World of Tanks – Random Acts of Violence 31

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Oh hi, Quickybaby. You want me to join you for your annual charity livestream? Sure! Oh wait… I’d better get some practice in first…

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  1. Hey Jingles, I was wondering. When you use a replay of a person that sends
    it to you. Do you then mail those selected back? Just curious.

  2. In the first battle, iam OGGYJAMTAR007 it was me :). !! it was gg :)

  3. The reason for the bad mm was the fail plat on your team. Fail plats get
    punished, in wows too. Kind of annoying how that works, because it happens
    a lot, and people don’t learn.

  4. Write one thing you remember from watching the video:
    Ik was very drunk

  5. The Grille did not fire at you because seconds later near the end, he kills
    the Hellcat. Nice video as always though.

  6. First time noticed those linghtings on karelia.. neat.

  7. ‘Are you new here?’ LOL.

  8. I’m gonna be blunt here

    jingles my man, you’re bad lol

  9. I love4 drunk Driving! it is hilarious!

  10. seriously this game is becoming impossible to play on weekends, too many
    little kids who don’t even try to learn the game, horrible players, wallet
    warriors, are being put on my team and slowly decaying my winrate!! FUCK!!!

    All jokes aside, this games popularity is starting to become a problem when
    there is no skill based matchmaking and all my teams become noob city.

  11. It was Hummel

  12. this part of the stream was definately the best part 😀 funny to see it
    from this perspective

  13. Random Acts of Violence 31 – painfully boring…

  14. Ik was f*cking awesome that night!

  15. jingles did u ever noticed u talk sarcastic all the time? now it looks like
    your always lying even if your not, and that there are many spoilers ahead

  16. Ike needs to drink more… that’s hilarious.

  17. Awesome !!!!

  18. milk for the khorne flakes!

  19. Jingles! I just bought my Centurion mark 1. Any tips for me?
    like what’s the best modules to put on it. I wanna deck it out.

  20. Even though Ik officially lost his tiger match I think he deserves some
    credit for his manly gameplay and great speeches during the battle.
    Definitely one of the best moments of the stream!

  21. Drunk Ik is best Ik. He was loud, but entertaining. lol

  22. jingles! have you played the star citizen 2.0 alpha yet?

  23. im the only one that says achilles kinda like chillies? xD

  24. Always skip the intro.

  25. Sorry jingles, what did you say? I was too busy playing with the lightsaber
    volume bar…

  26. Hi Jingles, the live stream on thursday was so funny. Hope to see you again
    there :)

  27. ‘Blood for the Blood God!’

    Ik~18 december 2015

  28. I was watching all of the stram Ik was so fucking funny…

  29. it was great to see another TIGER2 battle.
    jingles you gotta re visit this tank ona review. it changed alot since the
    last time you reviewed it

  30. What was the time when Jingles joined the livestream?

  31. “What kind of asshole would risk teamkilling two members of his own team
    right at the end of the match just to do full damage to an anemy medium”. .
    . . . it’s the clicker bunch indeed.

  32. What is a pound in us currency?

  33. Awesome job with the fundraising Jingles.

  34. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  35. Watched the live-stream, it was hillarious with Ik in such “high” spirits
    And also amazing how much was raised for the Charity 🙂
    Good footage Jingles ^^

  36. it was no friendly fire because the grille killed the hellcat like 20
    seconds after the shot landed (grille has a 35 sec reload)
    the hummel shot and missed you and the t34-85

  37. Never change jingles, never ever!

  38. It was not friendly fire, the shot came from the walley :D

  39. Dont think that this random acts of violence were point of watching,
    previous ones were better, sry.

  40. your “yay, I killed a tank!” moments were full of pure and utter joy, it’s
    adorable, haha

  41. 1:46 “WoT… WoT never changes.” 

  42. You know? For some reason I have the sudden urge to go roam Derpenberg in a
    Kugelpanzer. Don’t know why.

  43. 7:18 yeah it uses the correct gun with incorrect armor penetration, why
    because wot :(

  44. 1:50 wot…..wot never changes :(

  45. Showing your skills in front of thousands of people? No pressure.

  46. Actually Jingles it wasnt friendly fire because Grille killed Hellcat just
    after that shot came

  47. world of tanks give us a tier 3 armoured warfare gave us a type 59 ohhhhhhh
    my gawd

  48. Do a war thunder British tanks video :)

  49. I know it’s Christmas time and I was wondering if you might talk about the
    Christmas truce during next mingles with jingles?

  50. oh Jingles… :D

  51. Theres a All ways a Chinese knock off for everything

  52. 5:03 – 5:04 Am I miss hearing? Peng-you (friend)?

  53. Ik wasn’t drunk. Ik was absolutely PLASTERED. Hilarious at times, cringe
    worthy at others. Still, it was fun to listen to you guys play for a great
    cause. Glad you could join in.

  54. JINGLES, THE PAK 43 IS THE TD GUN… 😛 Its the L 71

  55. good go

  56. jingles u talk about the power of 3 togs in the pc version of wot well then
    never play console version because I’ve had to fight 4 gigs and if I’m
    correct I think u can have a platoon 5. if I see that ever I simply watch
    my team die.

  57. When climbing the hill to attack the t34-85, Jingles should have gone back
    to 3rd person view, to see where the enemies were pointing their guns.

  58. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar


  59. Step 1. Switch to AW
    Step 2. Try WoT after a month
    Step 3. Get 1 shotted by arty first game while on the move
    Step 4. Go back to AW

  60. Jingles, you should join QB’s lifestreams more, I know why you quit, I was
    there when it was announced but everyone always loves when you join in and
    even if you don’t have that much fun, isn’t it mostly about the viewers
    anyway? Just my 2 cents, have good day Mr. Jingles

  61. A really long name that no one cares about

    I personally think the shot came in from the Hummel.

  62. Very entertaining video jingles and it looks like you still have the right
    stuff in WoT!

  63. Yah friendly arty can be an asshole

  64. Jingles your drunk the heavy tank #6 has 950 health…

  65. My most favorite show in ur channel yay

  66. That last shot was from the Hummel, just look at the map. The Grille didn’t
    have the angle to hit in that direction.

  67. Dont worry Jingles, no matter how much you brush up your skills, next to QB
    you’ll look like a scrub anyway, just like the rest of us

  68. Hello comrades hope you are having a great day and always remember, death
    is the solution to all problems, no man no problem.

  69. Well, AFK doesn’t necessary mean the guy is an asshole, could be a bug !
    I got that time on time.

  70. no friendly fire, grille killed a few seconds after this shot the last
    tank. it was a shot by the hummel.

  71. oh our lord gnome the mighty jingles we wish from u is to kion in some more
    live streams to get the old trio back together if possible

  72. “jingles, its an honor and pleasure to be sitting in your back”
    “wait, that sounds weird”
    chat 13:15 LMAO

  73. I think it was the Hummel. Watching the minimap as you looked back along
    the shot trace, you were pointing at the spot the Hummel was. Your Grille
    was more behind you, pretty much opposite corner from the Hummel. Also,
    pausing with the shot trace on the screen and comparing it’s orientation to
    your tank implies the same thing.

  74. Jingles have you ever thought of doing a AT8 review? Its just that I never
    seen you do a review of that tank before.

  75. I also am drunk while watching this, after a lovely works Christmas party
    in Newport (SW). I’m hoping you’ll sober me up before I go to bed.
    Also, Slaanesh is more fun than the blood god ;)

  76. Make a secret santa video

  77. Thanks for another quality video jingles.

  78. Dammit I wish I was able to attend. A drunk Ik sounds fucking hilarious.
    Chose the regular Tiger and clicked random battle, XD.

    Ik megatron confirmed 2015

  79. The main weakness of the Japanese Tiger is that gun 🙂 (never use prem so
    132 even with prem 171).

  80. “play like a dirty scrub lord camper” XD if it works.

  81. Hey jingles how bout an MT-25 review. I think it’s a good little tank but
    would like your opinion. thanks

  82. Getting “in higher spirits” for charity. Niceeee

  83. I do miss the ike, quickybaby and jingles weekly live stream

  84. How can the grille shoot you? You know german reload rate in Arty. Right
    after the arty shot landed the grille killed the last enemy tank.

  85. Augustin Whitcomb (Tintin)

    Thanks jingles

  86. Oi Jingles, you going to do a review on the AW Type 59?

  87. 7tormsComing Schaub

    So glad that i found your channel around 3 years ago. I love your great
    content and you always make me laugh.
    I really appreciate your videos. Keep up the good work Jingles.

    Greetings from Germany

  88. hahaha

  89. 12:00 he camp bush

  90. Important jingles you did not say in mingles about tank experience day at
    bovington you need a drivers license to go. if you are like me who wanted
    to go but then found out ,that it is a bit enoying

  91. Drunk Ik QB and Jingles playing World of Tanks was a total Highlight 110%
    worth it staying awake ! <3

  92. Not seen a video of it in a long time

  93. WoT can be so annoying yet so rewarding. It must be the world’s most
    installed, un-installed then installed again video game of all time.

  94. how is the arty project going?

  95. Milk for the Khorne flakes!

  96. That’s over 32,000 USD, if anyone was wondering and too lazy to Google it.

  97. i was watching this thinking “damn, jingles is on a roll! this should be in
    random acts of violence!” “oh wait”

  98. han solo dies in force awakens……… i think

  99. I think Arty scared jingles 😛 23:06

  100. I had such high hopes for a fun Jingles-evening on the charity stream.
    Sadly I just couldn’t stand ik and had to mute it… so much for Jingles
    stream :-/

  101. hi jingles i think old son you had better have a look at the new things
    they have done at Armored warfare with the latest update oh and get your
    free T59 tank oh and have a look at the update slots be good


  103. Jingles THE HELLCAT its got pretty good Gun Depression a good 90mm gun

  104. Has anyone else seen wargamings sneaky code in the advent calendar on days
    4 11 and 18 do ctrl A also another part probably coming

  105. It’s true that the tiger never had the long 88 but it also only fought
    manly tanks that in this game are tier 5 and 6 tanks with a tier 7 heavy
    thrown into the mix.

  106. BulletProofToasters

    can u do a Xbox one world of tanks vid?

  107. after that first battle i immedietly remembered the meme


  108. Razvy Oltean (The Duke)

    it would had been a much smarter move to use a gun with better DPM…using
    your armor while chewing onto their low healthpools…

  109. Everything that mankind does is much much simpler when you’re ever so
    slightly drunk


    So how did you like the new Star Wars.

    spolier I loved but if could have been longer and some characters could be
    more used

  111. I liked Ik .. really.. he seemes like a nice guy.
    But we can never forget that he forces of Chaos can take up forms to
    decieve us. I could never imagine that such a noble and loyal mind can be
    tainted by the dirt of Chaos.
    We must purge him out of the existance!
    The emperor protects.

  112. Should i buy the Dicker Max?

  113. Ray Maelstrom Archdrake

    of coarse the king tigers gonna win! the king tiger had a brutal gun,
    brutal armor, and was very accurate, And on that note I think they were all
    set up in defencive postions in berlin

  114. Khorn for the corn flakes, milk for the milk bowl

  115. Funny thing about the Achilles, it had, in real life, no worse gun
    depression than the Wolverine. WG just slit five degrees off because

  116. i watched the whole live stream it was great and Ik was so funny

  117. Ive just finished watching the new Star Wars movie. Im just gonna tell you
    one thing. There is a scene thats gonna make you wanna cry.

  118. See Promised ya I’de catch the recording :)

  119. I watched the first game live and IK was ranting about megatron and the

  120. drunken kv-2 master :P

  121. Jingles, the American Blitz servers are less lonely! Come over to America!

  122. awesome video jingles i laughed alot lol

  123. Jingles should do his own charity raise; he is more popular thus bugger
    audience and thus more raise and bigger success. Instead he goes to someone
    else’s. That does sound critical though :/

  124. Jingles in tommorows video can you wish me a happy birthday?

  125. The training room battles start at 10:40:00 on the livestream recording for
    anyone interested, Jingles description of Ik just doesn’t do him justice

  126. High spirits? More like, high on spirits! ;)

  127. Thank you Jingles.


  129. Ike and his blood for the blood god! skulls for the skull throne!!!

  130. Tomasz “btd” Ziobrowski

    worst jingles wot video

  131. Video from Jingles and just in time for next week on Xbox! Thank you Thank
    you Thank you! We are getting the British Turreted TD line next week. 🙂
    Seeing some Achilles game play would be awesome.

  132. Jay “Bullet2Hart” Rodder

    23:05 You can see Jingles’ crosshair jump around a little when that arty
    shot came in. Jingles, you shat your pants didn’t you? hahaha that happens
    to me all the time :D

  133. LMAO poor ike

  134. That was ALOT of T-34-85s, not to exclude the Type 58

  135. Woohoo! Christmas violence! Naughty, naughty, naughty! Merry Christmas all
    of you tankers! Here’s wishing you all a safe, happy, prosperous New Year!
    (Even that Jingles character!)


  137. “i am megatron and i will kill you”

  138. Hey jingles! I think you can do a video of blitz now! There’s a lot more

  139. Jingles and chill :)

  140. its really kind that u guys donate to charity

  141. Regarding the artillery shell at the end… that was from the hummel. If it
    had been from a friendly, it would have come down from approximately behind
    your vehicle relative to your orientation at the time. The shell came from
    roughly the side of your tank, where the Hummel was positioned. Because it
    had been spotted just prior to taking the shot, you were able to see the
    tracer from it.

  142. I vote it was the Grille

  143. good play there jingles

  144. Oh Ike, never change.

  145. It’s so sad you wouldn’t make anymore livestreams with QB after this. :(

  146. Jingles is 4877 dmg in a comet a good game? because that game was a draw
    and i feel cheated

  147. jingles is the kinda of game player that would just spam 1 button to win.

  148. The arty shot wasn’t friendly fire. The only arty on your team got a kill a
    couple seconds after the shot landed, so he couldn’t have fired it.

  149. Blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne XD

  150. jingles,can you do some ht no. 6 videos

  151. like always best videos from Jingles:D

  152. JIngles, What do you think of SW:SFA?

  153. Ehr… i think, but i can be wrong… IK was DRUNK???

  154. How do you know Ike was drunk if he couldnt even talk? :D

  155. have any of my fellow chrome users joined the dark side? im sure Jingles
    has (if he uses chrome)

  156. Tiger II got E50 armor? Good joke. Its tier 8 heavy with worst armor of
    all, with huge stupid autopen roof weakspot(plus much much bigger than IS3
    one) and slow as slime.
    This tank is TD anyway, only when you can use it as pure HT is tier 8
    battle, no arty(!), and lots and lots bad players in enemy team, otherwise
    you’ll go down quickly.

  157. Patrick Shan (pshan7532)

    So Jingles, have you seen the new Star Wars movie and if so what do you
    think of it? Aren’t you glad there are no more midiclorians?

  158. The M10 is the only tank i think that has enough gundepression to actually
    work with (of course only if you disable grass in tank sights otherwise it
    would be even in this thing stupid)

  159. Well that past shot was not friendly arty since the friendly grille got a
    kill at the same time, on the other side of the map. Nice try though

  160. was ike drunk i dont think jingles said anything about it

  161. So Jingles you seen the Free Type 59 premium tank for everyone in Armored

  162. I’m surprised you haven’t gotten flooded with MiG-17 replays from War
    Thunder like you did when the Hawker Hunter came out. Or tier 1 British
    tank replays for that matter, especially that vicious little T17E2 buzzsaw.

  163. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    The Hummel had the right angle.

  164. It’s that bloody tank game again

  165. JINGLES, have you seen the Force Awakens? What did you think?

  166. I almost got TK’d by arty while securing the final kill on a mission where
    I had to survive.

  167. @jingles , not drunk, just tied and emotional :)

  168. Isn’t it 14 of tier 6’s on the enemy team? Maybe it’s you who is drunk and
    not Ik :)

  169. Getting anything further than tipsy as a grown man behind a PC is pretty

  170. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    When was the last time he did a Random Acts of Violence Video?

  171. Jingles No friendly fire in the end there…Grille killed off the Hellcat
    about 10sec after that shell landed…and a grilles reload alone is greater
    than 10sec…and that’s without traveltime of the shell.

  172. Nice vid Jingles! Thinking of getting the Japanese Tiger.

  173. Sailors get drunk, officers get ‘in high spirits’ and politicians get
    ‘tired and emotional’.

  174. Have you ever considered getting into politics Jingles? In your humility
    you may not believe you’re qualified but give it some thought, I mean look
    at the asshats running the world right now. You couldn’t possibly do any
    worse than they already are.

  175. the arty shot was from the

  176. Was IK Tired and Emotional? :)

  177. Awesome show last night!! Completely hilarious and entertaining… I’m so
    glad that you’ve decided to join the stream Jingles, no-one expects from
    you to play unicum style, just showing up is enough!! Great stuff

  178. Who is this ZEE”??

  179. You guys are so lucky you dont even know how much!
    Im playing WarThunder on 6 FPS (35 but I have serious FPS drops!) and WoT
    on 25 FPS!

  180. Zoutsteen from Holland

    +The Mighty Jingles that artillery at the end was enemy fire, your view
    (yellow line) pointed towards the enemy artillery.
    As a quite good artillery myself, please don’t mistrust us. There are the
    same avg.% number of *peeps* driving those as any other tank you see team
    See my last 2 vids with arty about a teamhit and an action shot.

  181. Jingles, your videos are the only WoT interaction i have any more. AW is so
    much more fun to play!

  182. Was the hummel tho.

  183. a bit unrelated, but I just downloaded Armored Warfare and am having
    resolution problems. The settings don’t have a 1360×768 option (1366×768 is
    close enough to work, but is incredibly pixelated and aggravating).

  184. Achilles or the Jackson?

  185. Jingles wtf was that ping on 2 tigers vs 1 king tiger?

  186. Ike must have had one hell of a hangover today!

  187. it was the hummel jingles,,,,,,

  188. I think the artillery was enemy on the basis that it came from the same
    (rough) direction as the Hellcat (and the Hummel was near the Hellcat) and
    the Grille killed the Hellcat around 10 seconds later – could it have
    reloaded and aimed in that time?

  189. It was in fact the Hummel that fired on you there at the end. It clearly
    came from a slight forward angle in exactly the direction of the Hummel
    where there was no friendly arty.

  190. Not playing for 2 – 3 weeks is not called being rusty at all.

  191. i’ve seen this in qbs stream (and donated also 😉 ) and this was so damn
    funny xD ik was so drunk lol

  192. From the look of it, it looked like the Hummel took that shot

  193. Drinking game: Drink one shot every time he says “Drunk”

  194. How about that E-100 game against Ike?

  195. 24:03 Friendly fire. shot came from the right side of your tank. hummel was
    just about due south of the front of your tank. no way that shot could have
    come in at that angle from the hummel

  196. “I’m pretty sure it has 960 health, yes it does. You can see there on the

    Has 950 Health. Jingles, you’re the one whose drunk here….

  197. Great video Jingles~!

  198. hey jingles have you heard of the warcraft movie???? from blizzard
    entertainment? and i just got from watching the new star war movie too THAT
    hill hanger man…

  199. you should do a random acts of kindness series.

  200. t-25 rko out of noware

  201. that peek-a-boo commercial before this vid was the one of the most
    creepiest/annoying things i have seen in a while

  202. Jingles, particularly for a streamer, automatic fire extinguishers, really
    are worth the extra 6k they cost with lower chances to be set on fire and
    far less damage taken from fires.

  203. jingles, does that red icon near your name mean you are an official
    employee of

  204. Has Jingles ever spoken about his navy experience in his earlier videos? I
    could listen to him speak for weeks ;0)

  205. “BOOOOOOOOM”…….”Somebody took a shot, didn’t sound like artillery, must
    be the hellcat”

  206. The QB Charity Live Stream last night was great – shed loads of donations
    and very entertaining, particularly Ike. Well done to all concerned!

  207. Jingles, the next time you make a derp video, you should call it “Random
    acts of derpage”

  208. Jingles, please review the Type-59, because everyone can get one for free
    right now!

    …in Armored Warfare.

  209. Also, Ikzor was so drunk…

  210. So Jingles, how about them Blitz videos :P

  211. Light saber volume bar, of course

  212. I randomly get violent on occasion.

  213. 5:15 He shot you, or have you forgotten already?

  214. What is it? A Jingles video? Well, debugging the assembly assignment can
    wait, then.

  215. I watched drunk Ik live for a while but I had to take breaks. The volume
    was so bad it hurt my ears. There was a bit of looking in the mirror during
    that time. I should stop drinking when playing WoT.

  216. bloody hell jingles its 1:30 am here

  217. Matheus Rondel Leite

    LOL IK

  218. 1:49 “War, war never changes.”

  219. 7:34 Actually jingles, the Tiger I was trialed with the Pak 43 L/71 “long
    88”, but nothing came of the project

  220. Stream was great last night.Was great to see you platoon and stream with QB
    and very drunk IK again.QB had to reduce his volume on skype he had me
    nearly wetting myself with what he was shouting dueing the tiger 2 fight.
    Excellant video as always jingle keep up the good work

  221. DIE INSECT!!!

  222. He earnd 22000 Pound! Thats alot! I did actaly watch the stream for 10
    hours :)

  223. Jingles i sent you a replay of me in a kv1 on wide park. Really hope you
    see it…

  224. The last shot was in fact from the enemy hummel. If you watch the shot it
    comes from an almost vertical angle (2 to 3 o’clock) to the achilles while
    if you see the minimap the grille(r) is practically behind you. So no, it
    wasn’t friendly fire, even though it wouldn’t surprise me if it was based
    on the player behaviour seen in WoT, just like it didn’t surprise you.

  225. How is the Dickermax like vacuum cleaner? Does that mean it sucks?

  226. I want to correct Jingles on something so bad! However I don’t wish to go
    to the salt mines…

  227. blood for the blood God !!!!!!!! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  228. you have much to learn young padawan jingles. its not the PaK 43 (Panzer
    abwehr Kanone) its the KwK 43 (Kampfwagen Kanone) XD. the TDs were using
    the PaK and the others use the KwKs. its practical the same gun, but we
    germans like to call the same things different :D

  229. Ik was super drunk last night

  230. 24:09 Hey Jingles I am pretty sure it wasn’t friendly fire. The grille was
    able to kill something within 9 seconds of that shot so I don’t think he
    did it. Also the arty shot cam from your side and not your behind.

    If you look at the position of your tank and the grille the grille would
    not be able to shoot at the spot because of the rock

  231. New year drunken TOG livestream Mr.Jingles? It has been some time we saw
    TOG things

  232. I want to play this game, but my fps never rises above 30 <3
    Wargaming fucking sucks at making games run well :'(

  233. It wasn’t friendly fire, Jingles, I guess you saw it if you looked this
    video through )

  234. What i read: random acts of ass

  235. NoneUrBuissness sszszzsss

    unfair plane kempin newb

  236. I am dying of laughter over the live stream. Ikor is not drunk he is in
    high spirit tonight. He also needs a map to the training room section

  237. jingles!!! go watch the latest video on the official world of tanks
    channel,and I promise you it is the funniest shit game developer ever done

  238. xXx FaZequickscopePRO xXx

    Thumbs up if you jerked off this week !

  239. The chat went wild when you joined the stream last night! Don’t worry about
    embarrassing yourself, we just enjoyed having you there. I think you guys
    get into the mindset that you have to play perfect when the that couldn’t
    be further from the truth. We just like watching you play because you are
    our favorite YouTubers. Thanks again for showing up and Merry Christmas to
    you and Rita!!

  240. Jingles u old fart

  241. How did I miss this ridiculous livestream xD


  243. whos “z”

  244. Good Word! Its The Mighty Jingles playing as: JINGLES

  245. the thought of Ik yelling “Blood for the blood God!” is very funny in my
    mind lol

  246. As of this point, jingles has uploaded a video. What?

  247. Cant wait for the gift tank… Its a taldin.

  248. lol drunk Ik – he was hilarious

  249. “Premium ammunition” WTF is that a joke ? Haha

  250. The stream was hilarious with ik being in high spirit

  251. I’m here early! Ach’s turret seems… fast somehow…

  252. Jingles, what are you like drunk? I’m sure it’d be hilarious to see you
    play WoT like Ike was.

  253. Drunk Ik was hilarious last night.

  254. 1000th view O.o

  255. Bùi Việt Dũng Trần

    11:57 PM, time to sleep
    w8 Uncle Jingles is up !

  256. 801st! I’m original! Notice me, senpai!

  257. when I saw this I couldn’t help but think of you, jingles

  258. Watching this, makes me realize how much my computer and graphics card

  259. Plz do more wows

  260. What was that name Jingles called the Tog at 5:03?

  261. Lucas M (planeman707)

    611th view. Never been under 1K before.

  262. hi jingles :D

  263. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    i was second to watch te video en there where 3 likes

  264. Christopher De vries

    26th like. fuck yeah. And I live halfway round the world

  265. Wow i was watching another jingles video and this just came up. Time to
    grab some snacks and enjoy the violence :=)

  266. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    hahahahah jingles likes his one

  267. Yey i didn’t know what to do to kill the last 20 minutes of my workday lol

  268. jingles gameplay!!!


  270. Obligatory “under X-value club!” comment.

  271. wow I’m so early it didn’t even show up in my sub feed yet

  272. Good lord i’m early

  273. Arsenal V City predictions anyone?

  274. Yay, more Quickybaby! I know lots of people here don’t like him, but I
    never understood that. Also this is literally the earliest I’ve ever been –
    7 seconds!? :O

  275. 34th View.. Holy crap 😛
    Jingles scrublord camper confirmed…

  276. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    nice video jingles

  277. Tuur Van Rostenberghe


  278. second!!! :D

  279. First :D

  280. Two Nine Alpha Romeo

    OOO .. Im First lol.. :)

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