Why I’m Done With World of Warships (and WoT, War Thunder, etc.)

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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!, don’t worry, I’ll still watch your videos though, good luck and godspeed with your new path, I’ll be here watching your content

  2. I only subscribed for rainbow anyway

  3. wait world of warships still doesnt have anything for clans? thats pretty bull shit how have they gone so long without it?

  4. AtypicalScarab6 .__.

    You should play rainbow six seize more often considering your most viewed video is on rainbow

  5. Gregor, so what you’re saying is you’re gonna start playing Eve?

  6. plenty more fish in the sea, good luck for future

  7. You’re going to get a stupid amount of hate and salt over this, but as far as I’m concerned you’re spot on. WG has the core of an honestly brilliant semi-arcade-y ship game in WoWS and continues to squander it to hell and back with wretched management directing them to do nothing but lazy premium spam while core functionality like game modes and clans rot and the health of the game declines into oblivion.

    But who cares about all that shit when you can milk the people who blow $40-60 on every new copy-paste that comes out because maybe it’ll be the next shitwrecker that never gets nerfed because we can’t nerf premiums even if they single-handedly wreak havoc on their tier/the entire meta? At least that way when the game dies upper management can fly off on their parachutes of gold to swindle some other underdeveloped niche. There’ll probably still be dozens of comments on reddit defending them for doing it.

  8. The Analytical Towarzysz

    I agree wholeheartedly that the game is in a sorry state. Especially with how passive and utterly retarded the grind is getting. BBs are continuously being coddled while lines that attempt to break the mold are just either piss poor in comparison to the rest of ships or so utterly broken there’s no point to play anything else. This coming from the rarest WoWS player there is: The CV Main.

    I understand why you’re​ leaving this game. Just sucks that these issues couldn’t have been fixed. I’ll still stay subbed tho, if anything, for the siege stuff. Looks fun but still skeptical about getting it.

  9. I did subscribe for wows , but sadly your fucking right , wargaming ain’t doing anything to save the game , The April fools day wich we expected to be special , we spent it staring at a freaking Jap sub that you can’t take in battle with a captain called Russian Bias , WTF DUDE! I actually only started playing wows because I like these 20th century incredible gigantic and complicated machines that dosen’t exist anymore , and I will keep playing it for the same reason , but I wont unsubscribe you make some good videos and I ll keep watching

  10. …DCS? I vote for dcs. pls? 🙂

  11. I subscribed for the wows, but will stay…

  12. It’s a shame you’re leaving WoWS dude.. but we will always have the time you talked shit about my Geordie accent in your live stream ???

  13. Wut? Dunno…I just have fun blowing up historic old boats? LOL Oh well

  14. dude i dont blame u leaving but for me and my clan im holding out hope that this year a lot of good change will happen i will be here to still watch your videos mate and i hope you find the games that u want to make content for and play take care my friend

  15. at least you are honest <3

  16. 1) Thanks, much of what you have said, needed to be said. 2) You are right, lack of team based content, i.e. Clan Wars in World of Warships is taking this game down. Back in the day, circa 2012, I played the heck out of Tier 6 Team Battles. We won some, lost some, but virtually every match, something funny happened.

    Yep, used to be, you spent your $, got everything in the game up front, and could play team based content (Air Warrior anyone??) This Russian grind thing is, well, a grind now.

  17. Sad to hear you are leaving, i loved your line proposals for italians, french…

    But i understand you perfectly. I uninstalled days ago, after 6000 wows-matches since late 2015.

  18. I soooo agree with 100% of everything you said…

  19. Ok been long since I watched your video.
    Now I haven’t even delete these games yet.
    Now WOT is fine because it is starting to get really funny. Especially when trolling other tanks in the water.
    WOWs because it it has anime and I’m a weebo.
    WT because it is too funny.
    Armored Wafare because it is the modern version of WOT.

  20. Hey +Gregor maybe try star citizen, big update coming in a few months

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