Workshop Wednesday – Go To Gulag!

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Go straight Gulag! Do pass Go! Do not collect 200 roubles! It’s time to complete Master Box’s German Captives 1944 kit.



  1. Ah yes, “World of Tanks – “

  2. Best hobby to do when in self-quarantine

  3. Jonas Van der Aa

    Never stop being crap Jingles!

  4. GArchon The Alive, Not Felix Steiner

    Jingles, are you sure that’s the right title mate?

  5. Among the firsts! Douple salt mine shift for me.

  6. Yamato Class: Musashi

    *”World of Tanks -“*

  7. Jingles my old man, I think you’ve done you again. “World of Tanks -“

  8. I see our Gnome Overlord is sending those dirty krauts to the Gulag! May the dead hand of Stalin guide your KV-2 shots! Now, excuse me while I go back to the salt mines.

  9. Ha ha ha, jingles once again has a “jingles moment” making his videos

  10. >Workshop Wednesday
    >first thing you see if you clicked on the notification, “World of Tanks -“
    Thank you Jingles, please don’t ever change.

  11. April fools title? dose that mean that the break in the salt mine was also a lie?

    • rumours of chocolate biscuits in the saltmine break room are spread by operatives from Oceania. don’t believe them

  12. Jingles I think you are the only person that could give Bob Ross a run for his money when it comes to relaxing painting.

  13. The Mighty Jingles

    Titles are hard :p

  14. Perhaps_A_Certain_Cunning_Sociopath

    April Fools indeed! The Title “World of Tanks – ” fooled me quite good.

  15. Ah Jingles, it is “Do not pass go, do not collect 200 Reichsmarks”

  16. “It’s not like I’m painting a whole army of these…”

    These things sneak up on you!

  17. I should point out that your photo of different colours of “Field Grey” (Feldgrau) you flashed up at 2:26 is actually showing Feldgrau, Fehgrau, Grüngrau, Dunkelgrau, Anthrazitgrau, Schwarzgrau, Khakigrau, and possibly even Hellgrau. There were tons of colours, yes, but some are from like 1935, some are for tropical theaters, and some are from soldiers of other countries that fought under the Reich (Austria, etc.). Depending on the year the RAL basis of the uniforms could also change. And yes, there was also some variance from the dyes like you said, but the photo shows much more than that — it actually shows different colours beyond Feldgrau itself.

  18. Philippe Pétain

    When someone else paints a model, looks like an artist has painted it. Me when i paint, looks a 3 year old.

  19. Alireza Doustdar

    The mighty overlord unlocked a new Title, “Jingles The Great Arse filer”

  20. Re: the sling — you never want to use pure white or black on scale models, they won’t look natural.

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