Why You Heff To Be Mad?

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Pretty sure I used to do these types of video once upon a time…

All music licensed from www.epidemicsound.com and www.machinimasound.com



  1. Oh damn, that intro. This is gonna be something special

  2. TheColombianSpartan

    It’s been a while since one of those came out!

  3. Me literally about to go to bed because its 1 in the morning

    Jingles, Uploads New video –

    Well its either the video or the salt mines

    Never been this early

  4. The series is back? Dont make this be the only episode.

  5. “Somewhere it is allways KV-2 o’clock” ^^

  6. Can’t believe those KV2 players came up with a strategy to counter kemping bush.

  7. Just put a picture of the dockyard event in the video, that would be a sufficient explanation why I’m mad

  8. Who says Friday The 13th has to be an unlucky day? We got a new “Why You Heff To Be Mad!”

  9. And I thought there would be no more of this series…

  10. Get two battleships for the price of one a once in a lifetime offer.

  11. It’s back! It’s finally back!

    So much laughter.

    Shame we have to work so hard in the mines for it.

  12. Christmas comes early. Oh I’ve missed you.

  13. Like Return of the Living Dead. “Send more planes!”

  14. The Pz4h that was true storm-trooper accuracy!

  15. 1:06 “Mr. Nezbit has learned the first lesson of not being seen: not to stand up. However, he has chosen a rather obvious piece of cover.”

  16. Screw Fallen Order. THIS is my Christmas present.

  17. After this I now want a USS Kidd, WG can keep their stupid PR grind

  18. When a single destroyer kills more planes than the whole japanese navy at the battle of Midway, and all of those were from _one_ carrier…go home, WoWs. You’re drunk :P.

    • Well there were 2 carriers on the enemy team… the Ryujo was there too

    • Yeah, but “AA is useless and weak and CVs are OP.”

    • And the kidd is a premium if memory serves

    • Just goes to show what a skilled DD with some measure of AA build can do. People don’t believe it but there are several high tier DDs that can utterly shred a strike group when built right and driven by someone that understands how to manage AA. My Harugumo can usually wipe a Midway DB squad before the planes can make a drop with a full AA build.

  19. Jingles, given you were amongst those leading the wg xmas bonanza on WoW which has turned into nothing but a money grabbing con, unlike your fellow CC’s your silence is deafening. Apologies to WoT subs for jumping in about WoW.

  20. Damn… that opening… memories of the Hunt for Red October… ”

    Sir.. I heard singing”.
    “Singing Jonesy?”.
    “Yes sir, then it just faded away”.

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