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Testing the American Heavy/Light hybrid known as Wichita, really fun experience and can’t wait for the release. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII American Cruiser Wichita Replay

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  1. Give it a heal in the radar slot (so you have to make a choice).

    Not a super-heal, but a standard tier 9 heal.

  2. I dearly hope Wargaming doesn’t change this too much. It looks to be a fantastic addition to the American cruisers.

    • @Dylan Wight, my point was that since I already have Des Moines, there is no reason to play this ship as it doesn’t offer anything new to me. The playstyle is similar and the performance is worse.

    • Yavor: Could that have anything to do with it being a T-VIII I wonder?
      I’m only up to New Orleans, so I’ll certainly be getting Wichita as a profitable captain trainer to help me learn the skills necessary with Baltimore, Buffalo and Des Moines. Although by that stage, I will probably have all the coal I need to purchase Salem if that turns out to be a profitable solution.

      Still, Wichita looks like a fun ship and a huge upgrade over New Orleans, so knowing I’m a fairly good NO player, Wichita should fit me like a comfortable pair of old shoes.

    • His *point* is that “I have a Des Moines, why do I need this”. No point in arguing with him.

    • @ Dylan Wight, I’ve already explained my reasons why I don’t see this ship attractive. If you are new to the game and don’t have close to 9k games (my number of games), you may not understand me.

    • I’ve 6K games under my belt. I only have the time to play on Thursday and Friday evenings. My only T-X ships are Minotaur and Khaba. My most-played ship is Fiji. My WR on Pensacola and New Orleans is 56% and 54% respectively. Suffice to say I’m not as experienced with USN heavy cruisers as you are, but I can rightfully consider myself a decent judge of what makes a ship effective.

      So, _for a T-VIII heavy cruiser_ I consider the Wichita to be quite strong in capable hands, though also easily accessible as a _trainer_ for less experienced captains like myself. For its tier, this is a strong premium.

      But for somebody such as yourself who has already played through the USN heavy cruisers and has settled into the Des Moines’ nature, you would have no _reason_ to play this, when the Des Moines does everything this can, only twice as effectively. I completely understand that.

  3. How can this OP monster be brought out when at the same time WG bring out the utterly useless and pathetic Vanguard.
    U.K. players STOP giving money to these idiot jerkovs.

    • Tony Lynn I’m getting sick of WG pandering to US players with the amount of ships they keep getting. But it’s a business and WG knows that Americans will buy “whatever” as long as it flys the Stars and Stripes.

      RN still needs a replacement for Belfast.

    • Because Conq isn’t still one of the easiest and most powerful ships to use in the game…

    • Brendyn Bartos This is about Premium Ships. Thanks for your input though.

  4. With this ship why would you take an IJN cruiser out of port – it has faster reload, faster turret traverse, better citadel, better AA, radar and now better stealth.

    • excatly

    • IJN cruisers aren’t worse. In skilled hands they’ll still outdamage a Baltimore/Witchita. You pick IJN cruisers if you like kiting and starting fires. IJN cruisers are about alpha strikes and fires, not dpm. Why do I have to explain this every time a U.S. cruiser is mentioned?

      I recently bought back the Myoko, Mogami and Ibuki after reading all the whining. I hadn’t played these ships in at least 1.5 years. Getting 120k, 140k and 170k damage averages respectively over 5 or so matches each tells me these ships aren’t the problem, even when bottom tier.

  5. Im sorry, Ive already gone up against 3 or 4 of these ships, and either the captains were complete idiots, or this ship is garbage, because every match it got deleted off the map within the first 5 minutes

    • all it takes is a BB’s focus, which didnt happen in this game. That Bismarck on the enemy team could have walked through several cruisers to help his DDs but went the long way just to die

    • Thats not an excuse. If it is as good as Notser is trying to sell it, then “New Ship Syndrome” shouldnt be much of an issue or again just bad players at the helm of it.

    • They also may have been doing some wild things to test certain things.

    • But Notser _isn’t_ trying to sell it as a good ship. He explicitly addressed that it’s an _easy_ ship if you’re already comfortable with the not-so-easy playstyle of cruisers in general. a great cruiser player will make this ship a real nightmare, but a mediocre cruiser player will only ever get mediocre performance out of it. Low skill floor, high skill ceiling. In other words, a perfect T-VIII premium.

    • Or is it that a confessed DD player is just happy about another nerfed radar. Hard to conceive that a T8 ship will do well in T10 which is where it will be played most of the time with it’s T7 radar. Just can’t see it. I mean we are talking about a American Cruiser and if you have ever played one you know how easy it is to get deleted if you are spotted with a battleship on your flank. I am sure the fact it has less hit points will also be a benefit………to the red team.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks notser sounds like a more upbeat ichase?

    • Honestly, Pineapple, Notser annoys me with his “gun systems” and “torpedo systems” when he should just be saying guns and torpedoes. Or “factions”. These are real countries and real navies, for the most part, not made up groupings (other than Pan-Asian or Pan-South American, which mostly exist so that they can share captains, rather than being a collection of a bunch of minor navies that can never share captains).

    • +crucisnh agreed. He is young though, product of his times I guess

  7. why did they pick this never used camo? wichita is famous for that “ripped” camo. kinda her trademark and would be more interesting imho

  8. Yay Wichita 🙂

  9. I’m Going to Wichita!
    Far from this opera forevermore!
    I’m gonna work the straw!
    Make the sweat drip out of *_Every_* pore!

    • And I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding
      Right before the lord.
      All the words are gonna bleed from me
      And I will sing no more.
      And the stains coming from my blood
      Tell me go back home!

    • I’m gonna fight ’em off!
      A seven nation navy couldn’t hold me back.
      They’re gonna rip it off!
      Taking their time right behind my stern.

      And I’m chatting to myself in game because I can’t forget.
      Back and forth through my bridge behind a torpedo… 🤣🤣🤣

  10. okay, one, this ship looks fantastic, I love the Baltimore and i’m sure I’ll love this, two, i’m loling so hard at the teamkill at 3:24. Typical newbie japanese DD captain…

  11. finally there is a chance for a team to have 7 different ships in operation Cherry Blossom…

  12. tier 8 DM with 10sec reload but good concealment

  13. So its only weakness is a less hit points? All the good stuff from a US heavy cruiser and all the good stuff from a US light cruiser ?

  14. Shit anther PTW ship !

  15. honestly i dont see where this ship gives up anything, it just has the best of both worlds, firepower, concealmeant, armor( that can afford to not worry being overmatched by every battleship) and even the HP which is the highest for the t8 light cruisers, considering some heavy ones in there too.
    this ship looking at stats alone seems to be amazingly strong, something needs to change about this, maybe take the armor back to 25mm and shave off those 900 hp idk

  16. So what’s up with the Witchita not getting her historical camo?

  17. A USN ship that doesn’t suck bottom keel? The outrage will be enormous. How dare WG make a USN ship that isn’t bottom of tier. It’ll get nerfed.

    • Glad to know you level of knowledge has the worchester down as a useless under powered ship, if only you had been able to warn all the top players in ranked that they were playing a useless ship just think what they could of chosen and halved the grind.
      For your info there are a number of USN ships which are ace in the hands of a half decent player.

    • +Kneecapper unicums can take a turd and clean house with it. Anecdotal capability of top 1% is not how you balance product for thousands of customers. Well maybe in esports…
      But that’s what’s wrong isn’t it?
      Worcester isn’t overly op, it just has one mechanic loophole the meta exploited that needs closed.
      But of course this is perfect example: here was a ship the masses could do well in and it’s not live for a month before WG had to “fix”.
      Tell me, has that happened for other lines’ “strong” ships?
      No it hasnt

    • But then they can correct tech tree ships. You can’t fix premiums once sold.
      ….until WG changes their mind on that too

  18. I think an additional 200 meters of surface detection will balance it in my opinion because of the radar. My wallet approves this purchase.

  19. It’s a good ship? Nerfs incoming in 3… 2… 1…

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