Why Players are Leaving World of Warships and not Coming Back

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I asked, you answered. A lot of players feel the same across the board about many things and why they are Leaving World of Warships and not coming back. The problem is, Wargaming doesn’t listen. They haven’t and I doubt they’ll start. These are your thoughts, verbatim.


  1. Been playing for about a month, the toxic chat is pretty discouraging.

  2. I’m not leaving… just not spending any more money at all in it… nerfed premium ships, massive overpens, some aspects of commander reworks… but mostly no new interesting modes… can’t just be all Ranked and Brawls… and horrendous grinds towards objectives… crappy new ships instead of historical ones… should I go on?

    • @Nacho
      Same here. I never spended a lot of money, but like two years ago i stopped it all all. No new maps, , more unbalanced Gimmicks, HE spam and CV meta, no interesting new modes, selling TX and High Tier ships, insane grind for new stupidities like the research lab, overpowered russian paper ships, an MM that isnt counting the winrate in so you lose your rounds due to Muppets in your team with a 42% winrate and 300 battles while they sit in a T9 ship, constant reworks and of course U-Boats. etc

  3. The number of gimmicks got to be too much for me. Torpedo reload boosters just were too unrealistic. HE spam was too unpleasant. Eventually, I just lost interest. Since I left, everything just got worse – they’ve gone beyond paper ships to utter lunacy.

  4. Critical thinking Try it

    WOWS= dumpster fire of over priced ships and bad direction of game

  5. Let’s be honest…. even the fact that WG lost a whole bunch of CC’s at one time, mattered little. The ONLY thing that will make WG sit up and pay attention is if people stop paying for premium stuff, worldwide. It would have to be worldwide, and constant…. like, for a year or more. Yes, those who stop paying are going to face restrictions…. but why would you want to pay WG to keep messing around with the game anyway? Nothing that they’ve done over the past year or five has actually helped anything or anyone, aside from themselves?

    • Sad part, is there will always be people that don’t care. They see something shiny, and must have it.

    • if you stop paying, they go bust and close the game? i still think a subscription would be a better option than stupid premiums and lootboxes. Would be harder to get new players but you can always say eg 6months free etc. Then you would get premiums based on your subscription?

    • @hond654 maybe that’s what Wargaming needs. An actual threat to their business by organized boycotting.
      Because the game goes worse and worse even though there’s a vocal majority that’s against the changes. Even Zoup admits now what happened with CVs was a mistake now, and i was one of the few folks that knew that from 2018!

  6. Also, still playing. Just not spending anymore. I’ve got most ships and the new ones are just re-do’s of those.

    • Totally this. They are not getting another cent from me with all this BS of selling you stuff, then nerfing it to uselesness.

      On top of that the game mechanics keep getting dumbed down.

    • Same here mate,, WG screwed me with changes they made whilst I was away sick with commander perks,, and the bastards would not allow me to re-set the perks without paying them $$$,,, well,, it will be a cold day in hell before they get $$$ out of me again.

  7. I was a huge whale for years. Started in closed beta, over 14,000 matches, played for 5 years, spent a lot of money, ranked out numerous times, clan wars, etc. I haven’t played in a year, and last week I uninstalled the game to make room for Escape from Tarkov.

    • Out of the frying pan, aaaand into the fiyah

    • @Eqynoks Yeah man. I haven’t played a FPS in a very long time (ships and tanks don’t count), and it shows. I do enjoy the complexity, but it’s a ridiculous learning curve.

    • @decodeddiesel It is indeed; I’d say you picked a worthy replacement, though Tarkov has its own host of bullshit to sift through as far as bugs, instability, and cheating is concerned. The developers however are committed to their project and player base, unlike WG.

    • Noob, I have twice as many matches as you..,lol

  8. Have they even made any new PVE missions? That was what was keeping me in the game back in 2019, before I left for the bad shipyard.

  9. HE-spam is stupid. AP was the king and now it’s a secondary option.
    I also start playing WoT in beta and left 2015. WoWs I did start playing in closed beta but around 2018 I notice that this game ain’t fun anymore. After the Graf Spee I haven’t grind holiday ship anymore. Grind had become too real and ship you would get for it ain’t worth it.

  10. I’m thinking actually about taking a long long long long break from World of Warships there’s too many technical difficulties and there’s a lot of technical issues with the game that need to be addressed and need to be fixed

  11. I stopped playing for almost a year because I’d gotten bored. I’ve come back to play a few battles each day. I’ve been with the game since the open beta.

    I am really annoyed about the choices made in the design of the paper ships though. Some of the dutch cruisers and the high rank German BC’s look like a moron designed them.

  12. No money, no candy. Wallet is now closed after 8,000+ Random games and over 20,000 Co-op games. Gonna run my premium time out and take what I can get for free. The sub thing is just a bit too much IMHO. Five and a half years is enough given the state of the game.

  13. WG needs to create more Weekly Missions, Historical Missions, collectable captains, and to make Team Play more fluid

  14. Too many gimmicks. Increasingly stupid gimmicks. I started playing in Closed Beta. Enjoyed the game play with historical context. The game is focused on everything but the game play. I’m tired of learning ever increasing levels of BS.

    My premium account is lapsing for the first time since I started playing.

  15. The very moment subs hit random, I hit the “Uninstall” button. I do hope many thousands will join me in sending this message. I haven’t given them a dime in over a year because of CV’s in the game. Been here since closed beta…f##K these people, let them go broke.

    • Stanisław Żółkiewski

      CV’s are not op, they are good at punishing overextended ships or ones that have left the pack but that’s pretty much it.

    • Stanisław Żółkiewski

      @Rex Tuller They say that about every new update in every game. I don’t think it will change much seeing how bad they look in testing. Stop the fear mongering. The only thing wrong with WoWs is the community itself. It acts way to childish for a supposedly more mature audience by making up straw men and playing the blame game. Hell, Minecraft acts like adults and that’s a game made for kids.

  16. I am going to honest. I actually miss the old RTS CV’s compared to what we have now. I definitely agree with Curtis. It’s seems customer loyalty is not something that Wargaming takes seriously.

  17. The Fabulous Lommax

    The only thing WG cares about now is money. They don’t care about balance. They don’t care about power creep. It’s all about maximizing profit. Fem said it best a couple of weeks ago. WG doesn’t respect its player base. The only reason I still play is to hang out with my friends in operations.

  18. I used to spent quite a bit on this game, calmed right down now, play a lot less. The standard of gameplay has hit rock bottom, games are constant stomps which either way are boring

  19. I still love and play this game but I must say the main problem with this game is the douchebag player base. I am a unicum in DD’s and still get flamed by the super unicum and the purple clan members. Some of the Bonks, 07 and other top players cry when I own them and when I don’t play the way they like. I feel sorry for the average and good players. New players just get dogged. It is sad to see.

  20. Кирилл Афанасьев

    WG: from “we don’t nerf premiums after release” to “we nerf mechanics and captain skills” and “screw that premium for some reason but Smolensk and Thunderer are fine but you cannot get them anymore” and “btw this ship is banned from tournaments but it is not overpowered”

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