALANCED. DD’s are doing horribly right now, so are BB’s and AP CA’s. We need to balance the current ships in the game BEFORE adding more. This reason is the reason I flat out quit League of Legends, because Riot would keep adding new champs without making sure the game was balanced or healthy enough to add new champs that might shift that balance for the worse.
    And again because it is so fucking important STOP ADDING NEW CONTENT WHEN OLD CONTENT IS BROKEN OR UNBALANCED

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