Why Do People Keep Doing This! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Spartan that’s absolutely true and honestly I’ve done some outrageous things to throw the match. I have legendary ships but i try not to use them unless I’m in a division and my teammates want to legendary tiers.

  2. Rene The Cordial One

    I mean what do we expect when legendary tier ships are rewarded purely for your time. A person who struggles to advance in the tiers is rewarded with a high caliber ship he’ll just end up making the bad moves he does in lower tiers in his shiny new toy he got.

    But that only covers a chunk of the base. How people get to tier 7+ and still don’t know basics is mind blowing.

  3. I’ve been playing for over a year now, I mostly play tiers 4,5,and 6. I’m not the best player but I try my best. I have over 2000 battles. Your videos have helped me be a better player Spartan.

  4. I watch you a lot Spartan and I learn from your videos and plays on what to do and how to utilize my ships correctly and know how to position myself correctly. But lately I’ve been getting into games where it feels like teammates at legendary tier are just pure idiots to be honest. Not saying the best of the best are idiots but it’s the people who don’t know how to play legendary ships correctly and they just always do what you always say NOT to do which is: THROWING YOUR SHIP AWAY!. I myself most of my legendary battleships I like running the concealment mod on my Yamato and Montana because I like to not be the first thing detected. But however when people who don’t understand how good the legendary ships are play them, they just don’t know what to do or what to expect out of them. Yamato everyone knows is the best battleship at legendary tier in terms of the firepower it has. 18 inch guns can easily conquer anything depending on who is commanding the beast. Montana is my second best although it is one of my favorite American battleships in the game and it has 12 main battery guns that can punch a Yamato too if Yamato’s give it a broadside. For all those who are interested keep in mind: Montana has 16 inch guns which are powerful but Yamato has more firepower having 18inch guns. Now keep in mind I say this only to new players who don’t know how to use these two legendary ships if you have them. Just a little thing from me to anyone who needs a little something about how these two ships work in terms of firepower.

  5. The biggest issue I have with other players, especially DD players is seeing them pop a smoke to hide from another DD, but just end up sitting there thinking “Hur dur I can’t be seen, I’m safe” when a wall of red torpedos smack into them because they somehow forgot the exact same thing they were doing (firing Torpedos) is exactly what the enemy DD or other ships are also doing, or the fact they just straight forget they have main battery guns as well.

    • So true. In addition to that I’ve also noticed a lot of battleship players just derping around broadside and/or clumping up in one square being totally ineffective and hardly anyone playing cruisers even though they’re the meta. It’s almost like everyone who was even remotely decent at this game just decided to stop playing about a month ago and we have a whole new generation of potatoes coming into the game who are somehow even worse than the last generation, if’s that even possible.

    • @177SCmaro Exactly, I’ve seen in both Middle tiers and high tiers just completely broadside even after they get hit, like they do not understand or learn. Now don’t get me wrong, I can potato myself, I can die first or make a mistake. But when it’s almost every single match a few bad teammates and of course a person going AFK it just completely ruins the game.

    • Ngl that used to be me like maybe a month and a half ago. I have learned a lot from various CCs from their tutorials. I mostly use smoke to go dark and reposition now and I have gotten very accurate with my torps since I learned to stagger my torp cooldowns and predict how they will react to them though I still struggle to hit good cruiser players it is crazy how agile those can be.

    • @GokuismyMomYes, but at least you learned and adapted! Excellent work

  6. Unlocked the GK 2 weeks ago…the annoying part for me is getting put into a lobby with 4-5 destroyers and legendary seems like more ppl want to yolo it 😂

  7. I think the biggest problem with War Gamming I lack of proper training missions. Like the one we use to have in World of Tanks. Mission with proper story and explanation of how WoW works. I’m new player( tier 6 max) and I still don’t understand most of mechanics 😅 I have 900 V currency and no idea what is that for. 😅
    Good game 👌

  8. For me the biggest problem with Legendary is that they should have included mandatory ships in the desktop project progression like it currently is on new projects.
    unfortunately it’s already too late, you could very well have almost never played and yet have a Legendary and therefore do anything

  9. I’ve been playing for two-ish years now, almost three, and I’m far from the best player, sticking mainly to T5-6 since there are a lot of ships there that I enjoy playing. But my biggest gripe is the RNG. Matches feel entirely lop-sided because of it. One match I can dev strike any cruiser dumb enough to peek out from behind an island, the next, nothing but over pens and getting lit on fire if an HE shell so much as scratches my paint.

    Now, granted I have made my fair share of bonehead moves that get me sent back to port early. But learning and building up my ships and commanders for “optimal” performance feels next to useless sometimes, since even on my best games those upgrades can be nerfed wholesale by the RNG machine.

    Case in point, I had a game last night where the sole survivor on the enemy team was a Konigsberg with about half his HP left, no camo, sailing broadside, and do you think I could land accurate enough shots with my New Mexico to delete him? HA! He managed to sail off into the sunset while my team won on points. It was a win, but the fact that I couldn’t even finish off a half HP Konigsberg made me roll my eyes.

  10. Great job spartan punishing players for their mistakes. Those are the broadsides i wish for when i play Yama

  11. The main thing I hate is how long it takes to get just a single legendary ship. I don’t think I’ll ever get half of the legendary tier ships 😢

  12. Like a Yamato that sails broadside to the entire enemy fleet.

  13. I have a problem with team members who sit behind an island most of the time and watch all your life points go away and it’s annoying because they have the perfect shot but no, otherwise the ship will get a scratch

    Thx spartan if learnt so much about this game becouse of your Videos 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. I think my biggest problem with Legendary tier is you can pay your way in and even if you just let the research chug along you can get into the highest tier and never actually play at a high enough level to learn the tactics needed to survive at Legendary. Can’t count how many times I’m one of the last people on my team because everyone else charged in on suicide runs or went full broadside and got absolutely demolished

  15. I tend to fall into very bad teams, I believe it’s because I don’t make payments or give 1 cent to this company, I’ve played around 3,000 battles and just over 1,000 hours of gameplay, and I think it may also be related to the flags we place, the highest score of the opposing team does not reach the minimum score of the worst boat on your team, there is a huge imbalance in the team’s distribution, this really discouraged me with the game, another point is when there is a division, and it happens the division comes with 3 boats and 3 Georgia, this boat needs to have its damage nerfed, 1 is already difficult, imagine 3 in a division playing together, it is practically impossible to win. These days a Petro sank 9 boats in my time, I stayed alive with Hood until the end, there are things I don’t understand. Regards from Brazil!

  16. one more thing in my humble opinion the Legendary should have its own third.
    because T8 is a fantastic third that is constantly invaded by Legendary which also makes it so sad.
    Legendary is so bad they shouldn’t be able to make us unhappy in T8 anymore

  17. I’ve been playing since Beta. I was addicted for a few years and played it whenever i had spare time.
    i don’t get much free time to play anymore so i do enjoy watching ppl like yourself, Aaron etc play coz its still a cool game.

  18. The problem with Legendary tier has always been the same, no requirements other than logging in daily to keep bureau going. It’s better now with new ships, but I believe those that don’t have the tier 8 version of that country & class of ship should only be able to use it in AI matches, that way they can still play it & get rewards for weekly challenges, but not be part of the problem with players not knowing how to play & said ship to benefit the team. I personally have most of the legendary ships, all tier 7 (except carriers which I don’t particularly care for) & 9 tier 8s. If it meant I couldn’t play some legendary ships in standard because I don’t own the tier 8 ship of that country & class, then that would be fine & push more on getting that to play the legendary ship I want. Wargaming won’t do that though since they don’t do anything unless it makes them money & probably a reason to why so many long time players have left 😔

  19. The problem is essentially one thing: the progression mechanism is lose your way to the top. You don’t have to win. You don’t have to learn. You just have to put the time in and you’ll (eventually) get to the LRT. Now, you’ve Arrived and you’re magically good. Right? Right?!?

  20. The turret destroyed thing. I’ve rewatched this particular hit a few times. It is odd and it might very well be a bug. However, one shell did strike the barbette of the forward 6.1″ gun turret and that potentially could have knocked that turret out of action. That is a secondary gun and not an AA gun. It also wasn’t really doing anything and secondaries don’t show damage like main battery turrets, so it’s hard to say.

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