World of Tanks – Number One with a Bullet

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In which Bullitburst takes the VK100.01(P) heavy tank out for a casual stroll because casual is just how this tank rolls. It only has a top speed of 20kph, after all.

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  1. In all WG Games, the mid tiers are so much more fun. Tier 10 ist always meta slave gold (for tanks) or HE (for ships) spam while camping hulldown or at range. Tier 9 is rolling the dice on the matchmaker but can be fun because of EXP gains. Anything below that ist actual fun gameplay… And tier 3-4 and below is sealclubbing, which is also fun 😀

    • WoWs T10 is much more than just spamming HE.

      Watch the next King of the Sea tournaments, you’ll see what it’s all about.

    • @Seamon if the average player was on KotS levels that would be another story. The cynical part of me tell me to afk the first 10 minutes of every match because NOTHING happens. People try to emulate what they see streamers etc do but they don’t understand the reasoning and tactics so it turns into a monkey parade.
      I am by no means a great player, carry potential of a cucumber and my aim is about as crisp as milk. But it’s a hard to watch people who must have turn off their minimap complain about shitty teams while hugging the border out of range of their main guns. So I try to keep it tier 8 and below for my own sanity 🙂

    • @Terrados1337 I’m with you on this. KOTS has no relevance to the vast majority of players. It’s like judging your primary school basketball games by looking at a NBA game 🙂

      I sincerely think many players either can’t read a map (quite possible, given that they’re so young they’ve probably never seen a real map in their lives) or have it minimised because it gets in their way 🙂

    • Getting my first and only tier 10 was an epiphany for me. Playing at T10 felt hollow because the earned xp was useless. That’s when I realized I was playing for the grind but for fun. That’s when I quit both wot and wows and never looked back. I still like a well commentated replay but will only play games that I actually enjoy.

  2. A good day when Jingles posts a video
    Edit: Supremely satisfying watching him bounce all the E75 TS’s gold shells


    My request for Jingles, he makes a WoT video wherein he play tanks and has fun. I miss seeing Jingles play the game.

  4. this was easily my fav tier 8 heavy. when i played it it was just a massive beast and even in tier 9 and 10 games I was doing very good thanks to the armour

  5. Maus was fully built (V2) V1 had the weight tested turret, they supposedly attached another V2 turret to V1 when they sent them out. With so little surviving documentation left after WW2 it’s fair to question it but the thing is sitting in Kublinka for goodness sake

    • @Pikilloification after charges to scuttle the vehicles what’s inside hardly matters (or should we say what’s not) it was still built and tested.

    • @John Frisby Depending on reports, I’ve read there were between 4-6 Maus hulls in the factory itself, these were incomplete and scrapped. The E-100 is as your correctly pointing out truly just half a prototype, and while the turret diameter probably could have fit the turret used on the Maus I think most historians who’ve looked into it are of the general opinion they’d of used a differently designed turret for the E-100.

      I’ve heard they had to use two of the heaviest half-tracks the Germans had to remove the 50-ton turret from the remains of V2, but it could also be six.

    • Yes but the thing in Kubinka is more of a proof of concept, never saw serial production as far as I remember. I know the one in Kubinka is just the hull+tracks and turret+gun. No internal mechanisms, no engine(s), no equipment, no transmission – basically a shell, not a full build.

    • @Bogdan Toma-Silai It’s the remains of the two tanks combined it’s not a fresh build you’re woefully misunderstanding what is in Kublinka

    • Skittles but with chocolate inside

      @John Milton he might

  6. When I was going up the line to the Maus I loved this tank and would heartily recommend it to anyone. The Mauschen however was hot garbage and a real pain to get through.

  7. He keeps saying the max speed is 20 while Bullit driving on 24 lmao.

    For those who don’t know, he’s using Turbocharger equipment which add solid 4 Km/H forward and 2 Km/h backward. He could add 1 more Km to that if he unlocked field mod for another equipment type slot thingy.

    This tank is a good fun. I actually love it.

  8. I made it to tier 8 in the US, USSR, China, Italy and Swedish lines and now I’m just playing this game for fun ….I already get into enough 9 an 10 battles now is time to enjoy WOT 😁

  9. They were discussing tactics, cap or defend you own, as it was questioned should the AMX start to cap, would the VK have enough time to get back.
    Later, as the AMX didnt seem interested in capping, they discuss what the VK should do once he reached their cap, as the VK driver considered himself a bad player.
    So he was advised to park up at the collapsed bridge, facing their own cap.

    As it turned out, likely the AMX went AFK, assuming a sure win or IRL issues intervening. Solid comms by the 2 NL players here.

  10. Daniël Scheurwater

    Always nice to see a fellow Dutchie. Yeah you are right about him discussing this plan in the chat, alongside some discussion about how to position the tank and what the AMX is doing.

  11. It’s been a few years since I last played WoT but scouting with HP is still my favorite scouting tactic.

  12. So ill translate this bit for you Jingles. ( starting from 10:04 )
    Type 64 : “Diffecult choice this is” | VK : “Yeah i don’t know :-(” “Im averagly bad” | Type 64 : “If i where you i would go to their cap and cap it” | VK : “Yeah but if he caps ours…” “Do i have 90 seconds?”
    Type 64 : “He thinks that you are staying by our cap” | VK : “Hmmm…” “Just have to hope” | Type 64 : “Just sit in the back of the cap, armour pointed forward” | VK : “Hopefully he doesn’t cap” “Where?” “Ping the spot?” “Oké lets go”| Type 64 : “Go straight, there in the corner by the wall” “now turn ur ass” “stop” | VK : “Okay” “I think he is now there” | Type 64 : “Yes but he needs 10 rounds to kill you”
    VK : “Yeah he has trouble penning me anyways” | Type 64 : “You only need 1 shell to kill him” “Only your ass is weak” | VK : “He is gonna shoot HE” “100%” “GG?” | Type 64 : “He wants to survive” | VK : “Sadly no ace”‘

    There you go, enjoy ur translated Dutch gibberish Jingles!

  13. If there’s 2 tanks left in a battle. You can see the health of each tank. In this battle. The AMX-12t only had 361 health left vs over 1700 health

  14. I wanted to play tier 10, until I got to play tier 10. Once you get the best tank you dont want to go back to something worse than that, bbut you have to, since the shell cost and repair cost is ridiculous at tier 10. Now I’m happy at tiers 6-8, playing my cheap mid tier premiums (Type 64 and E 25)

  15. He proved himself much more than “average/bad” as he called himself, this was excellent play and good teamwork from the Dutchies 😉 Well done!

  16. That “weak spot” cupola on the turret is still 220mm base armour frontally. If you don’t have a square-on shot, good luck. I have this tank, it’s my go-to if I need to rack up blocked damage. Can use the cupola to bait shots, jink about to mess up their aim. Just gotta keep them off your flank, hide that paper lower plate and you’re gold.

  17. I suspect the AMX flipped himself. There are so many places on this map for a small LT to flip itself. Unless you are an EBR.

  18. I haven’t played WoT ever since the number of science-fiction tanks in top tiers exceeded the number of real tanks, but I have to say, the graphics department at WoT is even better than that at WoWS. The graphics is just amazing. That burning building at the enemy cap… the smoke is just so good. In fact, it’s one thing that’s missing in WoWS – smoke isn’t voluminous enough. But here.. wow!

  19. Actually jingles, there were 2 hulls build and 1 turret. Also there were 4 more hulls and some turrets in various states of completion before the project was cancelled.
    At Krupp there were also lots of cut steelplates found for the Maus. Krupp said in 44 that if the project was restarted they had enough parts to build around 30-40 hulls and turrets.
    Both hulls underwent trials in Böblingen and later Kummersdorf. Hull 1 was fitted with an E-Turm (just a big weight to represent the turren) while Hulls 2 was fitted with the only finished turret. Hull2 with the turrent was blown up by the germans when the soviets reached Kummersdorf. Soviets did firetests on hull 1 and then fitted the turret of hull 2 to hull 1 and sent the Maus to Kubinka, where it was stripped of engine and all interior parts and is still there today.

    Some people even think Maus 2 might have even fired in the last days of the war while defending Kummersdorf before it was blown up, but there is no evidence of that.

    So going by that the Maus was much more of a finished tank then most of the “prototypes” in World of Tanks, especially the ones that seem to defy physics (or at least the technical expertise of the time they were designed). It is one thing to draw up a 60 ton tank that can go 60km/h but quite another to find or build the components to do that, especially in the 1930-50 era.

  20. Actually Jingles they did built a second Maus turret with the actual intended armament for the V2 prototype hull. So you can therefore say they did build the Maus.

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