WOLFPACK U-BOAT SUBMARINE Gameplay! Steel Ocean Gameplay!

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WOLFPACK U-BOAT SUBMARINE Gameplay! Steel Ocean Gameplay!

About Steel OCEAN!
“Steel Ocean” is a free-to-play, MMO shooting game. As a navy commander, you may choose 6 types of warships used in the World War II to fight the 16vs16 battles. Start the voyage with your warships and fight for the honor of your fleet!

Download now! – http://store.steampowered.com/app/390670/


  1. It doesn’t have Indiana Jones climbing on the hull though.

  2. torpedo speed changes based on selected range. If you set it for a shorter
    range it will go faster.

  3. hello phly i m been playing quite a bit and i can recommand u unlock a type
    of ships of each class ( cruiser cv cl bb) so u can get free commander to
    fill up your crew slot. i agree with other comments eauip smoke and other
    equipment to recover your oxygen or repair if needed. repair module is not
    1 use only just so you know, it has charges. btw if u re deep and not
    moving an inch you ree virtually undetectable. as well the faster u move
    the less camouflage u get so keep that in mind. mm i think i m done, and
    torps have 2 different speed depends if fires on surface or shallow water.

  4. do they have the sub that runs on a walther turbine?

  5. looks like WoW

  6. your dumb ass camera work is going to make me sea sick ! did you forget to
    take your attention deficit disorder medication ?

  7. Marc Ariadne Tabalba

    What music is that?

  8. The song is Unsere Marine

  9. Would you say that this is better than World of warships?

  10. I play steel ocean as a sub camander I got 2 battleships 1 sub and 3

  11. perfect songs mind if i get the links? :)

  12. Goodbye world of warships and hello Steel Ocean!.

    Anyone else quitting world of warships for a while ?. I feel world of
    warships has become exceptionally stale and boring.

  13. DoubleD EddBoy (Sockhead)

    You just received another subscriber. Love the videos, keep up the great

  14. Love the music choice buddy, makes me want to eat bratwurst and wash it
    down with a good weis beer lol

  15. awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. are the speeds of the subs realistic or balanced for game purposes? It was
    one of the main arguments put forward against subs in WOWS. Sorry if this
    already asked just thinking aloud

  17. I give the game credit for trying to implement submarines, but it is
    horrible in just about every other aspect. Steel Ocean is like bing, no
    matter how hard you try, its just not going to happen.

  18. At least we know what Phly’s next stream music will be

  19. would be a wolfpack if there were more subs play with slick and baron and
    do the wolfpack that music is nice in a german upbeat and german language
    found th3 perfect turn

  20. Wow, and I thought the ships moved around like race boats in World of
    Warships. In here its like they are paper boats rather than 40,000 tonne

  21. steel ocean or WoW?

  22. Der flagge schwarz weiss rot

  23. surfaced and submerged speeds the torpedo goes faster if your submerged
    then if you launch it on the surface as it has a deeper track

  24. hehe thad music omg

  25. I would guess that the torpedo speed depends on the depth. The deeper the

  26. You have certainly earned your broomstick

  27. Dude, next video try “Preussens Gloria”.
    I had my after-boot camp ceremony marching to it.
    It’s awesome!
    You’ll like it.

  28. nicely moody video, Phly. Enjoyed the music and those melancholic lyrics,
    too. But aside from the fact, that I dont seem to get the in-depth
    mechanics of this game… it looks sooooo muddy and washed out. As a
    PC-only gamer, I always get a rash from Wii-looks.

  29. Its funny if you actualy speak German xD

  30. music ruined everthing

  31. i just wish they was EU servers atm its verry laggy for me 150-200 ping on
    NA severs

  32. Przemyslaw Kuszynski


  33. I got 6 kills without dying in a Farragut Destroyer once that was fun

  34. World of warships rip-off ?

  35. DAS BOOT ~!

  36. If you like a uboat sim with more realism try Silent Hunter 5

  37. jason “pandaboy626” johnston

    wow he cleaned fuckin house i especially loved his annihilation of those
    japanese carriers big bastards were helpless

  38. phly you should try the tier 5 jap sub

  39. I’ve heard of arcade but this is utterly ridiculous lol. Makes me want to
    hop into SH3 GWX.

  40. on war thunder use the kv1

  41. on war thunder use the kv1

  42. LOOLZ

  43. the torpedo speed is how deep yuor under water

  44. Good one Phly! Although you might want to consider taking a few repair kits
    with. They will take care of those nasty leaks for ya!

  45. Soooooo a lot of yall are saying this isn’t broken and SHOULD be in WOW

  46. Haha like a fox in the henhouse 🙂 CL should guard BBs agains subs istead
    of yolo rushing:P btw 2nd torp speed is for prem torps a bit p2w but
    nothing special tbh ;]

  47. yellow submarine!


  49. Dat music!

  50. Phly, can I join you, please?

  51. Enjoyed this vid somewhat, Phly leave out the crappy “music” next time ….

  52. please do less talking, more music like this. it is really enjoyable

  53. love your German singing voice. is that Laura playing the music?

  54. can anyone say the names of the music?

  55. Now I’m gonna go watch ‘Das Boot’

  56. i dont know if some one already said it but there is premium ammo including
    torps. you can find it under maintenance

  57. Like For The Song

  58. Welcome Steel Ocean

    Go Fuck Yourself Wows

  59. This video is released so quick…its quite unexpected for me…but anyway,
    good work and keep it up, try to get the Scharnhorst and make a video of

  60. That was hilariously brutal.

  61. i love this kind of videos <3

  62. Phly loving the subs, could you give us some contrast and show a little
    destroyer and depth charge gameplay?

  63. It’s a long way to Tipperary. It’s a long way to go

  64. TwistedSister/Haratiofales

    I am so happy that someone made a Navy MMO game for the Gay community. It
    looks a lot like Battle stations Pacific crossed with Navy Field.

  65. this made me want to go and listen yo sabaton – wolfpack xD

  66. What are the names of those songs?

  67. The all-period music was a nice touch. :)

  68. Love the music!
    BTW please play some moar Battle Stations Pacific.

  69. Interesting choice in Music Phly I like it!

  70. i’ve been there Phly. had to surface because i was low on oxygen. I’d
    surface as i waited to reload, dive then fire, only to surface again.

  71. phly can you play some more naval field 2 plz????

  72. phly pls use atlanta class next vid :)

  73. WOWS needs submarines

  74. Aww, “Wir Lagen vor Madagaskar” would have been so much more appropriate.

  75. Love the music at the end there Phly! ^_^

  76. what are the difference between each nation Submarine on this game?

  77. Hey Phly! Love your vids! 😉 I have started playing war thunder and steel
    ocean because of you, but would appreciate a few answers: Does Gaijin give
    you a special WT acount to show off the game or have you made it on your
    own (cus me much jelly)? Also how does leveling in SO work? Much confuse.

  78. THE MUSIC!!!!!

  79. If any German Youtuber would use that song he would probably get banned :P

  80. xXOne_of_your_French_GirlsXx

    This music gets me so hitlered

  81. The IJN Subs are huge, nearly as big as an DD but their torps do a shitload
    of dmg.

  82. Phly, the different speeds and ranges are because there are normal and
    premium torps, if i’m not mistaken

  83. I had heard of this game a couple times and thought of it as a crappy spin
    off of WOWS… I decide to watch this video to confirm my suspicion…
    *hears U-boat* *opens steam shop*

  84. would have been cool if native language support is on for the game, like
    the crew speak german when using uboat and bismarck

  85. so the values depicted are the values of each ammo type

  86. I will only accept the Wolf Pack tactic if they listened to the music at
    8:45 exclusively while executing the attacks.

  87. Torps two settings: faster but lower range or slower but with an increased

  88. I’ve got the japaneese tier 3 sub and it has 2 rear torps, 4 at the front
    and two main guns.

  89. Dat music dough :3

  90. the two different stats could be front tubes and back tubes

  91. should really equip repair kit smoke screen and fire extingisher, also
    ecnourging to show how op a sub can be when it doesnt face a intelligent
    enemy that doesnt out run the sub lol

  92. I’ve Heard That Wehrmarcht At the beginning Of the Battle Footage Before,
    Phly Please Tell me the name of the song!

  93. DAS BOOT MOTHFUCKAS! I’m guessing the torps initial speed is the low end of
    the scale and accelerates to its top speed.

  94. thre Father lad would be proud Mein sir

  95. what was that last music

  96. I tried this game and i don’t really know what to think about it. I’m glad
    that there’s some competition for WG money suckers but it just doesn’t feel
    right. It’s too fast paced, torpedoes are too fast also, ships go from full
    speed to a complete stop in like 50 meters… I don’t know but i will play
    it a few more times as it can get better than it is. I feel that subs are
    just regular ships with 2 levels of invisibility. To add some kind of
    immersion when playing a sub i think that, at some point (when under water)
    you should be inside the sub. As it stands right now, subs are way too OP
    and doesn’t feel like you’re playing a sub. My opinion of course.

  97. That was amazing. Your really good at this Phly.

  98. Torp speed is based on the rate gas is released, if you release it faster
    they sail faster but wont sail as far, so for the 65 knot configuration
    they’ll sail 15 nm, and for the 71 knot configoration they’ll sail 10.5 nm
    or some such, havn’t played the game but that at least how it worked in the
    real world, sailers were able to tune pretty much how far they wanted their
    torps to go, and the speed would depend on it

  99. Glad you start to like this game, so far im pretty happy with it, too. Way
    more Arcade then WoWS but the way Torpedos and Artillery works is far
    better imho.

  100. Modded Vents consumable really reduces your surface time needed to get more

  101. und wer ist alles deutsch hier ? :D

  102. That song is called Deutsches Flaggenlied (german flag song) and actually
    dates back to the first WW. It is though a german marine song and thus
    somewhat accurate to this video, which kind of impresses me Phly :)

  103. Now I see why they didn’t include these in World of Warships.

  104. great video, great game! :D

  105. The German torps had two speeds that effected the range.

  106. There are 2 types of torpedos you can load, similar to World of Tanks, they
    are either standard or gold bought ammunition. Same goes for the guns and
    their ammo.

  107. the higher speed torp is for premium torps since this has the same ammo
    system from WoT. also dont know if you have noticed but you dont get
    infinite ammo in this game

  108. can you please make a video with the tigercat (f7f)

  109. nice work phly

  110. well i can clearly see that subs are really fun and playable , ya WOW
    please consider putting in subs once you completed the trees (as there are
    still missing gaps)

  111. Last time I came this early I watched the video! (You thought I was going
    to make a sexual joke weren’t you?)

  112. TheMultieSleepmaster

    the german music was nice

  113. So whats the balancing factor of submarines in this game?

  114. The second torpedo speed is the premium torpedoe you buy wiht gold

  115. Hey phly, Ive started playing yesterday and I have a question. Do torpedoes
    damage ally ships like in WOWS? Thanks

  116. I absolutely love the tier 3 Uboat. By far my most favorite sub

    Yo Phly, know if this game has a replay system at all? There’s some
    absolutely monstrous games I’ve had recently that it feels kind of wasted
    to just let them slide…

  117. U-boat OP, plez nerf hitler.

  118. see. if warships had takeen a more arcadey approach like this with subs
    they may of been able to use em… then again no one wants i 400s to fire
    long lances at them in warships.. better just keep them here where the few
    and the proud can enjoy them in all their ridiculousness

  119. So this is a World of Warships knockoff?

  120. type 7 U-Boot best U-Boot.

  121. Play more uboats

  122. U-boat is op

  123. Kraftwerk aus Leidenschaft

    Phly,you have to watch the movie ‘Das Boot’!
    Its about a german uboat fighting for survial in the Atlantic Ocean.I can
    just recommend it,a very famous film here in Germany.

  124. The second value Phly is the speed of the premium torpedo ;)

  125. Actually the typical Wolfpack *Wolfsrudel* U-Boot was the type 7C and not
    the 7A. They are very similar looking dough. Have a great day Phly! P.S.:
    Nice music. Greetings from Germany ;)

  126. I guess phly did never play silent hunter? otherwise he would know why
    there is a speed range for torpedoes….there are different kind of models,
    fast ones with low range and slow ones with high range, they also have
    different kind of power units….electronic, turbine etc.

  127. Submarines <3

  128. what music is that

  129. This video makes me think you should play with Baron and Slickbee in German
    upbeat and form ze Wolfpack

  130. World Of Warships spinoff

  131. I love the song selection Phly

  132. It would be awesome if you played some battle stations pacific

  133. Mhhhrrmmm the lovely music. brought back memories of my Navaltime. <3

  134. I believe Wolfpack is the English expression for the German
    “Wolfsrudel”-Taktik. And that actually means several U-Boats joining at a
    position and attacking together as a team.

  135. downloading this game cuz you @phlydaily

  136. That was pretty cool :)

  137. we need those on world of warships

  138. The old Silent hunter days…

  139. Sabaton playing in the background.

  140. FYI, you are allowed to carry consumables … like repair kits and smoke
    … smoke makes you really stealthy, allowing you to vanish while serviced
    … and modded vents, allowing to recharge O faster.

  141. There is a Song about “Wolfpack” by Sabaton

    just listen to it

  142. Gaming With Daniel The Scot

    whats the song

  143. yes the wolf pack i want one of those

  144. sup

  145. U boats be sik!

  146. does anyone know how to get the game

  147. com on WOWS U boats !

  148. last

  149. I’m early

  150. Daily love your vids keep up the good work

  151. first

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