Why You Don’t Suck at World of Warships

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You might think you suck at World of Warships, but you don’t. The mistakes you make are made by every single player. Even the best. The fact you know what you are doing wrong is the exact opposite of sucking. Just throwing some positive vibes out.

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  1. It’s just a game 🙂

  2. I needed this. Thanks man.

    • same here. Sometimes you are caught in the “youtube effect” – players putting only their best games on viewing platforms, and you can compare yourself only to these games, making you discouraged. Switch on twitch, and you get a better view of the games 🙂
      (not saying the players are not good, but there is a distinct trend to put only the “awesome” games where all the stars are aligned)

  3. In this video…you push foward without proper support…nice choice to say you are noob lol

  4. So true Zoup. If you acknowledge your faults and try to find ways to fix them you’re better than some potato. If you try to develop a plan and team play you’re better than a potato. If you watch videos on tactics or read blog posts trying to improve your game play you’re better than a potato.
    Potatoes never realize they’re making mistakes and never try to improve. Some even rage and blame their dumb moves on their team long after they’re ship is on the bottom. Be better than that, try to improve and learn team play, and you’re good in my book.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Exactly! Come to think about it. We all started as potatoes after all.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      But how many years does it take for said potatoes to finally listen and realize that their chosen way of doing things is bad this is why we need better MM and I say role the NA server into the EU on. WG has all the metrics they could ever need to start seperating people based on skill

    • +CynicallyObnoxious dude, spot on with your statement. I’ve been saying exactly what you said in every questionnaire given by wargaming. Even posted about it in forums once. Create a more balanced mm by matching player skills with same skills!! I’m sick of the unbalanced system being used. Your either on the team that *wipes* the other team in a matter of minutes or the one on the receiving end getting facerolled. Once in a blue moon teams are evenly matched, but that is few and far in between. Yes let’s merge servers!! NA & EU.!! Asia can stick to there own server. ??

    • @Randomguy hey but remember we’re mean and toxic for wanting that and that could hurt some old timers feel feels really bad

  5. Ok but what can you do when you consistently finish top 3 or 4 and your current weeks WL is 38%. Sigh. I feel like I’m helping the team by capping and racking up damage but lately been on the losing end. And not even close games either. I should have fun regardless but I also like to win. Think I’ll start over at T1.

    • +Kevin Morrison No because it doesnt matter if players are braindamaged, because why are they always on my team? Why am I never ever ever on the better team?

    • +Kristoffer Lilja …I get the same shit, it`s RNG, and the R doesn`t mean random, It means retarded. I can play any tier ship and be bottom tier 95% of the battles. I try to do my best, but it`s a game, not my world, so I put my head down and plow on…lol.

    • over time ur WL will balance it self out to show the real level ur at….its like this…bad vs good teams over a large number of battles evens out so if u have less then 50% wl u absolutely suck (sorry but just the way it is). if thats the case watch some videos, watch some streams see how good players play and think it helps massively. if ur under 50% win rate and u think its “bot teams” u will never get better cause ur delusional

    • +Kristoffer Lilja Do you see how retarded you are sounding now? Computer software is singling you out… really???

    • +Kevin Morrison do you see how retarded you sound? Noone said anything about singling out individual players.

  6. A Prinz Eitel Friedrich? Ouch…Zoup, we appreciate you giving us the chance to win a ship for free, but I don’t think you’ll see many people lining up (signing up, I mean) to get *that* ship. I mean, it’s the one ship that makes Roma look like Carlos Hathcock reborn. It generates so much salt you could desiccate an entire city with it and shoot a proper remake of “The Mummy”.
    That said, thanks for what you’re doing and keep up the good work.

    • +Renegade334_S7 it isn’t that bad

    • +Sarp Kaplan it’s pretty bad

    • Renegade334_S7 I still am VERY salty about the Roma or if not salty I feel bitter, as I know Roma very well, not in game but IRL, I know it’s story fairly well and I know the ship characteristics fairly well, and the thing that makes me the most angry is the gun accuracy, oh the gun accuracy, the Roma was equipped with a last gem gyroscopic stabilisation system, it was considered the most precise battleship of most of ww2 (exceeded in the end by the Iowa if I am not mistaken) and they give me this crap in game?! Not only you must have a miracle to hit a ship at medium to long range wasting totally her amazing range and even if you hit you will 99.999999999% of the time overpen, I can work with one, but both are TOO MUCH, I would love for a dispersion not Giulio like but something FAR better than this, also, the aa, for fuck sake, the Roma was one of the few ships we had with GOOD aa, and you make it a weak point?! To sink her it took 3 of the first EVER guided bombs made by the Germans, it took that one of them detonated turret 2 magazine, with a force so greate to send the turret flying over 60 meters away from the ship,! And the hull was almost INTACT after THA KIND OF EXPLOSION, sinking before of the numerous holes that created under the ship and capsizing

    • +Roccaraso while roma had lots of good things it’s accuracy was seriously bad

    • Reading the forums, people seem upset the PEF plays like a German Battleship. The horror…

  7. Generic stuff everyone knows….not helpful

  8. As long as you are aware of whats wrong and trying to improve, good players will respect that. The people who “suck” are the ones who blame anyone and anything but themselves and continue not to improve.

  9. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    Sucking… hmmmmmm …

    There are two types of captains in the battle… those that work at not sucking, and those that just do not care. Thems that works at not sucking, know when they suck. Then there are those that just want to blow stuff up and they just do not care… most of these players suck. They have no interest in team play or learning anything, and as they haven’t had to spend anything on the game, it just reinforces their attitude.. not complaining, just pointing out the situation.

    This leads to the situation where those that have worked on their game get very frustrated by those that do not. Its is a major challenge for those that have done the work to become “gud” and I have seen many players leave due to this one issue of being forced to play with captains that have not put in the investment. It is the reality of this game and it is also the most frustrating thing for me when playing.

    On the other hand , were it not for the masses of potatoes, there wouldn’t be as many good targets.

  10. Story of my life…

    One big problem I have in gaming is teammates who like to hide behind islands instead of pushing/fighting/capping. It really sucks when you are T10, engaging the Opforce for a cap with a couple of DDs, and the rest of the T10s are hiding behind an island. A T10 cruiser hanging back and supporting I can understand, but T10 BBs hiding because they don’t want their ships damaged???

    As for PEF, it’s okay, not the sharpest tool in the box, but I have had some good games with her. WeeVee, on the other hand, is a frakkin’ sniper…

  11. None Ofyourbusiness

    I donked a pretty big one in CB the other night. We were left in a 1v1 situation. I was the 1 for our division. Low health, no heals left…The dude on the other division was low health too. It was down to one salvo for the win. His connected. The next battle I noticed that I wasn’t sporting my premium consumables. That one extra heal would have won us the previous battle. I apologized to my division. They were gracious but, I still feel like an ass.

  12. Words of comfort and wisdom. Thank you for that

  13. Sometimes i play bad…
    sometimes the enemies play better :3

  14. A much needed video about a subject that really detracts from the game. It’s just a game, but “teammates” will troll you if you do not play like they do or would. The first game I had in Worcester, I took up a spot behind an island on Two Brothers. I targeted a Japanese Battleship closing in alone on the point. I hit him repeatedly and caused several fires which ended up killing him ( I think he was a novice too). I then supported a low health teammate against a 3/4 health BB, I ended up killing the enemy BB, but my teammate died. I then started to check the status of my team only to find most were dead and the other team still had a few ships left. Because I was still at full health, teammates in the text felt that I had been hanging out and un-involved. They wanted to report me; I struggled it off and continued with my game until the other team won. Afterwards it really bothered me that too many players bitch and moan about other players instead of focusing on teamwork or making themselves better. Just because you play a certain way with your ships doesn’t mean it’s the only way everyone should play. Just enjoy the game and seek improvement.

  15. Pretty sure the average win ratio is now below 48% the ave frags a match is probably around 0.4. That absolutely means sucking.

  16. It’s one thing to be aware of your mistakes, it’s another to be oblivious. The most vocal players are in the trash heap at the end of the game completely oblivious to what they did wrong. They have low game IQ. Thousands of games won’t change it. They just suck.

  17. I have it and I like it. What do you get if you have it? Or do you get anything?

  18. I have to say, sometimes I just say the hell with it, and charge the other team regardless of how many of them there are. I only do this when it’s obvious that my team has absolutely no clue what they are doing. Sometimes it actually makes a difference, but most times it just helps me get to the next game.

  19. Loosing makes me not enjoy the game… if i have to many ppl on my team that just want to enjoy the game, and not win.. well.. this is where multiplayer and just having fun cancels out

  20. Nice vid NoZoup I agree with you. In this game, like in everything in life, you could have born with good skills but if you don’t improve them you will get stuck while others that practice and most importantly learn from their mistakes will surpass you very fast.
    Said that the problem isn’t the ones that make mistakes but the ones that give a f*** about them.
    And the stats aren’t important, the most important is having fun, but at least make your ship last longer so you can do more fun things in the battlefield ?.

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