WORCESTER vs 3 Hakuryu AA MONSTER TEST || World of Warships

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  1. Hello BEST AA in the game 😛 ( WIP )

  2. I do not understand this ship. Is it not a Minotaur with defensive fire and HE, and a smaller citadel? Isn’t that just op?

  3. Husky The Dinosaur


  4. I want this ship

  5. CVs are already unplayable but still, every update keep neff CVs. (・´з`・)

    • 庵野雲 good thing if they want to play an rts
      They should go play one instead of pissing everyone else and whining about it

  6. year of the cv they said

  7. tried the same thing with my lvl 6 cleveland
    1 hakuryu was easy
    3 hakuryu’s have too many divebombers that you can`t evade by turning

  8. atlanta tier X

  9. might as well just copy the entire flamu vid

  10. This is just a repeat of Flamu’s vid from yesterday … yawn

  11. Hey Knacker ich habe immer das Gefühl bei deinen Videos, dass etwas mit der Bitrate oder der Verarbeitung nicht stimmt, es sieht immer etwas schlierig aus, gerade bei Bewegungen. Oder liegt das am Replay Tool?

    • hm denke das liegt an der Qualität im allg. bzw an der verarbeitung der aufgenommenen Datei. Es ist halt immer ein gewisser Kompromiss zwischen Quali und Dateigröße. Ich könnte da schon noch etwas schrauben dann wird die Datei aber noch deutlich größer und die ganzen Abläufe – Datei laden – schneiden – rendern – hochladen dauern einiges länger und ich brauche dann pro Video deutlich länger in der Bearbeitung.

  12. Die armen Cv Fahrer:D

  13. atlanta and mino had a baby !!! why wasn’t i notified ?

  14. Fun fact.
    The REAL USS Worcester was a disappointment.
    Her guns were not really fully automatic.
    They were designed in the late 30s and stuck in development hell for nearly 5 years when war broke out.
    America decided to invest in the tried in true 127 mm 38 cal gun then gamble on an unproven gun in wartime.
    At one point this gun turret was considered to arm the USS Montana.
    Her powder charge were automatically loaded in the gun breech but this turret being Dual Purpose had two shell
    elevators per gun.
    One shell elevator contained AA rounds and the other AP rounds.
    Now when this gun system was designed back in the 30s they haven’t figured out how to mechanically attach the two shell elevators to one gun and then make it operate reliably..
    So they skipped that part and used good old fashion sailor muscle to do the job of picking a shell from the elevator to the automatic gun loading tray which could be loaded at any elevation.

    The downside was that the Worcester Turret was heavy and complex and because one part of the loading procedure was done by hand it doesn’t have any benefit of fast rate of fire.
    60 kg of bullet. That’s more than a cement bag
    The longer the gun fired the slower it loaded.

    The Navy rejected the Worcester gun system and opted for a modified 152 mm version of the Des Moines gun system (which was fully automatic BTW) for future AA cruisers.
    Unfortunately Missile development took priority.

    • It was interesting to know that the Des Moines 203mm automatic guns were pretty good in service while the Worcester 152mm which its system was based on was considered a failure. Probably the fact the Atlanta with its similar number of 127mm was too similar & offered similar firepower as the Worcester 152mm with negligible benefits seen.

    • At half the displacement the Juneau class AA cruisers were built to drive the point home how pointless the Worcester was in her designed role.

      The Des Moines loading system was an offshoot from the Worcester turret when the latter got stuck in development limbo.
      The Des Moines main gun had the benefit of not being designed as a Dual Purpose gun which meant that the overall design requirement was simplified.
      Des Moines had one shell hoist and one powder canister mechanically connected to the main gun. No manual shell lifting was required.
      The dual shell hoist system that failed in the Worcester was eventually mechanically implemented in the Cold War era 5″/54 (12.7 cm) Mark 42 gun.
      Using 2 mechanical shell elevators loading their shells alternatively the MK 42 gun could lob 40 shells a minute.
      Imagine what a monster a light cruiser would have been armed with 12 x 152 mm of these guns

  15. The best way to get rid of CV players. I personally hate CVs they ruin the game experience.

  16. Working as intended. No adjustment necessary. 😉

  17. How do you get the jolly roger flag?

  18. This is somewhat disappointing. Worcester’s MAIN battery was its anti-aircraft battery. It is strange to see all those aircraft die to 40mm fire while the main battery remains silent.

  19. Carriers are so rare why spec anything for them?

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