Worcester AA Build into Comeback – World of Warships

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Playing my Worcester with a little AA investment see how effective she can be before season and CVs in competitive start. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Cruiser Worcester Replay

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  1. Shima pulled a notser

  2. Good money paid for Notser v. Flamu.

  3. I hate to say it but uh, my guy, having literally one single aa related skill does not make it an aa build. Thats just a normal wooster where you grabbed MFAA..

  4. it kind of sucks for the CV that either you can’t touch certain ships and anyone near them, or you get buffed so that you can and everyone starts crying about you being overpowered

    big pointer though, I would NOT sacrifice DE on the Worcester, the very aura of “it’s a Worcester, what are you doing” is enough of a ward. I’d rather set more fires

  5. Not really an AA build…

  6. Worcester need no AA buffing stuff when there are no triple T10 cvs on each team…

  7. Every time I see a game with ships like the Worcester and the Minotaur, I keep thinking that those magazines must be completely empty after 15 minutes of near continuous fire. And the Graf was probably trying to close to get his rather respectable secondaries into action before he went down, to get a smidge of extra damage.

    • i mean he did. his secondaries got some decent licks in. Accuracy wise, it almost looked like he was a secondary build

  8. You need to switch your fire, when the spot your shooting at on the enemy ship turns black. When it turns black that means there is no more Health in that section of the ship, and you have to change to a different section to continue doing damage. You can do some damage up to a point after it turns black, but at some point you will do zero damage. You only did this once on the monarch, but you could have killed it if you didn’t keep shooting the bow, and instead went for a different section of the ship. GG, and I really love your commentary. Can you tell me what editing software you use for your video editing? I love how you add in your commander skills, and I love your audio overlay, so can you tell me what you use? Thanks!! Amazing job again, and keep up the amazing videos?!

  9. Show with T10 CVs. Or title the video more honestly. You can do better.

  10. The Worcester isn’t a light cruiser, it’s a mobile CIWS.

  11. Hey Notser, I love your content but I have to agree that this video doesn’t accurately represent the Worcester’s AA in the current meta. First of all you where facing a tier 8 CV and only one at that. Just about any tier 10 cruiser would have fared just as well. I have played many battles in her since the CV changes and against tier 10 CV’s it’s a different story, lord help you if it’s against two (I know that’s changing though). Even with “AA” build a Midway can blow you out of the water in a full strike. The AA isn’t bad compared to many other declawed tier 10 ships but it’s not enough for you to sail around alone and survive against a CV that has targeted you. I personally feel that Mino is way better. I have no fear of CV’s in her. The lack of HE means I can take manual AA without sacrificing elsewhere and her continued AA damage (the only thing that really matters against a good CV player) is way better than a Worcester. Same thing with the Hindenburg, although the AA range is less, you can comfortably deal with CV’s without having to sacrifice Hydro for AA. Anyway keep up the content, always appreciate your opinion even if I don’t agree in this case.

  12. Notser, watch the Izumo torps next time you play a red Montana (3:34)

  13. Whenever i take my Full AA Build Wooster out, its 40+ planes every game

  14. Unpopular opinion but I absolutely LOVE that camo!

  15. Great game Notser! this is just one of the issues I have with this CV rework, NONE of my ships are specced for their individual strengh anymore, all are trying to max out AA for the potential to maybe shoot down a plane or two. So instead of taking great skills and modules for DDs like torp reload or Radio Location you instead take secondary?/AA builds and MAA, same for cruisers- How much more damage would you have gotten this game with the full Wooster build (not totally focused on AA), and what do you get for it in the end? 24 planes shot down? How much XP and credits are that?
    So all ships now have to have some Meeh AA build to even be able to play and ints not even guaranteed to be CVs in the game (but usually is).

  16. *That Shima was running torp reload booster, HAD to be!*

  17. IMO you should ve died at least 3 times from BB AP in this game. It´s just so dumb that a worcester can sink a BB in a few seconds that just had your full broadside and got unlucky with overpens. HE is just way to OP in this game.

  18. Ship I am working up to and loved the video. New SUB

  19. IMO no point to sacrifice demo expert to better AA, just use Def AA consumable instead and have more reliable fires tbh. Plus this video has no AA reliable information, T10 AA vs T8 CV. But GG as usual anyway. 🙂

  20. Awesome game Notser! Worcester is a very strong ship, I’m currently really enjoying the Seattle.

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