Winning a losing battle with a healing khaba || World of Warships

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Player: phantomcruise
Ship: Khabarovsk
Map: Loop

User Description:
Is not a game with tones or kills, but is a very tense one, won in last 15 seconds…very nice match.
on khaba is better then smoke, I received more dmg then my total HP

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  1. michał Zachariasiewicz

    damn, finally before 50 vievs 😀

  2. medicalM4 ontheway

    i made 126

  3. PK all about the body count – gg

  4. i´m still pretty new to wows. is having heal on a dd really that strong? (when compared to having a smoke screen)

  5. lol of course I sent in a huge comeback game in my khab on the same day he posts a khab video. RIP

  6. That Yamato kill was so timely I almost fell off my chair, then the last second kill against the Shokaku before time limit lose.

  7. Kiettisak Srikeaw

    Not is DD
    Is Cl mini

  8. Man you played so well!

    Sometimes while whatching this I was so angry at some of your teammates. But it is mostly when one has bad teammates that one can excel.

    Keep it up!

  9. +Panzerknacker Thx for uploading this game, the day after I put this replay on my wows client upgraded to 0.6.3 so I couldn’t watch it or record 😀 keep up the good work !

  10. Enough with these pathetic replays.

  11. 2:59 Engine boost disappears in 25 sec of remaining time

  12. Don’t get me wrong,  that khaba player played an outstanding game but it was that Shima player that actually saved the game from being a loss, when he moved into C at 17 minutes.  Had he not done that or had the enemy CV have the foresight to use his torp planes to attack the shima, no one else would have been close enough to stop the ticket counter or kill their CV before the loss.

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