WORCESTER the US HE-MACHINEGUN || World of Warships

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  1. First Impression, i Love it

  2. So basicaly,bigger and better Atlanta?

  3. seems to be basically a Minotaur with HE instead of torpedoes. Not a bad thing really ;P

  4. Marc // OneManArmy

    Is there no reload mudule? cause 19,4 range on that low shell velocity doesnt look working well 😀

    • there is – but i am using the range module to get that range

    • Marc // OneManArmy

      Panzerknacker okay… but there was no situation in this video where you benefited from that range. Having the reload module equiped you would have had more DPM (:

  5. The consumables tho…

  6. so its a minotaur but with HE… thats what we needed -.-

  7. I think anyone will get HEarth attack

  8. Looks like it had difficulties to make damage to the Zao.

  9. you lost that game for your team by disengaging with the khaba instead of rushing him down…. with the enemy having 2 caps and 900 points, running from B was the worst possible play…

    • Every single engagement with a DD this tard starts kiting away, when this thing was MADE to charge them down. I was screaming at my monitor.

    • its easy to say AFTER the battle ^^ YOU know you do mistakes when u play in the heat of a battle 😉 i think we all did, but i think i could have won this too – not my best play there….

    • you know, when you testing a new ship the last thing is to waste the ship without testing much! it was my FIRST battle with this thing now i know better 😉

    • ignore them…that game was lost anyway..why are they blaming you who is top of the team even with mistakes, versus the dozen of potatoes on your team that didnt even come close to your score.

  10. NO GOD PLEASE NO! not a ship like the Minotaur that just hides behind a rock and spams shots after shots and this thing has HE with a 4sec reload…..why…….why just more HE spam….was the British BBs not enough…..its just another HE spammer..this is not what the game needs at all……i think i am just going to stop playing this game if all they are going to do is add more HE spammers

    • Someone’s SALTY!!!!!!! Lol I feed off your tears lmao

    • Yes, how dare WG give a cruiser line that’s been long neglected, and in need of some love, and not come out with more new battleships instead, even after the two and a half year non stop wave of new battleship lines, and premium battleships, since the German BBs came out.

      I swear, BB players act like the only ships that deserve love and attention are battleships, and that any other ship type that makes the game more challenging for BB players, need to be nerfed so hard they’re not fun to play, or eliminated, so BB players can be free to drive their BBs in nice straight lines, sit in the back and snipe, and not have to use one ounce of strategy and skill to play them.

      If WG totally gave into all of the BB players wants and cries, battleships not only would have the armor, firepower, and heals they do now, but they would also have nuclear tipped cruse missiles, warp drives, deflector shields, cloaking devices, and a Star Blazers wave motion gun mounted on the bow.

    • Exodriver the thing is that promoting HE spam is not great as well , at least in my opinion. I agree with you that finally US cruisers got some love at long last and I don’t even play them , I’m mostly a BB player.
      The thing is that having ships that can do well by just loading HE and just spam the living hell towards other ships is a bit annoying to say the least.
      However it’s refreshing to see that at least it doesn’t have a smoke screen and one good salvo can end it all really quickly , so it might require some skill to navigate those new us light cruisers

    • Exodriver also , as I said earlier I’m a BB player and I will tell you that I agree in a certain way about the battleship thing . Some battleships need some nerfs and others like the US bb needs a rework

    • “When everyone ‘s HE spammer, no one will be”

  11. Mir fehlt ein Kommentator bei Work in progress ? Aber gutes Video wie immer ??

  12. it doesn’t even have to choose between defensive AA and radar. WTF?

  13. Haste IF HE genutzt?

  14. Hydro , AA, Radar, and a Heal. I’ll take 2 🙂

  15. Sozusagen eine große Akizuki für den US Techtree. Hatte heute eine im Gegnerteam, die Feuerrate ist echt Krebs. Gerade mit großen Schiffen hast du fast keine Chance auszuweichen.

  16. Not very impressed despite the consumables. Seems like it takes forever to do any damage…even to DDs!

  17. USS Minotaur

  18. Super geiles Schiff kann ich nur sagen was noch toll wäre ist vlt ein 3 er Werfer pro Seite mit 6 oder 8 km aber nicht zu arg starke so pro torp 3 bis 5 k dmg was mir noch gefehlt hat mein bester ist dein live comentary so bisl was zu dem Schiff sagen deine ersten eindrücke was ich auch noch mega feiern würde und ich denke ich bin da nicht aleine das wäre ne face cam um dich mal zu sehen deine live Reaktionen und natürlich dich besser kennen zu lernen den #WeAllLoveYouPanzerknacker <3 <3 <3 #NoHomo ; ) richte dir doch mal ein tipi oder peatron Konto ein damit wir dich bißchen unterstützen können denke mal da gibt's mit mir eingeschlossen ein paar spende willige Unterstützer ja und wenn ma das geschafft haben dann schauen wa mal ob du Twitch Patner wirst dann geht's los mit livestreaming wenn du das möchtest ich würde es mega feiern den für mich biste der neste kontent creator was wargaming games betrifft und dieser Kanal hat Potenzial und ist noch ausbaufähig und ich denke mal die comunity hier steht hinter dir wenn du Hilfe brauchst bei irgendwas was ich oben aufgezählt und vorgeschlagen habe so nun fertig mit dem kleinen Roman danke an jeden der bis hier hin gelesen hat lasst doch mal einen Daumen oben da hier um zu sehen wär so fleißig war uns sich dievzeit nahm um zu lesen danke schon mal vorab dafür und wünsche euch allen gute EP reiche und Credits reiche Gefechte gut Jagt , reiche beute und gesunde Heimkehr und natürlich allen das beste für ihr Leben 🙂

    • Panzerknacker ich sehe das Schiff als ne HE Minotaur nur langsamere Schussfolge + höherer baltische Geschoss Flugbahn und ohne torps aber die würde ich noch der worchester geben wie oben im Kommentar gesagt einen kleinen 3er Werfer pro Seite wo ein Torpedo 3-5k DMG macht sonst wäre sie zu heftig und mega op


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