World of Tanks – Risk It For A Biscuit

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What happens when the irresistable force meets the immovable object? When the immovable object is a Captured King Tiger, you’d expect it to be not quite so immovable, but when the irresistable force is a Lemming Train…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Awesome intro !! Cheers ??

  2. Kind of cool to see a tier 7 King Tiger considering how bad the tier 8 version has gotten power creeped.

    • If your sick of desktop WOT, really give Blitz a can get 50 gold a day by watching 2 minutes of on a mobile device and there are boosters, Free XP, and perm tanks in abundance.

    • its a completly different meta tho, much quicker. Ive seen regular 60%WR desktop care-bears come onto blitz and think they can pull off what the Tiger in todays video did but it doesn’t work, only 7 tanks on each side.

    • It’s t8 on console. And I’ve almost two marked it.. I hate myself

    • @Brian Schlicher Odd, when I look up performance of the vehicle there are many historical accounts from the war of Tiger 2 tanks taking no damage from anti-tank guns, shermans, etc. 1 Tiger 2 even took on and beat a dozen shermans. I think that the tank does need some re-balancing to stay valid as a tier 8.

    • Honestly, I just wish wargaming would give back my captured King Tiger. I never even got to drive the thing and I still get prime rewards in WoT, but they say its not their problem the tank is gone, lol

  3. 2:35 actually Jingles, I think you’re talking about the VK 30.02 (M), or the premiums Polish Pudel and the French Bretagne Panther.

  4. a stock IS, RIP

  5. At first glance I thought the player was TotalBiscuit. RIP

  6. Meanwhile in World of Tanks Blitz

    *Everyone will get the BT-SV. For free. As a Christmast gift* . While PC player have to *buy it in expensive bundle* 😀


    The downtiered Panther with the famous 75mm gun is called the VK 30.02M.


  8. Wish that i can get a lemming train like that in a tier 7 haha i get around the corner and there is 6 tanks rushing me like they are playing CW Lol

  9. Love the extra dose of salt into the wound that is world of warships and wargaming in general at the beginning!

  10. Wow, this actually got featured. Tanks Jingles!

  11. WG GM: I love the smell of a burning sub reddit in the morning!
    WG Employee: But Sir! Thats the burning of our Doubloon Sales!
    WG GM: OMG! Give’em their refunds! But Minus what they’ve opened!
    WG Employee: But Sir! Wont the players think were being petty?
    WG GM: Screw’em But more gently this time!

    • WG GM: The important thing is that we are not refunding any actual money.
      WG Employee: (thinking to themself: I suppose there well be a new Fallout 76 debacle before Christmas anyway)

    • @57thorns considering there is a new fallout 76 debacle out already, that employee is spot on the money.

  12. actually jingles it was a su-152 not an isu-152 ….. back to the salt mines with me lol

  13. Jingles: *calls out ISU-152*

    SU-152: Did I get a free upgrade?

  14. Jingles i am offended! I find myself frequently in the middle of lemmingtrains in WOT and i assure you that it’s always the fault of everybody else that we lose!

  15. I see Jingles splurged on the premium tumbleweed dlc for warplanes.

    • I absolutely LOVED that game…. then.. the bots appeared, because the player base disappeared. Then, they reworked the gameplay to “mini missions” to make it ” Better”. Game was not better, but players came back, or new ones joined… but then the bots showed up. It is nearly impossible to get a tier-X game to even load in WoWP now. you need to stay where the noobs and CC wallet warriors play.. tier 3-6. and even then, it’s All bots except you and the single live opponent opposite you. Sad. I play a game once a month.. just to see if anyone is there, and if it’s changed at all. Not really a ‘Tanks player, but I have a few ,and a couple premiums. Love warships, but this recent debacle has me playing EVE online a lot more… And keeping my eye on WOW for the new expansion…just to see if my hunter can get a few new cool pets.

  16. nobody: tell me about wargaming
    intro clip: nuff said

  17. This was like watching every single battle on the Asia server. The amount of times I see 10-12 of my team fail against 3-4 tanks, and this is irrespective of tier, is mind blowing.

    • A few minutes in and you see 10 tanks dead on your team. Feelsbadman

    • To be fair the Asian server has one of the highest win rates in the world and you see it everywhere. Also the amounts of random team work that happens on the Aus server is pretty remarkable

  18. Jingles, how come no one is talking about the changes they announced couple of days ago? Including the HE rework and reworked tech trees, Arty buffs, changes to shell types.

  19. “Don’t go getting any funny ideas.”
    WG: *Already released a new-player-friendly tank that can currently only be bought via loot boxes.* Too late.

    • @dubhead spartan That’s true, but let’s not forget that WG sets the prices of things so high that it makes loot boxes appealing in the first place, I mean what would make more people happy, selling loot boxes where you “might” get a nice tank or put their shinny new tank up for sale at $10 and call it a Christmas special/discount?

      (..and hey, I’m presenting it as an either or choice but it’s not as if they couldn’t do both those things and make everyone happy)

    • dubhead spartan – To me, they’re both crossing a line that shouldn’t be crossed. One is much farther out of bounds than the other, but they both leave a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Davtwan its not bad taste. its russian taste, comrad ??

    • which tank do you speak of?

    • I sure love how balanced two IS-3As in one single tank. Going 3v3 against a platoon of 703s is in reality going 3v6.

  20. “…and in World of Warplanes…”
    I died.

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