Will it Play? – World of Warships – Ryzen 5 2400G – VEGA 11 – Benchmark

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If you have an older 4 core PC, either AMD or Intel, and you’d like similar performance to what you see here, either of these 2 add-in graphics cards will perform similar to the VEGA 8 you see here:


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  1. Just bought an x370 board that was on sale and came with a warships premium account code. Excited to start playing!

  2. The Vipor29 Linux and Retro Channel

    wow this cpu is amazing on what it can pull off.i need a laptop with this

    • The Vipor29 Linux and Retro Channel i think acer and asus have some, they dont do this well but they perform exceptionally for mobile parts

    • their laptop processors are only 15w so they don’t do so well on games, not to say theyre bad, they just cant do long term intense use.

  3. How… “Will It Play”. Tech Deals will let you know…

  4. A Tech Deals video, a cup of coffee, and a World of Warships game-play video. My day is complete. Time to go outside.

    Just kidding; it’s time to play some games. LOL

  5. I dont think you can accurately bench world of warships right now. A memory leak was introduced in a previous patch

  6. Has it been a year already since gpu prices exploded? And if so , is this our new normal?

    • They really exploded about 3 months ago. For instance on the high end, a gtx 1080 ti in December could be found for $750. That same card is now $1200. 5 months ago, a 1050 ti could be found for somewhere near $170. They’re now over $200 and a regular 1050 is in the 165+ range.

  7. any clue when ryzen 45w (gaming laptop) will be out? this in a fair priced laptop would be perfect for my wife

  8. please will it play pubg on g4560 and gt 1030 please

  9. S*a*N*z*n Whatevero0o

    hey tech deals..make “will it play warframe” please

  10. What should i buy ryzen 5 2400g or g4560 with gtx 1050 2gb??

    • Prisoner of the Highway

      manya garg – the 1050 is gonna give you better numbers. I’d get a Ryzen 4 core instead of the 4560, especially if they all go on sale before “Zen+” launches. At the frame rate you get from the 1050, the quad core will give you a smoother experience.

  11. Bro any expectations of graphic card’s price being back to normal this year??

  12. I am planning to upgrade my current build so could you suggest me about the processor which would be the best with GTX 1060 6 GB?

  13. I’ve never palyed this game but the graphics looks amazing and it appears to work great on Ryzen APUs. Thx for the test

  14. Since the memory prices are high, and ryzen apus like dual channel, what is the compatability between memory stick like?

    As in, will a 8gb stick and a 4 gb stick in dual channel be ok?

    How about different brands of ram and different ram speeds?

    Can I just by any two sticks(as long as they are ddr4) and plug them in and expect them to work?if not, they why

  15. Your GFX is set to default.Try turing it up in the BIOS. Not from Crimson.

  16. Stalewind Farto1078

    You Tube gives TD the Purple mattress ad at 4 min long again, I mute it and come back to it when the ad has finished. Will they let Tech Deals have the ad revenue, doubtful. This 4 minute ad on a less than 5 minute video is total crap and shows the dirty games You Tube is playing with content creators. Patreon if you can pitch in a buck or more a month because YT is playing very dirty.

  17. If the Ryzen 2600 were to ship with slightly faster core speeds and VEGA on board graphics … then AMD can gladly take my cash now!

  18. Woohooo finally the one video I’ve been waiting for you to upload since the Warships on 2200G video. I can now peacefully unsub from here…. Just kidding you doing real good man, keep it up. Will go compare the 2 videos side by side now. If you do a twitch video about Warships on Ryzen 2x00G overclocked please also post here if possible or notify the YouTube gang somehow. Thanks man

  19. cool game. even 30 buck G3420 igp HD4200 runs it in 720p medium gfx

  20. Have you got a World of Tanks video to come? Preferably version 1 test server. I’ve just put together a basic system using the 2400g and an AB350n. I’m still tweaking settings. GPU was set to 400mhz by default.
    Have you got a settings list anywhere. Considering getting a graphics card as well. So far most of the money was spent on Ram, SSD and case.

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