World of Tanks – A Game Of Throws

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I can’t see any good reason why World of Warships should have the monopoly on throwing matches!

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  1. Jakob Jørgensen

    I disagree, it’s all in the name, “122 TM (Technically Made-up)”

  2. “Although now that Finland has applied for membership to NATO because they don’t want to be next!”

    That got an automatic thumbs up from me!

    • @mrjohnnybond the situation you’re mocking is related to russia’s invasion of ukraine. Your inability to understand that is not my problem.

    • @Truestm The situation I am mocking is people following the current thing, be that masking, vaccines, ukraine or others. It’s always the same people and they always turn out to be dead wrong but force everyone into their mistake.

    • @mrjohnnybond The current year dismissal is pretty weak though. Russia has been using these tactics of urban devastation since the Second Battle of Grozny (which BTW, is the reason Putin took power in Russia). Putin’s Russia has used similar tactics in South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Transnistria, Donetsk, and Luhansk. His invasion of Georgia was just like his invasion of Ukraine except that Georgia was small in both population and land. In short, this has been going on for over two decades so while it’s nice for the rest of you to show up, it’s hardly just ‘current year.’

    • @P.strobus Nobody cared until CNN told them to, which is exactly what I was making fun of. I am not a fan of Putin nor Russia, being from an ex-bumper state. I am also not a fan of Ukraine and what they do to minorities in their country. You know, a balanced opinion that doesn’t think in black-or-white logic. I know it’s not fashionable but that’s how I roll. I think for myself.

  3. Have to give it to the ELC… I don’t know how many people I’ve baited into drowning themselves uselessly in that corner of the map by presenting them with a potential ram kill in that spot.

  4. Funny story, i just had a game of WoWs that would count as a Game of Throws.
    By the enemy team.
    They were so greedy to kill me that they did not notice that i led them right into the guns of the rest of my team.
    And didn’t kill me. They controlled the north, had more ships and health and much better map control. And then they threw it 😀

    Imagine a pensacola, nürnberg and another cruser all following a La Galissonnière at the edge of the map shooting and not hitting me, while i played Initial D and led them into the south like cattle to the butcher 😀

  5. anonymous person

    Is it me or does it look like the progetto actually does reverse 5m from the bush so he’s not spotted, but unfortunately is too close to another bush so the 122TM spots him instead.

    • yeah… my thought too. Can’t be to crical of that, at worst it was a case of Captain Hindsight imo. And the position isnt that bad, you have two lines covered and you can with ease sneak up on them if they start to cap
      Edit: I mean look at his result, he did the most of any player in this game. The guy clearly did good.

    • @Hans Muster he can cover two positions, but he’s way too close to one of them to comfortably ambush without being spotted, as Magano demonstrated by blowing him a new one

    • @Will Dyer Yes, but thats what i mean with Captain hindsight. He could have foreseen, that he comes around at that exact moment, or that they would come around there at all (remember, he had last spotted them at the other flank), could have realized just in the nick of time that he was to close to the bush etc. etc.
      Frankly: None of us can claim that we would have done better. If he had sent the replay in it could have served as well as a “heartbreak Game of Throws”

    • I thought so too. The Progetto covered one bush, but didn’t realize he was too close to other

    • 5 meters totally

  6. Ah Jingles, bless you for finding and showing such games.

  7. Halfway through I thought to myself, “you’re not saying the enemy team is going to somehow lose?!?”.

  8. Nice teamwork of those two (the 122TM and the VK).
    Not only defending the brawling area, but also on the recon and attack move.

  9. It warms my heart people still using the Super Pershing.

  10. Fun replay. Always appreciate when last two tanks know how to conduct 360 security wo being told how.

  11. I don’t know if I’m getting old, or just calmed down since leaving retail, but I’m not even mad at witless teammates anymore.

    Had a guy in WarThunder complain about not having any support when his B-17G got shot out from under him, and all I could do was ask what he expected to happen by flying face first into the enemy before any of our fighters even reached altitude.

  12. I always found it kind of funny when people called others cowards on WoT and WoWS. Like calm the eff down armchair commisar, it’s a video game with literally nothing at risk.

  13. Let´s be honest, the Russians wouldn´t have dared to try the Finns again.
    And if they did, the Finns would probably just take back Karelia and call it a day/war.

    They were stealing Russian Tanks before it was cool after all.

  14. Actually Jingles, the VK couldn´t have spotted him in the last bush, from where it was.

    Astoundingly, with the shitty viewrange that we can see that the 122 TM has, he spotted the Progetto through the bush, on his own.

    • I think the Progetto might even have reversed too far and been spotted when sticking out behind the bush, it looks like he was moving forward a bit just as he got spotted.

  15. Jingles, I achieved my first six kill game on this map. The enemy was cooperating by stepping into a cross fire my team was able set up. This was in a tier 4/5 game, mid-tier are the most fun!

  16. Ivan Stepanovic

    Oh, Jingles…
    “Reverse slope” means that the slope is towards the enemy, so the tank is going downhill, thus exposing its roof armor…

  17. “A common mistake that people make, when trying to design something completely foolproof, is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.”
    ― Douglas Adams

  18. Hey Jingles! Thank you for showing my replay! 😄This game was a roller coaster of emotions lol
    I’ve been watching your videos for about 10-11 years now and you and SideStrafe got me into this game!
    Greetings from Colombia!

  19. Last Progetto picked a reasonably good spot .. he covers two paths, he’s close to his cap and can rush enemy cap if he notice slow enemies. He also had a good fallback position just to the next rock north .. it’s tough to dig people out of there. It’s possible he was just caught mid way to the final rock/bush he wanted to be in.

  20. 7:56 You can’t rely on that generosity to win the match
    Evidently Jingles does not remember the RHM-WT on Cliff from The good the bad and the ugly, where that generosity indeed, DID win the match

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