WORLD Hindenburg RECORD- 392K – 6 Kills || World of Warships

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WORLD Hindenburg RECORD- 392K – 6 Kills || World of Warships
IVebastien X Hindenburg
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  1. First hahaah

  2. head to head 😛

  3. omg 10 888 XP Oo

  4. is this a repost!? cos i swear this was posted on here a couple of days ago!?

  5. Poor guy in the Kurfurst….lol….he got spammed so hard it turned him into an island….lol…..then he pops spotter….damn….I’ve been him before… to be burned down in the first five minutes

  6. 12:02 rage from smoke pumping coward?

  7. It’s sad to me that the Edinburgh player just sat at the back the whole time not really helping the team until the very end when he finally decides to try to cap b, a loss all for the lack of involvement.

  8. Good attempt at carrying. However the fact he used AP so sparingly on a Hindenburg is kind of sad; the damage potential those enemy BB giving broadside could even be greater.

  9. It’s a shame this was in a losing effort as the bottom half of his team sucked so bad.

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