Workshop Wednesday

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You can help me pick what I start work on next, either an Alien skull, an Alien statuette, a combination Seawolf/Seadart missile launcher set or a detailed resin middle ages townhouse. Just upvote the comment of your choice below.


  1. Fibreglass Alien head

    • For the alien head an iridescent almost oil on water sheen could be an excellent option for making it look more than just black but still keeping the look of the franchise

    • I would do this one last – it’s going to take a fair amount of research and practice to do a large and monolithic piece like this justice – paint, shading, and the slime are all going to make this one tough to do well.

    • yes Alien head… you’re gonna be a bit rusty after a long break so go on a big target with not so much small details. aka Alien head.

    • For this i would recommend you UV resin to give it some more details, resin as is for the alien slime, resin with fluorescent paints for their blood.

    • Jingles, I heard you mention that you didn’t want to do a simple black scheme on the alien head, so I thought I’d mention a series of colour shift paints under a brand called “Turbo Dork” they are really good when painted over a black base colour.

  2. Medieval Townhouse resin kit

  3. Andys model and stuff

    YEEEEEEESSSSSS BROTHERS! We are finaly back, it’s happening! Wooohooo! I have been waiting for this since for ever (as some of you might know). I’m gonna wote for the Medieval Townhouse, dioramas are awesome

  4. Watching you build models while I build kitchen units xD I’d love to see the townhouse

  5. Jingles, definitely do the town house, I believe the level of detail you can provide to it will really make it pop. Love the set up.

  6. The town house, definitely. It’ll be more forgiving than trying to replicate a real world item or trying to add detail to a mostly blank canvas so should ease you back into things rather than chucking you in at the deep end with a concrete overcoat 😛
    Also might be worth pinning the comments to vote on so they don’t get lost. Just a thought…

  7. Jingles, be careful with the sea dart kit. Its tolerances are VERY tight when it comes to adding the launcher base and ammunition elevators to the base. Haven’t built the sea wolf yet, so can’t comment on its fit. Also, if you’re after accurate paint for it, I’d highly suggest the colourcoats brand made and sold by soverign hobbies here in the UK. Their paints are possibly the most accurate for RN paint.

  8. As I love naval models I’d like to see to Sea Dart / Sea Wolf build please.

  9. That house is absolutly incredible! I do want to see you getting all that stuff done but by the love of God get that house in a video 😉

  10. I love the Takom naval weapon system kits.
    Your shelf of guns makes me nostalgic for the ’90’s. As a kid, I made about 20 of those 1:1 scale firearm kits.
    They were awesome.
    It’s a Shame they are next-to-impossible to get these days, except expensive Chinese Lego-knock-off versions

  11. TOWN HOUSE!! Definitely the most interesting and detailed as there is so much choice you can make with it regarding the colours. Deffo possibility for a great ASMR video coming up! 😀

  12. I’d suggest doing the medieval town house first as it is probably the more straight forward one. Then I’d probably do the big Alien head next. The bigger one will be more forgiving and you can use it to learn how to make black interesting.
    I’d also suggest watching a couple of Adam Savage videos on Tested as in some of them, he goes into detail about how to make mono-colour models interesting (The iron man suit for example)

  13. First off, I hope you’re feeling a bit better after having caught a cold.

    Second, I’d go for the (hopefully) not too time consuming SAM systems that were part of the Type 42 Sheffield-class DDGs. After all, I’d like you to have a genuine Christmas Break, not one you’ll be sweating over a very detailed piece of work that will probably take days to do. Besides, I’m hoping that while you get into that, we’ll be treated to a great story of you in Her Majesty’s Service at Christmas. Sounds like a win-win for all involved. Deal?

  14. I for one would love to see the Town house model decorated, every house needs some love lol.
    But as a D&D gamer of more years than I care to think about (lets just say I am very familiar with the first print of the monster manual) I’d love to see what textures you go for or create when painting it!
    Thanks for the great content and best wishes dude!

  15. the Sea Dart and the Sea Wolf, would love to hear you talk more about your time in the navy while assembling them!

  16. I do love the Alien, but I think the Town House would be a much more interesting project in the end. Can’t wait to see which one you do!

  17. As someone with a few resin models houses to paint also, I’d be keen to see the townhouse as the first project.
    (Also, Akatsuki showing her size by casually putting paws on the desk while standing up … yay for Maine Coons )

  18. Sea Dart and the Sea Wolf, with the story lesson included!

  19. First preference is the townhouse, second the fiberglass Alien head. The townhouse is freaking amazing.

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