Why Your Team in World of Warships Sucks

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We all wind up on sucky in World of Warships. We have losing streaks and get frustrated. This is why your teams sucks. Just yours.

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  1. Finally some more footage of the Siegfried. I thought it was a myth.

    Is it still going to be a Free XP ship? Can’t wait to get it.

  2. Zoup: I’m enjoying this ship..
    WG: I’m gonna stop ya right there *swings for the fences with the nerf bat*

  3. Its cause instead of the the “Weekend Warriors” only being on the weekends, we have been stuck in a never ending weekend for almost 3 months. Add that to where “Farming” is more important then winning…and you have the current state of randoms in the game.

    • I totally agree

    • NAILED IT! The new players don’t learn the game like the older players had too. They are given or buy top tier ships and think the game is all about farming damage! Nothing more frustrating than to see some BB NOOB die then type in chat how much damage they did while the TEAM lost. Nobody cares about your freaking damage!

    • I’ve been playing WoW for a little over a year. My overall experience with Randoms is they are infested with [1] hyper critical douche bags, or [2] whinners complaining how their team sucks because they got sunk. So I mostly stick with co-op and scenarios to enjoy the game, work on my tactical knowledge, and avoid the drama.

    • @David Norburg Amen, brother. I usually troll the crap out of those chumps. But it seems that Co-op and Scenarios are the fun modes now. Too bad WG nerfed those modes too.

    • I noticed since the Puerto Rico event it’s gone downhill quite a bit in terms of match making. Something isn’t right at the moment, Getting 7+ losses in a row and many of them are not even close games but slaughters.
      Absolute potato teams and even seeing after match results where I look at stats and half the enemy team has 60% or higher win rate and on my team it’s players that are under 45% and most likely co op as I see them in divisions.
      Also had games where my team has won in under 7 minutes, And you hardly even get a salvo off. Just don’t see many good close matches where it can go either way especially at tier 9-10. Best games seem to be around tiers 5-8.
      Too many new players going straight to tier 10 and getting wrecked.

  4. The current Strong-Willed campaign is marvellous for dealing with losses. I grab a cap, I grab some shell hits and credit earnings, I’m further along than I was when I started the battle. I suspect this might be one of the reasons why Tier 10 gameplay can make people jaded. Unless they’ve got a 19 pointer in that ship or it’s something with modules still to research (e.g. upgraded aircraft in T10 carriers, unfinished Legendary Module missions), the XP doesn’t mean anything.

  5. It ‘s not even fun to play this game anymore!, every game is decided in the first 5 min, why waste my time hoping i get that 1 game where i have good players in my team and good players to face?

  6. You get teams that refuse to do anything and then you lose the match and it gets pointed out that your win rate is 49% like its your fault you cant 1v12….. Battleships refuse to tank because of DD’s and HE spam, DD’s refuse to spot because of CV’s and the huge amount of Radar and cruisers without smoke island hump and refuse to move unless someone is spotting for them to HE spam… WG have messed up world of warships

  7. “What is the most you ever lost on a coin toss?” : Anton Chigurh (No Country for Old Men)

  8. The game has changed. The more experienced players don’t play as much anymore. The older player base took time and learned the game. This new meta of new players who buy or are gifted a high tier ship, usually a battleship, then go out just to farm damage has changed the game for the worse. It’s not the match making, being uptiered means you need to adjust your tactics and accept the challenge. Players need to go back to learning the game and not just damage farming.

    • This ‘new meta’ as you term it, are actually the reason that things like Russian Bias exist, and the reason that German ships kinda suck now… The new players are not actually playing the game correctly in the first place!

  9. I literally just had my best ever game in my t6 Vasteras in a t7 game. I did over 60k in damage with 2 kills and helped with 3 other kills (1 was actually stolen from me at the last second)… Then the team folded with our T7 Colorado camping the back of the map at full health… We had a 2 to 1 advantage…

    And we lost.

    • I got a kraken in my T-61 last week it was fun. I notice that even on a loss at lower tiers it is usually not a blow out.

  10. And here, i play for 3 days without win, they say random is random, but for me, that algorith is sick, im always in top 3 experience, but my team, they is a joke

  11. I saw a Siegfried yesterday and asked him “Siegfried when?” but he only spazzed out and told me to capture B while I was literally already doing that.

    bretty gud early access guys

    • He wouldn’t have known when. The CC’s get to test the ships they don’t decide when they get released. However, I’m not saying he gets a pass for being rude. There’s no need for that kind of behavior.

  12. Sorry Zoup the match maker is broken. Win or loose maybe 1 of 20 games is competitive win or loose. Regardless of the reason the game is loosing its fun factor.

  13. “Why your team sucks”

    …when half the team BBs hide for fear of a little scorching
    …when cruisers are sailing around the backfield trying to find the perfect mountain to lob HE behind
    …when destroyers immediately start saying, “Screw it, I’m not going in and dying just to spot/cap”
    …when the rest of the team seems to want to hold fire, making you the shell sponge until after you die

    The overpopulation of players that want to do nothing but these things are quickly sucking the fun from the game…if there’s any left.

    • I have started reporting the BBs on the edge of the map because frankly that isn’t where a GK is most effective nor any other BB, medium range is best damage I find. I did what I could to fire proof my BBs and for the most part the flame throwers are annoying like mosquito but don’t do too much except when the rest of my is not engaged and I have 5 of them firing at me. Typically in a CA the kiting kind I have an average of 2 million potential on my ship by the end. DDs well people screwing the DD players is not new.

    • lol ah you forget the main cruiser Meta first fucks over the DDs and then when the DD responsibility is on the CA CL boats they leave the BBs to run and hide. all the ship types are important and contribute more or less to a victory OR DEFEAT. take ur bias cancer somewhere else shipm8 or better yet play the last 4 years and understand why you are probably the reason why your team isnt winning more than 50% of the time. aka you might need to change things up before blaming others in a team based game. sure weve seen the hiding BB, what about the pack of coward cruisers farming dmg caring 0 about the outcome of the game just there personal stats? check m8 ship m8

  14. No, it is not just RNG … it is also a big part the MATCHMAKING algorithm … which sucks! And WG does not seem to see the need to change that.

  15. The worst kind of game is where you carry the team kicking and screaming toward victory, only for your hard work to go to waste. Once you go down, as you’ve been putting your ship on the line all game, the rest of the ‘team’ collapses shortly thereafter to some strange combination of incompetence, apathy and idiocy.

    • I had a game like that, 200k damage kraken with Amagi.
      The whole team died, In the end it was me aigainst other 5 players, I killed 2 more in the end

  16. The issue is their are far too many casual players and people ‘playing for fun’, and unfortunately, this game doesn’t support casual play (at least in randoms anyway). This is still a team game, and I REALLY wish WG hadn’t allowed people to mute chat. How else are the noobs going to get better unless the good players can tell them? The issue is, at what point does you ‘having fun’ go from actually have fun to becoming you just trolling the other 11 players on your team?

  17. As far as the teams goes, I noticed a big change after 8.0 and not just when there are CVs. I have gone 14 without a win over multiple days. I really don’t care for random and if it were not for clan battles I would have walked away from the game a long time ago.

  18. From my experience within World of Warships is that other players judge far too harshly upon other players. Mistakes happen, not everyone performs up to the standard the other player expects. I’ve been heavily put off from playing higher tiers because the usual “Low win rating, you suck” gets tossed around. Win rating is NOT an accurate representation of a person’s capacity to play the game. You can be on top of every game you play and still not win the game… What happens? You drop in win rating. If only people would stop insulting other players based on non-accurate win ratings, we’d have a completely different game. Stop encouraging people to hide and not participate because you’ll insult them for a mistake they make; Encourage them on playing as best as they can, even if that includes making mistakes.

  19. Nowadays, playing WoW’s is just like playing Russian Roulette. The game is already close when it hasn’t even begun. I look at he MM and already know if we lose or win. And 90% of the time I’m right. And that’s infuriating and taking out my pleasure of playing this game.
    WG really needs to look at this, because even more than Russian bias or German power creep, this is killing the game. At least for me…

    • Bring a friend, disable battle chat, and delete anything that tells you how well your teammate/enemies play. Works for me (so far, at least)

  20. Zoup, I have given a lot of thought to the sucky team issue, and started collecting some data on the subject using Matchmaker Monitor (MMM). Over the last several hundred games, most of the time I have compared the average stats that MMM gives you (acct WR, ship WR, Player Rating, avg XP) to the outcome of the battle. For someone like me that has grad level education in stats there are a lot of correlations and causality tests I could run, but I was really interested in some more in your face type of stats.

    Here’s couple of examples, when the team avg acct WR is 3% or higher that team wins at least 90% of the time…. when it’s 4% or higher it’s 100% (it’s probably really 99.X% but in my tracking the lower team has never won). Fortunately the 4% matches don’t happen too often, but the 2.5 to 3% do happen fair amount; 15% to 20% of the time. Don’t know about you, but having between slim and none chance of winning 20% of the time stinks.
    The thing is, it is relatively easy for WG to fix while adding zero wait time. It’s as easy to swapping 1 to 3 players from one team to the other until the experience mismatch falls below some threshold level. Adding these rules to the matchmaking rule set would add a few milliseconds of server time at most, and you still have a mix of potatoes and unicums on each team… just a more even spread of it.
    The real question I have, is that this is such an easy solution, I find it hard to believe WG has not taken a look at implementing something like this. However, they have resisted this for a long time, and I wonder what their reasons are?

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