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Tried out a Worcester in a heavy CV game with no AA skills or modules, outcome was pretty impressive. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Cruiser Worcester Replay

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  1. It feels so weird seeing the NA players playing. They are soooo bad. Its like playing against bots. When Notser plays against EU it would also be easy but not that often. 😀

    • After the servers CW cross many EU players creat NA acts right? For last 6 m the game play on NA server is camping behind islands , something very familiar to EU game stile play. So get the aiming and ur ass and leave the NA server

    • +soleno74 The crossover includes normal players? Sure, i thought it would only include the clanwars.

    • +ArmchairWarrior Facts. No hate.

    • Ok well thanks to EU laws coming soon you won’t have the internet soon! So enjoy you arrogance and if your the typical EU personality then i allll for it

    • +Jerry Glaze well its true mate any pro shooter the EU players have won far more then NA like in CSGO i dont play it but even i know of the running jokes in that game when it comes to NA aim and teams

  2. 14 fires….this right here is why i have stopped playing for over a week even with all the flags captain skills and ship upgrades to stop fires and to make them go out faster in my yamato i still just burn to death game after game when there is island hugging and camping DDs and ships like this all over the place plus the CVs dont help im sorry for the rant but this just gets under my skin when i do my job in my BB and get punished and there is nothing i can do about it.

    No dount im going to get hate for saying this but i needed to say it sorry.

    • I love when BB captains cry about burning. It doesn’t matter that you can delete any cruisers at any distance with a single salvo,right? It doesn’t matter that unlike a cruiser you can bowtank 95% of the AP shells in the game,right? It doesn’t matter that you got a lot more HP and a lot more effective heal,right? What the fuck else you guys want??? Against a bowtanking yamato the only option any cruiser and most BB has is HE and you’re crying about not having options?? What the fuck do you expect? You want me in my Buffalo to go out in the open and say “yeah man,let’s fight it out!” WTF man??

    • Galactic Research Initiative

      +Jerry Glaze lmao

    • +T Papai lets see BB moves up with the team is asked to push so he does gets spotted then starts to get HE spammed by a buffalo and there is not a thing the BB can do counter play is fine what i dont like is players who hug a rock and spam HE with immunity and all they do is farm damg with not risk when a BB has to just take it yes BBs have heal but not all are the conq so they dont have a super heal like you seem to think and its on a long cool down and it is not hard for a cruiser to doge long rang shells close range fine but once every 30-26 secs.

      when the HE spamming cruiser just farm damg and can easily do 10K in HE damg not including fires before the BB can fire again and the yamato has a huge weak spot in the armor right in the front if you know where to aim yamatos can get nuked from the front with ease when you know where to aim BBs are just there for the xp now nothing more

    • +Tom Yorke Well, I believe you need to play cruisers then as you seem to think they are immune to everything and so easy to play them compare to BBs. Don’t forget to send me the vids about how well it went for you.. 😉

    • i was playing teir 5 brit BB and had 90% of my health destroyed by one dive bomber, hit me once set 3 fires, i put them out, then he hit me again, two more fires 20 secs later he was torping me, hit me 3 times with those for a grand total of like 3,000 torp damage, CVs are so fucked

  3. Notser im 1 teir away from Des Moines and I want to see if it can do what you just did with worchester

    • i have both wooster and DM, their AA is just fine

    • +Sarp Kaplan DM is more fun tho

    • +Rusty Shackleford well i have way litte games to decide that

    • ​+Sarp Kaplan Not fine, it’s murderous, I played Salem without any AA skill (just DM AA but doesn’t have close range). In any game, if tier 10 CV attempt to attack me, they will lose entire squad. The continuous AA is too high, even higher with sector reinforcement and DFAA. When DFAA activate each aircraft only has 2-3 times (2-3s) take damage in medium-range AA. Worcester has higher medium DPS and longer but effective long-range AA.

  4. It was a treat playing against you in this game Notser (I was the Midway). To be honest, I really couldn’t tell that you weren’t invested in AA at all. Your Worcester felt just as effective as any other.

  5. No Kraken for the kill steal on the lightning. Karma

    • Timothy Sysko there is no such thing as kill stealing. Only a dead ship is a good ship. Imagine him launching a last set of torps killing another teammate…

    • Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

      “Lightning is really important target”….Proceeds to start shooting Iowa instead while his radar is spotting Lightning. Lightning reappears on 80 health, steals kill. ‘Cause it was an important target…..

  6. I recently got the Mino, 82 planes shot down in 1 round earlier with no AA upgrades or manual fire O_o

  7. Not specing for AA and still clean out is not a good thing. Shows how broken it is

    • +Jerry Glaze Unless the AA guns are destroyed…

    • +QuestionMan Sure thing big guy….soon as they stop magically regenerating dead pilots and planes 🙂

    • +SergeantHop even late game when ships are almost dead it and many others put up as much flak as the begging of the match.

    • +Jerry Glaze It obviously depends on how the ship was getting hit, but I’ve had games where nearly all of my mid-range AA was knocked out. Makes it really hard to defend yourself now that auras don’t overlap.

    • Ok, thats just BS how many AA cruisers need to be useless so you could admit its pointless to have ships like that in game. Worcester is a somethin special, like Atlanta it, it needs AA as much as shima needs torps, that is its credo – to shoot down every bird in the sky.

  8. Galactic Research Initiative

    Notser is so happy CVs are a non factor now.

    • Galactic Research Initiative

      +Dave Quaschnick yeah paying attention and patience is key for CVs these days. Unfortunately I have to spend most of my time just spotting and not being able to help. An enemy has to be WAY out of position and under half health for my planes to stand a chance. More than likely I’ll lose half the squadron before the second pass. Normally i just fly over a target one time and send them back to the CV because I wont have anything left by the end if I don’t.

    • +Dave Quaschnick First of all people have tried pairing up to do cross drops and essentially it’s effectively impossible to get clean crossdrops via team work in the new system. You just can’t get the timing tight enough. Meaning they are still dodgable, unlike old RTS crossdrops. And even if you do get hits you’ll do, with two people, a small fraction of the damage you used to do by yourself in the old system.

      Oh, and you’ll lose most of your planes if you try and do more than one drop vs any ship with 60+ AA. Fighters also prevents more than one strike too. No AA build needed.

    • The Only part of the game i have struggled with is in a DDs. mostly the spotting.

    • You are and the other idiots are the type of players this game does not need. They will balance it.

    • +N1c3s you are another toxic player that makes this game bad.

  9. You tried this in a ship with a good aa, please try this in a ca ( Zao?) with weaker aa.
    I expect that will be a little bit harder.
    Like your vids Notser.

  10. That’s why it should be one carrier per team.

  11. Two CV on each team in tier 10? A rare sight these past days.

    • Galactic Research Initiative

      Thats because theyve been nerfed into the sea floor. Have to be very very very very careful and patient with a CV now.

  12. my wooster is the exact same i dont have any issue shooting down planes

  13. I find the thing with a ship not specced for AA is it becomes even more random. My NC has killed 4 planes after a half dozen strikes, or a dozen planes in just a strike or two – sometimes I can help protect DDs, sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter if I aid them with AA. My AA Baltimore has ranged from 0 plane kills in heavy air games and up to 20 in a match where I wasn’t even targeted.

    • Manual AA is really the only valid AA skill in the game atm as it allows you to keep your aura in position and maximize your constant AA. The Cv is only going to lose planes if they fly into a ship cluster or try to turn for another run inside the targets AA bubble.

  14. Well it goes to show you they weigh Buffet over the top and without even an AA build all the planes are lost and the planes taking damage during recall is ridiculous like I have no planes left halfway through the match I just suicide my CV into the middle of the caps and die I don’t play CVS anymore until they fix this

  15. As someone who got interested in CVs since the rework I would say keep the damage planes take but double the Torp damage they inflict…. Or raise the flood chance on them… Feels fucked when I get a perfect torp drop it does only 5k dmg / hit to a BB… But I guess we can thank that to the exploiters on the Haku after the initial update

    • Hi damage is exactly why the rework happened…. Yet nothing is done to dd that can insta kill almost evert ship in the game with Infinate torps to boot

    • +SCI …this is a joke, right? You’re genuinely proposing that destroyers do too much damage with their torpedoes? Have you ever heard of the W, A, S, and D keys? They’re located on the port side of your keyboard, very helpful things!
      Christ, glue-sniffers like you give us BB captains a bad name.

  16. I have seen Mino park literally in the middle of the map in smoke in epicenter game mode and you could NOT fly anywhere within 7km, creating a 14km circle no go zone of murderous AA, where your planes would die fast af. Enemy had total map control simply because of a single Mino parked in smoke and our CV’s could do nothing while their CV’s had free reign. The AA is still stupidly overpowered. Also how the hell the ships with dual purpose main guns are firing both at sea and air targets at the same time with no penalty!

    • That is a great point. The main guns should shoot at ships or planes but not both at the same times.

    • CloneD Anon if a Mino can park in the middle of the map without your team doing anything about it than who’s fault is that?
      There’s torps, radars, blindfiring into smoke…etc.

    • ​+T Papai Sure the team could have done “something”, but the few people that went they died first from enemy DD’s and that Mino and the rest of team just sailed on the edges. I dont blame the BB’s for not wanting to suicide, but the DP AA is also still too strong on some cruisers. It should get a penalty at least when the main guns are firing.

  17. Whenever I see a worchester I stop whatever I do and shoot it. Imho this ship is stupidly OP.

  18. AA seems really fair…0 points or moduls invested and still dont care about CV! Well done Wargaming…the rise of the CV was 1 week. Thx wargaming for this 1 week

  19. So weeks of complaning and the sky is falling about CV. It shows up and every vid about Haku and hate filled from everyone.
    Now one ship not even aa spec takes out 2 CV. In the first few min takes Henry with NO counter play but its ok because its not a CV doing the damage.
    If a CV had 0 counter play the comments would be how stupid the cv is.
    I am impressed with the comments because there is a fair amount of pro cv. If the cv could do its job there would not be camping ships.
    Maybe just maybe we can get to normal and stop blaming people for playing a game there way?

    • I played Alpha, both Betas and then post-launch.
      The idea that CVs prevent camping is like saying arty in WoT prevents camping.
      It’s nonsense, because what they do instead is murder anyone who shows initiative.
      Want to flank? Good luck, because if you’re found every CV wipes you with planes, especially if you’re a BB. This was true from the moment CVs were introduced (hilariously OP, too; the stats didn’t lie). Probably even more true now, because the nerf through far higher ‘constant damage’ AA is such that a CV can’t go near multiple ships without expecting their planes to melt.
      So what happens? The ships going forwards are spotted, usually by planes, and everything fires at them. No wonder DDs are screaming, although to be fair maybe they need to stop thinking YOLO to the nearest cap point is the correct play.
      I’d hate to be in a German BB that needs to get closer, especially while WG has dropped most BB’s citadels to the point the theoretical advantage of a turtleback isn’t that great while still suffering the massive standard pen damage salvoes.
      Pre-release many of us commented we doubted WG would ever manage to balance CVs so they were rewarding to play while not being insufferable to everyone else. They failed with the RTS version after a few YEARS of trying. I doubt they’ll do much better with this iteration because the nature of aircraft mobility and spotting from a safe platform is more or less a different game with game-changing possibilities across every aspect of surface ship play.
      If WG proves me wrong about that I’ll happily congratulate them. I’m not holding my breath on that, however.

    • Henry was way out of position; that was a bad play and he was punished for it.

    • +Zoner Roamer he was way out of position. Why Henry players move in early game is….well……interesting.
      I am being hyperbolic its been a few months of hearing about the game is over. Notser ran how many vids about no AA, then he thinks this game is perfict. Its been a very frustrating time for people that just want to try the new CV and not be called a bunch of names.

  20. Nice game Notser!

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