Worcester Carry – 7KILLS 3.5k Base XP 287K DMG || World of Warships

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  1. Where possible, can we get a flask of the build, please?

  2. First comment and … WOW !, this game was more risky and suspensive than I expected before seeing it, and this Worcerster was lucky enough to do the damage he did, especially with those duels at minute 9:20 with the first Amagi and against that other cruiser, it hurts that I do not use High Explosive shells to set fire to that last Amagi towards the end and to manage to sink it with the Fire damage.
    Keep uploading replays to YouTube Panzerkacker.

  3. He would have had 8 kills and been alive if he had switched to Ap at then end with that final Amagi

    • Tom Peters he was using AP, just he was shooting slightly too low

    • Thats what i was gonna say he was hitting the armour belt straight on.

    • He was shooting AP, but the problem is the Worcester AP has terrible penetration – even at point blank range it was shattering on the Amagi’s belt. Should have instead aimed at the superstructure where it would been full pens.
      However do the same in a Minotaur (well, it doesn’t even have HE to begin with) and that Amagi would be been dead by the 4th volley.

    • Damage saturation might have had something to do with it as well. Should have put a couple of shots at the prestine bow and stern of the ship, would’ve done extreme damage.

    • Ok, but I really thought I saw orange tracer and not white going into that Amagi. I thought he forgot to switch .

  4. This ship gets nearly every consumable ever and the mino gets what? 3? What bs

  5. “Dakka, Dakka” I like this allusion to the orc gunners from Warhammer: 40.000 ?

  6. I have a code for you to draw

  7. amazing performance. That Montana at the end was just asking to get rammed.

  8. That happens, when a Worcester is ignored the whole match more or less. It goes wild. GG

  9. doesn’t appear he has IFHE.  Is that just me?

  10. Confused Blue Dragon

    Alright people, take note; If you’ve lost your sanity through grinding the US CL line, show it through the Worcester!

  11. Panzer how come on some of your vids you use Latin & Cyrillic letters in your titles?

  12. Panzerknacker, dann könntest du auch die 340k und 8kills mit der Worcester hochladen, die ich dir geschickt hatte. Halsey ist sogar für beide features angegangen

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