World of Tanks – In Your Face, Rommel!

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In which Brunitozz loses more than half his team before he even has a chance to fire a shot at an enemy tank and at one point finds himself outnumbered six to one. Luckily he’s in a Russian tenk. Stronk tenk! Best tenks in the world!

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  1. “Very new to the IS”
    “He only had that tank for an hour”

    *already has the (amazing) top gun unlocked..

    Must’ve spent a lot of free XP because there is no fucking way you grind to
    the top gun in an hour. Anyway.. cool replay. I loved the IS. Imho it’s
    even better than the IS-3 for it’s tier. Such a beautiful tank to play.

  2. Oh Jingles Jingles, tell me, why You show this pathetic AIMBOT user? He had
    perfect MM, one of two t7 tank, no arty, and he still used AIMBOT.. ,It is
    clear visible in 8:25, hes “autoaim” pointing at vk engine in rear part of
    the tank, then in 8:50 he is point directly at nashorn front wheel,
    implemented autoim dont pick modules.. the funny thing is, he missed first
    shot in sniper mod in 13:45. Btw, that nashorn could finish the game, when
    he catch IS front wheel, that running cost him a win, but it happens.

  3. I swear the little clips at the beginning of your videos always have me in

  4. I’d love to find myself in a similar 1v1 situation to just show all those
    wot holes how to behave.
    Yesterday I got back half a map in my a20 in a tier6 game to help on of ny
    teammates who flipped his tank on a rock. While I was pushing him a Hellcat
    apeared and immidiately fired at me than tried to get the guy I was helping
    but he managed to run away.
    Instead of going for a threat wot players tend to chase the damage/frags. I
    have many yrs of multiplayer shooters experience and I must say that wot
    has the worst (in terms of behaviour) player base I’ve ever seen.

  5. omg the snapshots this guy is pulling off `.´ ffs this is why i stopped wot

  6. Haha, way to go Jingles, highlighting a aimbot user noob. At multiple
    sequences the aimbot is clear. How about 5:44 IS autoaim at hellcat but
    autoaim focus the track? 8:00 IS aim at ISU, but aim at front/track instead
    of center of enemy tank. How about 11:00 IS auto aims at T1 heavy, but the
    auto aim does not target the center of the tank. This is a auto aim based
    aimbot, nice to give cheaters attention Jingles!

  7. I think Rommel was called the desert fox for a reason…

    he didn’t fight in snow

  8. John Vladimir Son

    did he even use sniper mode?

  9. No prablom komrad, IS good tenk, is of balance!

  10. this intro B2 was epic, do this more often 😀 :)

  11. he could have rushed the su-152, to save his plat m8. He was too concerned
    about himself atm.

  12. hahahahaha??? sucks 2 be the jpanther trying that 100% physics on that
    new update

  13. Well played but a cheap kill at the end. These physics are BS. Tanks don’t
    turn over in real life.

  14. Justice G Mitchell

    like a boss

  15. Pff that’s nothing I only had my JagdPanther IV for only 20 minutes and I
    got a mastery bage… none of the other medals to go with it… but I gotta
    say thanks to a Chi-Ri I believe who helped me get that. Only if Xbox would
    allow for platoons on the fly then we would have gotten some platoon

  16. The IS is a bad tank. In my hands :)

  17. not impressed…the people who play this game are morons and the tanks he
    killed were all lower tiers….like usual they went in one at a time to

  18. How do you create platoons? What are they for?

  19. still wondering when Jingles will show ToxicWulF in the Tier 7 Japanese
    Heavy Tank.

  20. Alex T (Fantome4400)

    After 14 battles I got a Mastery in my IS7, sold the IS4 every one told me
    it was a big mistake. I belive it’s not !

  21. I wouldn’t wasted every shot once the guy was at a one shot hit. Then shoot

  22. christopher salazar

    Jingles it is called a bay

  23. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

    Auto-aim Monkeys Party O_o

  24. can you do the T110

  25. “He’s a little slow to react” – The thing kindergarten teachers say about
    soviet heavy drivers when they’re young.

  26. Sveta Djordjevic

    IS my favorite tank I have 2 marks of excellence on it and over 1.5k games
    in it the tank is a beast most killa I had were 10 and most dmg I had in IS
    was 5.5k more than my team combined…

  27. I can’t believe he had such a match using nothing but auto aim :P

  28. “says IS is a bad tank” *3 days later* “Ow, oh well I had that one coming
    (fist in a box)

  29. auto aim idiot

  30. this jpanther was such a moron how can you flip your tank like that it
    never happens to me xD

  31. BaronVonEvilstein

    great movie Yingles!

  32. Jingles, are you commentating on the WOT finals again this year?

  33. Pretty damn impressive medal collection for a 1 hour old tank.

  34. Wow…every single fucking target was auto-aimed, and he only used sniper
    mode for that JPanther at the end? And, only had the IS for an hour? Free
    xp’d all of the modules for sure…Jingles show us a great replay, not
    idiots like these…

  35. 1 by 1 instead of all in,and ofc braindamaged ammo choices,Best tactic EU!

  36. Justin Reimer (Jipner16)

    Here is another great IS replay but it is kind of old.

  37. Nice monkey game :D

  38. Seeing as the enemy wouldn’t have access to his mini map, they can’t
    confirm where they are saying that Joan there is, is in fact where he was
    last spotted. I’d have trusted them, but I would go carefully in case of
    mad camping or bot.

  39. It`s the wrong title Mr. Jingles –

    In Your Arse, Rommel! Should be better fitted :P

  40. 30 000 Battles played and I have never been this lucky. We all know the
    enemy will all just rush you at the same time, when the odds were like this
    and there us nothing you can do.

    yes I’m jealous.

  41. I see why he put “In your face Rommel” its becauce rommel was a german tank
    driver and the Jagtiger was a german tank lol

  42. ‘spijkenisse’ is a town in the netherlands lol

  43. How did he get in full upgraded in an hour?

  44. tanks with healthbars, damages rolls on shots? wtf is this

  45. And now a big cheer for new physics… :-P

  46. Jingles love to feature auto-aim players….. and most use aimbot mod too.
    Jingles promotes it while QB don’t (watch QB recent vid on aimbot mod >_<)

  47. First playing this game driving russian heavys,tanks well, i stopped
    playing them because they’re too easy. They have the armor if angled right
    and the alpha damage is unreal for its tier. I’ve moved onto more difficult
    nations like french and british tanks.

  48. The IS, and especially the T150, were some of my statistically strongest
    tanks even though I was much more of a noob back then. They are so powerful
    compared to the tier fives and even sixes that they come across. Especially
    when you have games like this and stugs and nashorns come to you instead of
    fighting a view range battle.
    Also don’t understand why you wouldn’t rescue a top-tier tank destroyer on
    his side if your team is getting slaughtered by some heavy tanks.

  49. IS is my favorite tier VII heavy tanks. It’s so pleasant to drive it.

  50. Currently I have two marks of excellence on my IS thanks to Joseph Stalin’s
    almighty strength. Most kills I’ve had was 13 and still play it with great

  51. Loved the intro!

  52. Never played WoT myself but I remember when I unlocked the IS-2 in WT and
    how I loved it’s gun… but MAN was that sob slow! In WoT it’s like a
    bloody rocket, lol.

  53. TheRancidMarshmallow

    Unfortunatly, I have been that. Jagpanther…
    Kinda. I was in a t8 heavy in a t10 game, one of the last two on my team, I
    sneezed, drove up a rock, flipped myself, and if it hadn’t been for a
    legendary 59-patton on our team, (went up and won against a 1k hp batchat)
    it would have been a loss. Was so embarrassed…

  54. The burger king dude is an idiot racist. I don’t see the joke in it.
    Surprised Jingles hasn’t said any thing about it.

  55. I feel like its rude to make a guy pay repair costs. Just cap and let him

  56. hmmmmm I get the feeling I’m being invisible lol none of these stars of
    YouTube ever reply ???

  57. Will you make a master of Orion seires

  58. Wow the stupidity of the enemy team…typical.

  59. That’s a sin. Who doesn’t use the 152mm on the stronkest tenk, the KV-2

  60. Jingles could you try making more world of tanks videos because thats the
    only real vidoes people like to watch

  61. Great match in a new tank. keep them coming.

  62. why is the video title in your face rommel when he puts all three shots
    into the jagdpanthers ass?

  63. these CIA players seal club low tiers all the time :/

  64. “Hand of God”? they should rename it to “Hand of Stalin”

  65. David Falbo (Mrxcman92)

    this is why the IS is my favorite tier 7 tank. The 390 alpha dmg is so


    Just amazing to watch great players 😉 lol

  67. Jorge Ian Gaytan

    Ah nice start jingles and those people just did not kill u and that was
    really funny:)

  68. I would’ve gotten the jpanther down to enough health to take him out with
    my last shot and get that medal for taking out the last enemy with your
    last shot.

  69. Well what a lucky match making, use to be in that match making but its not
    that way anymore..,

  70. Wow this guy should buy a lottery ticket. Completely relied on auto aim,
    backed off the SU 152 which then got his platoon mate killed, mopped up
    against idiots in lower tiers.
    Took my ages to get a Kolobanov’s medal, and tomatoes like this get them
    handed to them by idiot enemy teams. sigh.

  71. just for that amazing B2 clip

  72. Not a jingles video if he doesn’t laugh/wheeze over nothing continuously

  73. I guess the Jp is our Superstar Steve this video. ?

  74. Reporting positions is very uncool. Those responsible should be punished

  75. I still prefer the KV-3. Good match, though.

  76. The funny thing: try this in Tiger 1 😀 NO one bounces on your “armor” now
    AND you can’t oneshot shit anymore.

  77. *sigh* new physics, why???

  78. That Jagdpanther had to have had help to get in that position. One of his
    teammates had to have rammed him or he tried to ram one of them and rode
    over them instead. That rock he was against was way too flat on all sides
    for him to have even started to climb it, he would have just bounced off it
    like a wall.

  79. Come on, if I can manage to right my KV 1S when it ends up on its side,
    surely the Jpanzer could have done the same?

  80. A Random Citizen

    Two things, Jingles – 1.) That U-11 “Fail Gun”, got me my second Mark of
    Mastery on my KV-1 last week; and 2.) Could we see how the Luchs, that
    adorable little bastard that it is, handles in the new Physics 2.0 system?

  81. no skill, all luck

  82. Alexandru Izvoranu

    Just noticed, that other is driver had 2 marks on his barrel, so he wasn’t
    an idiot, that’s for sure.

  83. Like I mentioned in the Jingle’s vid that first announced the introduction
    of flipping tanks…..WOT~Players making good tanks look bad,…now even
    more so.

  84. Jingles have you ever gotten a hand of god metal in a pz 1c?

  85. The epic tanker Xbox 360

    The IS’s are brilliant

  86. Jungles we need more WoT videos. They so much more entertaining than WoW

  87. Well this guy definitely deserved to win this match, well played and that
    with a standard IS

  88. that idiot team deserved to lose for not helping that JPanther

  89. I love to play with soviet tanks like kv2 that surprisingly I managed to
    get silent assassin achievement and eer with my kv1 nearly got 10 kill
    untill bloody artillery came whilst dealing with a t-34

  90. and that I why I always turn team mates back on their tracks. Even if it
    means taking a hit.

  91. luckily I tested these physics so I know how to avoid the type of
    predicament the jagdpanzer got into. good game for IS

  92. Those geniuses at WG… they developed this great new physics, so tanks can
    flip over themselves, but did not make a flipback hook consumable or
    whatever they could call it. It would be unrealistic for sure, but really,
    how realistic the track repair consumable is? And guess which tanks flip
    most? Those with high center of gravity, the Germans, the Japanese, the
    Czech, the French, the Murican, the British…. Another great invention
    here. ggwg once more

  93. Thank you Brother Tanker. Great job as usual! Best wishes from the Rebels!
    Come visit US. We’d love to….show you around!

  94. hi jingles big fan but I’m wondering if u have any advice for me on going
    into Navy I’m going the first of June and r wondering how it was or is it
    to difficult thanks

  95. Ryan Rittenhouse

    That’s no lake, Jingles! It’s a bay! A Navy man should know better :P.

  96. these 5-7 Tier games are right in my comfort Zone…the people playing
    aren’t the brightest candels in the chandelier and the costs for the game
    aren’t too expensive, so you can go out with a Profit if you know what you
    are doing

    the finishing to the cake is that the tanks in these Tiers are my favorites

  97. Sitting at work, Probably should be watching Jingles right now- Oh wait, is
    that what I’m supposed to say? Yeah, lets just go with it, Jingles

  98. He only had the tank for an hour, but he already had the top gun on it?
    Well, we know where somebody’s XP went with that tank. If only upgrading
    tanks on console worked like it did on PC. You guys get to choose the
    specific upgrades you want, we have to get them through upgrade packages.
    Stupidest thing ever, and the best way to ensure that your initial
    impressions of a machine are going to be shit.

  99. Got my first Orlik’s medal today in my SP I C :D

  100. steve the is-7 got a jagdpanther.

  101. SPOILERS!!!

  102. The only miracle here is the 12t not being absolutely bottom-tier. :^)

  103. I was in that SU – 152, and i congratulated him after the game , and told
    him to send the video. My bad was that i rushed to get some damage off, and
    failed as hard as my team tbh 😀 Still happy that he made it to Jingles 😀
    That game was around 11 – 12 pm, 5th april 😀 Will never forget it , for
    sure :D

  104. IS stronk Soviet tenk, destroy all lower forms of tenks.

  105. russian is-2 is even more op with the better angeld frontal almour

  106. The new sound update is blowing my fucking mind

  107. His team mates just left him there on his side and they call him an

  108. I remember grinding the IS with the shitty 85mm gun. What a terrible
    experience. Do yourself a favor and research the 100mm D-10T on the IS
    before you move on, if you haven’t done the Russian meds yet. The T-44 with
    that 85mm is way, way worse than using it on the IS.

  109. When will you upload the Type 59 giveaway Jongles?

  110. One in thirty games in WoT is fun. All the other ones are boring repetitive

  111. jeez i had some good games in my beloved IS but not 1 vs 6 wins…

  112. This guy doesn´t even know what a sniperview is …

  113. I was once playing wot an I ammo racked a guy on 1 hp

  114. The IS is a bad tank.

  115. I ran into an FV304 that flipped itself over in a similar fashion to that

  116. hetzers gonna hetz

  117. Reminds me of QB’s newest Jagdtiger video where the last enemy IS flipped

  118. Hey Jingles you know you can enlarge the minimap right? Just press +.

  119. you should review the Pz Sfl. IVc, AKA, The Toaster Of Doom!

  120. Luís Augusto Panadés


    What is that plus sign in the squad shield at the player’s panel?

  121. IS vs. Jagdpanther…wow…

  122. João Gonçalves

    In your face Rommel? well the IS played well but he got rly luck with those
    dumb enemies.

  123. At 11:30 till 33 did you noticed a round hit the dead tank to the left
    after he passed it?

  124. Tamás Kerecsényi

    the other IS wasn’t a noob for sure he has 2 marks of exellence with the IS

  125. noangelsaroundme

    That hilarious moment when the top player after his 5-6 spectacular kills
    is blown up by one shot ammo rack detonation and then starts to
    hysterically rage in chat about his retard team, acting like a sensitive
    ‘during her period’ girl. It is priceless!

  126. JPanther…………HOW????

  127. And that boys and girls is how you give a random M7 who platooned up with
    you and did 1 shot of damage a free crucial contribution xD

  128. Pre-credits sequence was cool, thumbs up for more of them (just one per WoT
    vid) :)

  129. The IS is a horrible tank! (Especially when it is at the other end of the
    barrel on my KV-1…)

  130. what font is that for the German tank speech

  131. you said theyve now killed 2 tanks and then 20 seconds later it happens

  132. Sad thing any of these guys could have rightened the JP back up and then go
    after the IS together instead of greedily running to their doom.

  133. Not Hand of God hand of Stalin

  134. looks like russian player on eu server… yep… i’m not saying it’s

  135. Quinton Dombrowski

    So much auto-aim, could be on a console.

    Now I could be wrong, but I counted what, 2 manually aimed shots? And both
    of them were donked.

  136. must admit i prefer the 100mm gun on the IS as I think the vastly superior
    accuracy aim time and rate of fire more than make up for the slightly lower
    alpha as even with the 100 mm still got better alpha than the long 88 or
    the French 90 mm

  137. The weird thing is that I was playing on that very map last night, on the
    same side, with the same type of tanks (even went through where he is going
    now at 5:11) and same tanks went through the same area they did at 2:45.
    This is weird lol

  138. And he is Dutch

  139. well it was rly hand of god to get these enemies.. xD WP

  140. My real name is Rommel hahaha

  141. Had a similar ending on Mon. I was in my T1 Heavy hunting down the OI that
    was the last remaining enemy. Came around a corner and spotted him, on his
    side, belly toward me. After I spotted him, he typed in chat “Yeah, that
    happened.” That was an easy 763 damage to finish the game.

  142. I just love Jingle’s laugh :))))))

  143. Nice a dutch replay I am so proud, now let me get some of my legal weed.

  144. hereLiesThisTroper

    Rommel you magnificent bastard, I read your BOOK!!!

  145. Alexander Stoyanov

    Jingles, Rommel will stand of his grave and punish you for abusing him with
    that title… Just joking lol hope you dont take it too seriously. Nice
    video btw

  146. Would’ve been more funny loading HE into the bottom of the Jgpanther.

  147. I won’t claim the IS is a bad tank but I’d happily fight Brunitozz
    regardless. Pretty poor play if you ask me…

  148. great gameplay

  149. captainexplosivz

    Wow, the B2 clip… How? That ‘heavy’ tank is a piece of garbage

  150. Where in the name of Nelson is my british destroyer Jingles??? :(

  151. Jingles, have you heard about those bushes you can put on your tank on
    Ground Forces ?

    Jinges! KEMP BUSH!

  152. HAHAHAH that TD gets what they deserve all td guys flip your tanks like
    that all heavys will love it :P

  153. Stupid enemy team, fighting him one at a time when it was 1 vs 5.

  154. Heh, kinda like my Tiger P battle

  155. Lol I saw an IS today with Rommel as the username

  156. I unsubbed from every wot YouTube except for jingles because he reminds me
    of my old wot buddies :)

  157. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    how the fuck can you flip your tank on top of a small hill/plain, dont’
    tell me that he tried to climb that rock :D

  158. brunitozz could have possibly saved his IS buddies ass from the su152 if he
    just watched that side…but hey…mistakes happen 😀 great video anyway

  159. JPanther tipical CZ player :)))))))

  160. This action at 7:40 confirmed (+ really slow reaction to minimap at
    beginning) that this player has no tactical thinking at all.
    “Hmmm VK 30.01 P, at 258 HP, my teammate is aiming at him, better to back
    him up”
    Because I have no idea, why would he left free space for SU-152 to strike.
    It was his and only his fault that his teammate died.
    He won, due to fact that armor of IS-1 can bounce shots.

  161. hey jingles how do I give you replays? note I’m on ps4

  162. “All tanks are equal, but some tanks are more equal than others.”
    -George “SerB” Orwell

  163. The Pilot Penguin

    did he go 1st person at all or did you set it to be external camera view

  164. New Motion Physics ~ how to ruin the game, if the Jagpanther hadn’t fallen
    victim to WG latest kids treat ie tanks on Ice! then who knows how this
    would have finished ~ Wargame what’s next LTs walking on water

  165. Any chance of doing a review for that new Ozzy tenk, Jingles?

  166. Ingredients for a good match: a tomato enemie team, a good teammate, a
    shitload of luck and Stalin on your side. :)

  167. I feel so bad for that jagpanther =(
    Still funny though =)

  168. Sabia Magar Viteaza

    Uncle Jingles, take a look at this amazing story of WW2 Cromwells jumping!
    Please thumbs up so he sees it!

  169. Jingles you know you can enlarge the mini map right?

  170. I would laugh at the Jag Panther, but I can’t, I have actually done it
    myself, so I cant laugh at him.

  171. I’ve had games like this driving the IS-2 premium. The IS is the type of
    tank that can just feast on the blood of morons like no tomorrow with that
    ridiculous alpha.

  172. Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel aka. The Desert Fox

    Jingles, explanation on the title?

  173. I have the IS in blitz (the mobile version) and I honestly think that while
    it’s not a bad tank, it’s not a great tank either. Mind you, I don’t have
    the top engine yet, but I do have the top gun, and it’s…adequate at best.

    In all fairness, this is probably all because I’m not taking its mobility
    into account (because I don’t have the top engine) and because I’m a bit
    spoiled after playing with that monster gun on the kv1s (yes folks, blitz
    still has it)

  174. hahaha shoutout for the jpanther

  175. Sebastijan sudarevic

    The worst thing here that no one is saying anything about is that GUY is
    using AIMBOT!!!! I didn’t see that guy aim for 1 shot..if you missed just
    listen about that auto locking. Cheaters getting spotlighted,what is
    happening with this game :(

  176. I see so almost no German tanks do good it fucking frustrates me

  177. considering that he finished the JP from behind, the title should be “In
    you a**, Rommel” x’D

  178. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Also he could have gotten the Majic 1 Shot Left, Single Tank alive kill
    shot :). Had enough time left :)

  179. Gareth Fairclough

    @10:35 (or so)
    3 inch gun…76mm gun… hang on, isn’t 76mm 3 inches? Or are those two
    separate guns that just happen to have the same size?

  180. Why do I never get opponents like this?

  181. Jonathan Wieringa

    IS is very troll as well…i bounced a couple with my M103! Cuz i thought

  182. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    4 HE shots in an IS? Rly? U have enough Alpha^^. Better take 4 more APCR
    next time

  183. wrgnstjn blgnwrn

    Here is a cromwellstory from another warfascinated brit:

  184. Jingles the U-11 is not on the IS, only on the t6 heavies and the kv1, as
    well as the t34-85 and the t43 and kv-13

  185. DaAwesomeMinecraft

    Deja vu on that first shot of the actual game…

  186. Stiggiekaptain WoT

    The scrublord that could

  187. Gareth Fairclough

    Got the like from me with just that first clip! xD

  188. Thomas Kelderman

    wish I could do this with my IS.

  189. o0SilverCobrao0o

    He should have fire all of his rounds and gotten that one medal

  190. The Badass Bassist

    As someone who loves his Jagdpanther to bits, what happened to that
    Jagdpanther hurts my heart. He could have had such a good game.

  191. Whey Gibraltar! My home town! btw, the Horseshoe pub is still open!

  192. fakemail4suckers I’m just going to leave this right

  193. all luck no skill

  194. 11:22 no, he was still using HE

  195. fakemail4suckers

    9:09 “That was unlucky”. No, it wasn’t. He is auto aiming every shot and
    clearly doesn’t know (somehow because he’s in a tier 7) that Russian tanks
    have shit gun depression. This was a game where the red team shits the bed
    and throws the game, not some skill based carry….. *Just looked at
    Brunitozz’s stats* He is a pure red…

  196. And this hi how you play the IS

  197. Stanislav Panić

    Like if you came here from PANKI_7 channel :)

  198. Tear one is the best place to be if you have a really bad days playing I go
    in my British mark one and kick ass

  199. The T1 heavy could have flipped him over assuming he wasn’t afk and they
    would probably win

  200. IS good tank, it make enemy go boom ^_^

  201. 13.48 Wait holy shit was he really not auto aiming there? And lol it missed
    because he didnt use auto aim because that Guy sucks. A typical stereotype
    auto aimer

  202. Ako ima koj hrvat da želi u klan di je i Brunitozz neka se javi 🙂 treba
    imati barem T6 i ts

  203. These clips before the intro are awesome :D

  204. carlitosskater89

    i just have seen till 9:55 but this guy’s a donkey….luckly for him, the
    enemy team is even worse!!!

  205. Managed to do that with my E25. Don’t even bloody ask how.

  206. 9.10 “that was unlucky” NO IT WASNT BECAUSE THAT GUY IS A CANCER NOOB AND
    dont say that he have to because he has 25 fps WELL IF YOU HAVE THAT BUY A

  207. I think every dutch persone knows where the Other IS is from XD

  208. Sinds he noticed the enemy attaca half an hour ago I already knew the
    players caliber so SKIP

  209. Oi, Jingles, opinions on Lloyd’s Cromwell vid?

  210. OOO nose BONZO clan on his team… They were sooo bad at team battles >.>
    Always camping. left after 3 days xD

    Edit : Wauwwww A BONZO player that played “well”.. I am amazed.

  211. The Firemonkey477

    its a big box everything will pen it I got pened from the front by a a 20

  212. Hands down awesome game. No criticism on the gameplay.
    However, one funny thing to mention:
    Every WoT player laughed when WT tanks came out with their physics and the
    tanks flipped themselves all the time ^^
    Now look at your last update xD
    We WT players have towropes, you don´t – I guess the Jagdpanther would
    agree that it would be a good implementation in WoT as well :P

  213. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    IS is and OP tank, much like PRem IS-2 (Berlin)

  214. I’ll fight alongside him if anyone says the IS is a bad tank :D

  215. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    IS-3 doesnt stand a chance when im driving my TIGER II….russian tanks are
    good but there not german :D

  216. He’s lucky there wasn’t a Tiger P facing him. The Tiger P can handle
    whatever the IS throws at it, whilst the IS gets ripped apart by the Tiger
    P’s 88.

  217. Hey Jingles, it’s been a while since we had a mancave video *wink wink*

  218. AMX calls IS a noob… But didn’t the AMX die two minutes into the game?

  219. Pre-credits clip was excellent; thanks Jingles!

  220. Sigh, I’m never this lucky lol

  221. francis romasanta

    if i was him.. i’s be greedy get my self a fadin’s medal…

  222. proof even donkeys can have ok games in russian tanks

  223. But, 76mm is three inches, well 76.2mm to be exact.

  224. the IS was such a good tank for me when i had it, it was the fastest grind
    i’ve had to tier 8 into the IS-3.

  225. Im the guy who lies and sends the enemy team to the other side of the map.
    Most people are actually angry and send you to the right place

  226. Djole4games -djura

    play world of tanks blitz

  227. thid bob cant even aim properly

  228. Good thing Jingles isn’t using XVM, the tomato hate would be real.

  229. Fadin medal denied…..

  230. Terrible replay. Two terrible players in toptier IS raping lowtiers. Wow,
    such skill. One of the worst replays ever on this channel.

  231. Harald Lorentzen

    Guided Stalin shells, and Stalinium armor… Yup, that’s a stronk russian
    tenk for you…

  232. its like quickybabys video in the jagtiger

  233. Great commentary Jingles..Keep up the good work!

  234. Anton Liljekvist

    The IS is a bad tank :P

  235. People bitching about the IS being a noob in chat

  236. How can u flip a tank like this ?

  237. jingles your intro is too mighty

  238. maaaaan where the hell did you find thit 2 lucky noobs, why dont i get this
    kind of matches????

  239. I’m sorry but I have to say it, this guy is a super scrub. The amounts of
    auto-aim and luck he had…just disgusting. And the fact he was top tier in
    an IS and the enemy team was dumber than his own team…*pukes*

  240. How did he manage to flip his tank on flat ground? World’s most WTF moment

  241. jingles trust ppl that say A1 ?

  242. enemy team being “good sports” and revealing the location of the last AFK
    and/or stuck team member isn’t that rare, at least not in the NA server, in
    fact I’ve even seen the very same player who got stuck telling the last
    member on my team where exactly he is

    just yesterday (April 5th) I was in a encounter match on that map wich I
    can’t remember the name (the one with a valley on one side, a lake in the
    middle and a town on the east side) and a Tiger II was the last member of
    my team against 1 M103, one JagdPanther and a Comet

    he managed to survive a 2-on-1 with the M103 from the left and the Jagd
    from the front with just 150HP left, only the Comet remaining and has soon
    as all his teammates were dead he said in chat “I’m on the valley, come and
    kill me”

    I died on the valley killed by the M103 and did notice the Comet had
    allways been spotted there, while crossing the ridge I didn’t exactly see
    the Comet because I was focused on the M103 who was shooting me but I did
    notice that something was strange, didn’t exactly have a good view but I
    did notice he wasn’t shooting at either myself or my teammates

    since I saw that I did post in the chat that it seemed to me that the Comet
    was fliped on the side and our TIger II dicided to trust me and the Comet
    good intentions

    when he got there the Comet was indeed fliped on the side and did let the
    Tiger II to kill him and get the victory

    there are some players like the one on the Comet who “reward” a enemy
    player having a good match and reveal things like the last AFK member, even
    though they could get banned for it, maybe because they had been in
    situations where they had a massive match and couldn’t find the last enemy
    with the time running out and getting a draw “feeling the pain” when seeing
    others in the same situation and giving an helping hand

  243. Raymond van der Linden

    A typical WG random clowns-team… its just sick these days!
    Like blind fcn horses they play…

  244. Can we all get that kind of enemies, please? :)

  245. Because snipermode is for noobs right?

  246. 11:300 Either gun – the 3 inch with about 101mm of pen, or the 76mm M1A1
    would have had a VERY hard time with the front of an IS!

    Even using premium ammo that would be true! The front of an IS is 100mm on
    the lower plate, 70mm auto bounce angled mid plate, and 120mm on the UFP as
    well as the entire face of the turret not including the mantlet.

    Essentially, regardless of what gun the T1 Heavy was using, if he wanted
    ANY chance of damaging the front of that IS, he should have loaded APCR.

    And even then, IS has more than enough sloping and thick enough sides that
    bouncing 177mm of APCR certainly is not very difficult when you know where
    they are shooting at you from AND the T1 wasn’t even aiming for the ONE
    place he could have penned with even AP, that angle would not effect! The
    perfectly round 90mm Cupola!

  247. Benjamin Hindermann

    I think he didn’t play THAT good, the enemy team just was a bunch of noobs
    and in this kind of 1 vs. 6 or so replays there is always the last enemy
    tank afk or stuck (unless he would have lost), but why didn’t the t1 heavy
    help him .

  248. Honestly I would have tipped the jpanther over so he crash upsidedown

  249. How do I upload Armored warfare video’s to you Jingles? please.. By the
    way, Keep up the good work..

  250. The Firemonkey477

    tiger 1 is a baaaad tank

  251. 10:32 Semi pointless point; A 3 inch gun is a 76.2mm gun!

    I know, the T1 Heavy has a 3 inch Gun and the 76mm M1A1 gun. the 3 inch gun
    is stock IIRC, and it is very crap for tier 5!

  252. a retard vs noobs, its painful to watch…

  253. Uber DooberNoober

    Great vid. BTW, XVM is toxic and mods>cheats. WOT should be mod and cheat
    free. From a monetary standpoint, it is bad business to allow mods and
    especially cheats. Compare the cost of a premium account to a cheat/hack,
    which is about $10.00. MODS>CHEATS>END OF GAME.

  254. I agree that low HP ammo rack kills are annoying in the sense that you
    always wish that would have happened when they had a lot more health!

    But I can also understand why it happens that way so often; You are putting
    holes all over a tank, the more holes the more likely one of those shells
    hit the ammo rack and damaged it, and one shell hitting a damaged ammo rack
    is usually what causes ammo rack explosions.

    Which is farther compounded on the health front by people having and using
    repair kits on their ammo racks whenever possible, so you damage an ammo
    rack, then that enemy uses their repair kit and now said ammo rack is as
    good as new.

  255. “that was unlucky” no jingles, don’t search for excuse this guy is a massiv
    bob ._.

  256. 0:53 “Panzer 38T”]

    But it’s a Marder 38T.

    Jingles, you should wear that World of Warships flag on a T-Shirt whenever
    you’re doing these videos.

    Oh well, at least you didn’t call it a Aoba.

  257. KV-1 can mount the 122mm Failhowitzer! Same exact model too! The KV-1s, now
    that is a different story, it gets its very own special Failhowitzer, still
    122mm of fail, still exact same HEAT rounds with 140mm of pen, IIRC, it is
    just a hair more accurate and quicker aiming and better gun handling than
    the Failhowitzer on the KV-1.

    So the KV-1S gets a SLIGHTLY less Failhowitzer!

  258. yay QB fans in enemy team

  259. “Hold my vodka ivan” should be the title

  260. too bad WG buffed its exp cost more than 2x…

  261. Momcilo Radonjic

    The IS is not a bad tank in WW2 it was pronounced as the best tank with
    that 122mm gun so was the IS two

  262. hey tbat beginning replay was my old clan CIA!! I know them!!

  263. Had my best game ever in the IS. 2,625 exp

  264. So… Jingles… About that British Premium Destroyer Video?

  265. Miroslav Tordaji

    so we can assume HMS CAMPBELTOWN video was scraped?

  266. The tactics of the enemy team displays that lenintraining to one side of
    the map is the correct way to go

  267. Frenkert a regular gamer

    i would load HE and see if i could pen the floorplate of the Jpanther with
    it. you know… for science

  268. the IS is a bad tank Kappa

  269. Stanisław Szczypuła

    As far as I remember (I haven’t play WOT for a year now ) IS is way more
    flexible and all round a better tank whit rapid firing 100 mm D10T gun
    coled for so long idiot gun (mostly by idiots). It performs way more like
    an MBT then heavy tank. D10T has better accuracy, aim time ad it fire 1,6
    time faster then 122mm. D10T has even a bit higher dpm while being way more

  270. nashorn with long 75? this game is fake bullshit

  271. Moon like gravity in WoT need some fine tuning!

  272. he is hero…dont mess with him…sieg

  273. Why I liked more that intro clip :D

  274. I have a Stock IS, and the Gun is Horrible (120pen). You can only drive it,
    if you are Top Tier. Have to Unlock a better Gun :)

  275. The worst going in the game in my opinion is either the trip to get the OI
    exp, and the track before you get a fully upgraded kV2…

  276. Wow this was some ugly play 🙂 Just a showcase that alot of the russian
    tanks are OP as fuck when they get good MM. 7:38 I mean look at that! He
    basically let the SU kill his friend. He just had to guard his back. A
    spotted TD you know is there and he still lets him shot first…

    Even that reaction in the start… took ages before they turned around to
    actually help the team. No matter how much you disslike it. This is a team
    game. 99% of the games you can’t win solo.

  277. MJR_ Malfunction

    (0.o) lol

  278. ThePeople'sPanzer

    I got an IS last week and it made an immediate impression on me. It’s so
    easy to play, you barely have to aim because the gun always shoots where
    the enemy tank is in your aim circle; like Soviet magic.

  279. Can’t decide who is the bigger shit this guy, or the entire enemy team
    combined. Both played like total craps. Auto aim in the entire game? Not
    using sniper mode at all? Not even knowing sidescraping even existing? Ok
    sure he only started playing 2 months ago, but if he can find your channel
    he MUST have seen some videos at least… and in the end of the day he gets
    a colobanov medal for playing like a shit. Yeah WoT has the best rewarding
    system EVER.

    Anyway your title has nothing to do with the video at all and just simply
    offensive toward people who admire Rommel. You should totally change it.

  280. Hi Jingles, any news on Campbelltown?

  281. I dont really think this was well played. He could have saved a lot of his
    team mates if he reacted a minute earlier (also keep in mind he was part of
    the lemming train). There was immense amount of luck on his side as in
    couple of shots bouncing from his back, nashorn having a bad gun or being
    extremely unlucky, jagdpanzer flipping over…and on and on and on. Also he
    went around corners showing his inside drive wheel. The only thing that
    saved him was that he was in an IS in a mostly T5 and 6 game.

  282. Man with that amount of auto-aim all I would have to do is get my Tiger P
    and just let him bounce shot after shot of my from hull.

  283. I just don’t understand why the shitters and excessive auto-aim users get
    the feature. All exceptions aside, disappointing.

  284. Seems that this “the last tank is flipped” on a hard carry to make you
    laugh or to undermine the carry is very common since 9.14.. Watch QB’s
    newest video :D

  285. Spijkenisse!!!! :D

  286. One of the most interesting, funny and amazing matches I seen you uploaded
    ?? simple amazing

  287. I’m sorry to say this
    But this was the perfect example of the Tomato War…..

  288. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

    Russian tanks are OP.

  289. He shouldve farmed the faydins medal, lol

  290. the other IS is dutch

  291. Jingles, just spam the “+” key to increase the size of the minimap, then
    you’ll no longer have to squint to see anything on there. :D

  292. Honestly, I’m starting to hate this new physics because the game play has
    become crazy, tanks uncontrollable as they easily flip like toys. It
    doesn’t give me the feel that I am controlling a heavy tank weighing
    several tonnes.

    WG, please disable the flipping in the next patch for good. It was better
    before; and it’s now become silly.

  293. Was the IS fully upgraded? I’ve had my KV-85 for ages now and it still has
    the stock 85mm gun and engine.

  294. vasillis spartan

    IS strong tank made in sovviet russia it has an engine powered by vodka

  295. I sold the IS quite quickly. Couldn’t stand this horrible penetration and
    accuracy. Now I have to work with the same gun one tier higher in the IS-3.
    Can’t wait to unlock the better one.

  296. The IS is not a bad tank it’s very hard to use though.

  297. Ignisti, you have no right to call somebody idiot after the show you put
    up, you camped (in idiotic manner) the whole game and then frontally rushed
    the IS with your Stug, please shut up you mongoloid.

  298. To think the IS is a bad tank leads pretty much to your destruction

  299. i sent a war thinder replay to jingles x3

  300. I know many don’t care about stats but just saying, Brunitozz has 364 Wn8

  301. loved my is to bits was the 1st tier 7 heavy i really really like the kv3
    was aoo bad in comparison

  302. He could have got that other medal (forgotten it’s name) as well for
    killing the last tank with the last shell in the magazine if he’d fired off
    all but one of his shells before making the kill..

  303. Seriously, I couldn’t care less about World of Tanks, but I subscribed back
    in tje day Jingles played Warthunder and I was new to it. The fact that I’m
    still here and watching every video speaks for Jingles quality content.Keep
    it up and never change!

  304. Keep the stupid anti-Rommel rants for yourself, Rommel was the best
    tank-strategist in WW2 and father of modern tank warfare. The only reason
    why your retarded Montgomery was able to push him back in Africa was
    because he cut him off from supplies. Brits decoded Enigma and were able to
    destroy the supply ships before they reached Rommel.
    P. S. “Best tenks in the world!”? Maybe in parody world called World of

  305. This video caused me physical pain.

  306. Only has the tank for an hour, fully upgraded. ok. I used reserves for 2x
    xp per match and premium account and almost 2k average damage and it still
    took me more than 1 hour to get it fully upgraded.

  307. hey Jingles, this is of topic, but look this video:-)
    Tales of Cromwell tanks:

  308. Ah now that I’ve seen the end bit I understand why this replay appealed to
    Jingles 😀
    A good game from the player, however there were some things that stuck out
    that shows he’s not very experienced with the game. He used autoaim way too
    much, and at the beginning I was nearly pulling my hair out since it took
    him so long to look at his minimap and see the peril of the other flank.
    Next time, Brunitozz, try pressing the + key at the start of the game a few
    times! ^^

  309. Seriously, this is one hell of an aim bot, hes acquiring targets with the
    gun pointed in the wrong direction, don’t believe me? Go to around 8:30, to
    start with against the vk the auto aim isn’t aiming center, its aiming at
    the engine, on the Nashorn its acquired the target with the aim 90 degree’s
    in the opposite direction, like wtf. Jingles, please don’t put aimbot games
    up, there are plenty of players out there who try to play this game
    properly but this just takes the pee….. :(

  310. All the time autoaiming and shooting while moving and missing only 2 shots?
    Russia not OP.

  311. Quicky babys video with the flipped is then this. Priceless games

  312. Could have gotten the last shot last kill medal :p

  313. marco “t500” jonker

    I ones killed every one on a enemy team in my amx 50 100 with out getting
    killed it was really funny I had a fail team that was full of morons that
    were getting them selfs killed so fast that the T95 on the enemy team was
    able to get in are cap the T95 had the time to cap but I killed the T95 by
    making the T95 try to shoot me well the T95 was caping but it’s funny that
    I made the enemy team lose lol

  314. 5k damage and 51k credits, comon WOT, why so cheap?

  315. Wouter Wynsberghe

    We need more Tog replays!!!!
    Lucky for you I send a rather amusing one and for anyone else interested:
    Its my first super unicum game in a Tog, hope you enjoy.
    Also i found out that a Tog takes 4 minutes to go to the enemy cap on
    Mountain Pass :P

  316. He was so lucky that they attacked him one by one from one direction and
    always waited till their predecessor died, no skills from the player just
    luck and bunch of bots with no strategic sense.
    P. S. And an IS is probably the shittiest tank if you end in a tier 9
    match, sub-par gun compared to tiger, amx, t29, japanese porn tank, cant
    hull down, IS is nowhere the best heavy tier 7 it is probably the worst
    together with the British wonder called Black Prince.

  317. Are you going to do a review of the Russian(Soviet)cruisers?:D

  318. 15 K views xd

  319. Jingles have you received therollingderp and musicalassassin602’s replay

  320. What? No “surprise buttsex” joke at the end?

  321. I love using the chat to give either myself or my team an advantage. Had a
    game in AW where the last tank on our team was a TD and the enemy had a
    Scorpion. Our TD was laid up overlooking our base, so I said in global chat
    he was AFK two squares south. Our TD spun that way and sure enough, the
    Light tank came derping along looking for him. Guaranteed myself my 2x for
    the day XD

  322. Ahhh. The classic double tap. Well played at 6:20, and immensely gratifying
    if you pull it off with a platoon mate.

  323. thumps up if you agree that the IS HD model look glorious

  324. now that is what you call surprise buttsex

  325. OH I wish I would be in his place! I woul shoot all my shells and kill him
    with the last for Fadin´s medal

  326. Grumpy soviet Nyet Cat

    He’s the desert fox. Not the winter fox.

  327. Maarten severijns

    Mabye I need to buy thr IS back ?

  328. Grumpy soviet Nyet Cat

    Rommel never fought the Russians. I think.

  329. Christial Benolirao

    hey um jingles is the thing in the beginning the B2’s are they form the SEA
    server (asia) ? cause i see these things to lately when i play in my B1

  330. I’m always conflicted. Say the last one on your team is stuck somewhere and
    the game is still 6-7 minutes. Would you tell the enemy his position? I
    never do but damn do I want to.

  331. sitting in school should be working watching jingles instead.

  332. Stranger The Steef

    Ahh, IS, no problem!

  333. So far I’ve seen four tanks on their sides.

  334. Sandro The Great

    This has to be a record, Jingles misnames a tank before the replay even

  335. Oh that autoaim.. If he would use that a lot less he would probably become
    a good player. Just a very lucky game + a OP tank (especially top tier) =

  336. Called off a job meeting to see this.

    It was worth it

  337. Well done to that IS, he did amazing job. Spawned top tier with bunch of
    window lickers, press W key and then proceeded to right click then left
    click for 10 minutes.

  338. Jingles, people don’t forget to make battlefield platoons, they just don’t
    want them. At least I don’t, I’m not a great player (around 10k battles EFF
    ~1200-1300, not a tomato but not a unicum) and almost every match somebody
    with bot-like stats starts asking me to join a platoon. So getting a
    crucial contribution with a platoon that consist me and a bot isn’t really
    that appealing when you get 12 kills and a metric ton of medals and your
    platoon mate who probably just got 200’sh damage and died or made a
    campfire and roasted some marshmallows in the corner of a map also gets the
    crucial contribution. Don’t take me wrong, there are times when you get a
    invite to a good platoon that knows what they are doing and they do it
    well, but ~90% of time it’s just bot-like creatures trying to get the
    crucial contribution and more income.

  339. I would have parked myself right next to him and go afk. Just to piss off
    everyone. :S

  340. Got a tank for an hour, fully upgraded 😛 Play that thing stock, thats the

  341. Can someone explain to me how the f%#} that tank got in that position!? Ive
    only played this game for a couple a days and ive never seen anything like
    that happen! XD

  342. The new physics is so stupid it just ruins the gameplay

  343. lol

  344. that jagpanther’s teammates are scumbags though…in all that time that he
    sat there flipped someone could have come and just push him

  345. hey jingles bet you wish you had the xbox version they had a tog event
    where the togs were ships

  346. nuclearsharkattack

    Hey Jingles — those two IS’s facing down the enemy team back to back
    reminds me of that vid from around 2 years ago of you and Quickiebaby on
    the old Pearl River map. Remember that battle, you were in a T32 back to
    back with QB taking on the entire enemy team. Almost pulled it off, too.
    Great battle, reminded me of the ending of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance
    Kid”. Wish you would get back to livestreaming again like in the old days
    with QB, Circon and Foch. You had some great games and great vids of them
    on the channel back then.

  347. he got one of the best match ups and everyone knows IS is OP in these kind
    of matchups. Nothing much to see here

  348. Seems to become a new trend in WoT-Replays with this new physics, instead
    of “last tank is a bot” it’s now “last tank has flipped his tank” xD
    First Quicky now Jingles.
    And yeah, an IS-Replay, the IS is my most favorite tank in WoT, Top-Tier
    you are the living damage monster, trading shots like a boss with sometimes
    surprsingly good armor, bottom tier you are a sort of slow medium, still
    trading shots like a boss^^
    IS was also my only tank where I got 9 Kills, sadly no Pool’S because the
    last one knew what he was doing^^

  349. How much luck can you possibly have?
    Stuck enemys/HE shooting/not taking advantage when the enemy is
    busy/Unaccurate as shit
    But still, well played i guess

  350. The constant usage of auto-aim was grinding my gears so bad. But on the
    other hand, theres always Stalin guiding the shells of russian tanks, so no
    problem komrad.

  351. So much autoaim QQ

  352. Fûcker russian tanks.

  353. Божидар Димитров

    again another example of a player having equiped HE and not using them AT

  354. lucky auto aim idiot

  355. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Brutal force of IS? RW in 9 shots with 3k total dmg 😀 1st shot i hit and
    did dmg did not kill anything, since then… Reaper of the Year :D

  356. VERY STRONK TANK!!11!

  357. That was fun, but let’s be honest. He took way too much shots he didnt
    needed to. Most of time he was just autoaiming and shooting tier6 and tier5
    tanks. It was just like babysealsclubbing.. two tier7 heavy against horde
    of oneshots. Only real threats were that SU152 (who got one of them) and
    jp..that was out of the game long time ago

  358. Merchant Ivory (filmstudent)

    Fun to watch these videos, not fun to play it anymore though. Dreadnought
    here i come!

  359. Great aimbot game…..

  360. Mirza Şahinkaya

    lS easiest tank i ever played in wot

  361. WHY are you watching replays in a preview window?
    Record footage, play fullscreen in WMP (or ANY video player), record
    commentary in ANY audio software, drag and drop both into your editing
    software, sync up, done.

  362. Wow, same ending with QB’s video today about a Jagdtiger spolight lol

  363. So 8 kills with autoaim? Fuck this game.

  364. Jacke e-is-silent

    Jingles, had the same thing happen to me in my tank on Redshire. Was on the
    north side of the castle parallel to the wall. While maneuvering, left
    track got caught on the wall and started climbing it. Trying to get off, a
    few pivots and back-and-forths made it worse and fell over on my side.
    Manager to get one hit on an enemy tank before they killed me.

    By the way, have you checked out one of the Team HP mods? Besides knowing
    the number of tanks on each side, know each sides’ HP remaining let’s you
    gauge how well things are going. Or not going.

  365. i think thats why the russians won the war, the tanks were NOOB READY, they
    were so well rounded off that it was hard to do bad in whereas the germans
    were over engineering everything which required lot of crew training, it
    shows in the game also .. i have 49% win rate but in IS tank i have 58%…

  366. tbh I don’t get impressed with vids of people deleting idiots

    6 tanks one person, tanks go in one at a time to fight = idiots

  367. um, jingles
    This isnt the Campbelltown…

  368. Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

  369. Everyone toils in the salt mines with pickaxes. Why would you use a pickaxe
    when you can use a tank? A Russian stronk tank

  370. Use the player’s vision ! not the free camera stuff.

  371. Jingles I’ve been up all night, I was about to go to sleep then I realised
    this video was here, thanks Jingles!

  372. well to be fair nobody on the enemy team flipped the jagdpanther back again

  373. I’ve had an enemy ISU not bite when we told them our SU-100 was flipped
    over close to cap on Tundra. After like 5 minutes waiting he went to the
    cap, still without checking…

    ISU also had full health because unlike our SU-100 he was a redline camper.

  374. Ive played a game in T43 and my last tank to kill was a Jgpanther, and he
    was talking smack about me being a one hit. So he started chasing me around
    a rock and he flipped his tank… crying with laughter after that..

  375. The Crazy Pineapple

    That looks kinda like my first Pz III/IV game. Happened to get into mostly
    tier 4 match with some tier 3s and 2-3 tier 5s on both teams, my team went
    donkey mode, formed a lemming train and all died, I proceeded to kill all 7
    people left. Not a replay material, but a nice memory.

    It made me think Pz III/IV is a good tank. The next ~50 games convinced me
    to sell the bloody thing. If a tank is only decent against lower tiers and
    absolutely 100% useless against higher tiers, playing it pains me.

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    been a TK player I could understand them doing that. But why, here? Makes
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  391. What’s this? Team work? Impressive

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    on the kv-2… the 105mm derp gun mounted on alot of tanks most famous : m4
    sherman, that bloody panzer tank with numbers we can’t remember, and the
    kv-1. Tally-ho!

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    wouldn’t dare think about, where this could end.
    Got my first ace tanker in my IS. And this is just another example on, no
    matter how dark a situation can seem to be, keep playing. Don’t give up too
    soon. This team was apparently “stupid” enough, to on him one by one. And
    he took them out, one by one.

  405. 14:10 From the look of its, he kept going straight being too near the
    rocks. That poor Tds sitting on it sides mangle to get his front left track
    a “grip” follow by the new phyx program in games, you will end up ridding
    the walls and fall sideways flat. I did this in my Su-152 on the Snow City
    Map and it all because of that little stairs in the City…..Stairs are
    evil for stationary TD.

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    managed to carry my team to the point where i was alone against a wz-131,
    last know location being the same where he was first spotted in the game.
    the enemy team told me he was afk, i chose to believe that. I rushed
    forward, got spotted, thought meh that means he is still there, and then
    bam i was dead. It appeared that he was a freaking bot. for whoever wants
    to laugh at my sorry ass:
    that feaking wz-131 did jack all game, except that tiny bit of damage
    against me…

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  415. Even though he only had the IS for an hour, he must have dumped a heap of
    free xp into it because he already has the D-25T gun in this match (not the
    carried-over D-2-5T: look at the muzzle break) and the upgraded turret to
    mount it.

    If he had just got the IS and was still using the stock 85mm then the match
    wouldn’t have turned out like this…

  416. Ah, the well known shooting a vehicle unable to defend itself routine….
    jeez, the more I watch of WoT lately, makes me so glad I don’t play it

  417. I play on Xbox , only if things like this could happen on console d:

  418. for the tier 7 Heavy it going IS/both IS-2, T29 then the rest for the tier
    7 heavy and Last is the Tiger (P).

  419. Lol both you and QB posted videos showing the last enemy standing flipped
    on side

  420. Well…when I bought my IS in my first game I scored 8 kills. I was 5vs1
    and they had 2 Type 59…
    And from that battle I started redording my games…too bad I don’t have
    that game :(

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    Oh how i love the new physics, lol

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    Said screw and checked his stats. Exactly what you would expect really.

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