World of Tanks – Best Buds

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Todays’ video features a tale of forbidden love between OnTheFritz in the AwfulPanther and an M44 teammate he struck up a fruitful relationship with during a random battle on the Karelia map. Teamwork, kids. It’s not just for Navy recruitment commercials.

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  1. GhostReapersWorld

    “You can not string words together…”
    But that’s how the German language works 😀

  2. I’ve been refreshing YouTube for half an hour just to get my jingles fix

  3. 0:54 The entirety of the German language works like that. How else would you get gems like “Grundstücksverkehrsgenehmigungszuständigkeitsübertragungsverordnung”? Stringing words together is our thing, man!

    • @DJAvren But the dutch once ate a dude so lunacy is to be expected

    • The Titan Onsters

      What the f***

    • What does it mean?

    • @Yukkuri Spee Regulation on the delegation of authority concerning land conveyance permissions. This is a law (which have a tendency to have unintuitive names) and a pretty specific one at that, a law that was active in one city for four years from 2003 to 2007.

      Yes I googled it, I had no idea what it meant either xD

    • @Poccer 77 Yeah, these long words are always incredibly specific and often part of what we call “Beamtendeutsch” (officialese). No one (usually) talks like that.
      Another feature of German officialese is using nouns instead of verbs. As in English you can change a verb into a noun but it sounds unnatural to do so too much.

  4. 0:54 Stringin words together to make new ones is how germanic languages work for the most part jingles.

  5. The gnome overlord has graced us with another 15 minutes of his beautiful voice.

  6. Jingles: ” Seriously Germany. Stop it! You can’t just take a bunch of existing words, string them together and pretend that they are a new word”
    Me: Yes, we can!
    Feuerwehrhauptmann: Yes, we can!
    Panzerfahrer: Yes, we can!

  7. Actually Jingles, you described the German language perfectly.

  8. Actually, Jingles…
    Agglutinative languages, such as German, work *EXACTLY* like that.

  9. Me as a german on your long word comment:
    “Thats not even my final form!” >:D

  10. It was removed because WG can’t allow any form of fun in their games.

  11. Andreas Müller

    Actually JIngles, ther german language works exactly like that.

  12. TheJewsOwn TheMedia

    My best buds fell into a big bowl and were set on fire.

  13. Jingles: ” Seriously Germany. Stop it! You can’t just take a bunch of existing words, string them together and pretend that they are a new word”
    Finland: Lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas

  14. Ya know last time I was this early, it seemed like jingles was gonna finish alien isolation. And just like this joke, it never hit home.

  15. People usually say that Light Tanks are the “natural enemies” of artillery.
    As an arty player, I say that LTs and arty are natural friends. Of course, ALLIED LTs and arties.

    And I love replays when there’s sinergy between those two vehicle classes.

    This one here shown by Jingles was awesome.

  16. Jingles threw the bait and every germanic language speaking country took it… xD

  17. ” Seriously Germany. Stop it! You can’t just take a bunch of existing words, string them together and pretend that they are a new word”
    German: Amsel
    English: blackbird

  18. Imagine how infuriating it is for the general WOT playerbase, when the MVP is the artillery 🤣

    That M44 played very well, knew what he needed to do, when he needed to do it, and wasted no time doing it.

  19. I know that everyone hates Artillery, but when I see a great pairing of of Artillery and teamwork, I get ridiculously excited.

  20. Jingles: “Stop recycling words into new words, Germany”
    Germany” The boat on the river Rhine……”

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