Winner’s Ticket Personal Mission – 35% Premium Ship Coupon | World of Warships Legends

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You are required to complete 3 simple tasks in the next week. After the tasks are complete, you will get a 35% coupon to apply (one time) if you purchase any of the 58 Premium ships listed in the store.

Check it out and “choose wisely”. Good luck!

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  1. So you click on them and they show all of them?

  2. Been so tempted to use my doubloons for the Indianapolis and with this coupon the silhouette of the ship looks just like it

  3. Nice, to bad I’m broke at the moment. I’ll pass before I’ll be able to get one of those boats.

  4. my first premium ship was graf spee while i was new to the game, best part was i got her for free in a crate. i don’t remember what event but funnily enough, it introduced me to azur lane (even though the event wasn’t out yet). thank you for the video

  5. And there he is. Thank you very much Sir. Been waiting on this video and this exact same ship to go on sale or have something like this. I have had my eyes on it since it hit the store and heard nothing but great things about her. HYUGA
    You are THE MAN..Man!

  6. With the Weimer going up a tier I’m looking for a replacement in tier VI. What do you recommend?

    • For a Tier 6 Premium ship? Or do you need a Premium Cruiser? For sure Strasbourg is great at Tier 6 but it is a BB. Also it look like Tier 7 Premium is going to be the money maker Tier.

  7. there should be a discount for global exp too

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