World of Tanks – A Game of Throws Season Three Episode One

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It’s the Season Three opener, and World Of Tanks isn’t going to get away with it, either.

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  1. Wow, Season Three starting off not only with a bang, but pretty much immediately after Season Two ended. That is quality right there.

  2. I found this 5 seconds after it released. Does such dedication warrent a break from the salt mines, m’lord?

  3. One of my favourite shows on the Internet enters its third season.

    Excellent work as always Jingles, even if I haven’t watched it all yet.

  4. It is Season 3 already! I love these streaming service schedules, LOL

  5. I cant wait to see what adventures await Dave in season 3. Maybe he will finally confess to the heroine.

  6. Jingles is spoiling us with amazing content recently. Thank you!

  7. Idk what jingles is on about, the 30.01h is amazing in the right hands and does have some armor

  8. Great movie Jingles but FYI killed tanks don’t provide concealment – killed tank can only create cover from shells but in terms of concealment they are like see-through. Hope that makes sense 🙂

  9. I love how Season 2 ends and boom straight into season three in what felt like a day…. Never a dull moment with our Gnome overlord.

  10. I as a Swede would love to take credit for Mannerheim, but he was a Swedish speaking Finn. Not Swedish.

    Finland got two offical languages – Finnish and Swedish. Unlike Norway that got two official languages – Norwegian and Norwegian :p

  11. Klosharr Klosharr

    a strong start of the season 3

  12. Achtually Jingles,
    since there were 14 seconds left at the end and they were 2 in the cap circle, that means there were 28 points remaining, so the VK didn’t need to arrive 7 second earlier, but a full 28 seconds.

    on that note, I’m heading back to the salt mines.

  13. teammates like that VK are the exact reason I switched to solo games

  14. Actually Jingles.. Mannerheim was a FINNISH. He was Swedish speaking (Finland is a dual language country with history of being part of Sweden), but was born in Finland (although at the time Finland was part of Russia (Grand Duchy)… Btw – he has a very interesting history (recommend reading it) – He was born in Finland, Spoke Swedish, served in the Russian military (all the way up to Lt. Gen in Cavalry), led the “whites” in Finnish independence war, led the Finns during Winter and Continuation war (as Marshal), became the President of Finland in the end of the war and eventually died in Switzerland… and that’s just the short sum of it. He also made a long expedition across Asia (while in Russian military) and he receieved numerous medals and honors in different countries, including the GBE… I’m Finnish, and biased of course, but I still highly recommend on reading of this man, he led a truly extraordinary life.

  15. I think he was tunnel visioned on getting a 6th kill, who knows, maybe he never got more than a kill or two before and was too excited xD

  16. I knew the VK was going to cost the team that battle. Honourable mention to the O-I in the HEAVIEST tank in the match being too scared to use his bulk for anything useful.

  17. This is my fav way to watch a WOT replay. Having Jingles commentary along. Thanks Jingles!!

  18. I see that Season Three is starting off with a bang. Also, that rare double throw I would argue.

  19. Dave has learnt the first rule of not being seen how ever arty happens to know where he is

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