World of Tanks – Get Some!

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Light tank with lousy stealth on a city map where there’s no concealment anyway? Challenge accepted!

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If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Ahnuld Schwarzenegger

    A Jingles Video when I start my pc! What a blissful day! Now get down!!!

  2. I can count a single time he needed to shoot premium. In fact, it actually bites him in the ass when the tracks of the KV-2 are a shot where APCR would have gone through and penetrated the hull.

    • @OneBiasedOpinion But you have the option in the game to have 2 loadouts of ammo and consumables and this battle wasn’t against tier 9’s. So in that regard it doesn’t make sense to have almost full load of gold.
      The only reasoning I can think of for HEAT to be expensive is that it doesn’t lose pen at distance, there’s been definitely situations when some target is far enough away that gold APCR loses so much pen getting there that it doesn’t pen anyways, but HEAT with same pen would’ve worked.

    • @TehAlekzi sure, but maybe he hasn’t unlocked that ability yet (why is this even needed…)

    • You dont want be shooting gold in this tank, it cost almost 5k credits to shoot one gold round, its way to expensive for it low damage

  3. love to see good light tank replays!

  4. Still one of my favorite Light Tanks in the game and a joy to see a video on it even if it is no longer in the tech tree and now a collector vehicle

  5. Excellent game play.
    Never played WoT but I still enjoy these a lot.

    Cheers, Jingles.

  6. That Leo gave up on life after Dave went out of sight xD

  7. I always love Jingles replays. Most of the time they’re fun, interesting, and intense battles instead of the most damage or kills ever (mostly). Battles where someone sits in one position and gets to farm all game shooting ducks isn’t all that fun to watch, no matter the score at the end.

  8. couldn’t have said it better 🙂

  9. Ahhh i miss the M41 Walker Bulldog with the 10 round autoloader

    • dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

      we have that on Console called T41E1 Bulldog and a Tier 8 Premium at popular request. They should just add it back to TT since it moved up a tier anyway.

  10. 2k base XP is nuts, this was an insane game.

    Also heat doesn’t have penetration falloff, but slower velocity so either ammo can work at range, you just choose based on what you need at the time.

  11. He’s the best at being crap.

  12. Amazing result, you really should get a cash reward for the medals…

  13. Well played my dude! I was rooting for you when you had 9kills and was wondering…. potential pool’s medal?

  14. Awesome. That was really impressive.

  15. Christopher Johnson

    Excellent game Archie. Well done!

  16. “Hot surprise butt sex”

    That snapped me back to attention when I was playing Space Engineers

  17. I used to love playing my T71 DA. Such a vicious little tank.

  18. I had so many fun games in my T71 back when it had 175 pen on it’s APCR and was the equivalent of a tier 8 for matchmaking. There was one game in particular where I ran rings around a JagdTiger in the city part of Siegfried Line. A different YouTube person made a video of it for his channel.

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